Ahh Hot Shower… Eek, Cold Shower!

Have you ever been in the middle of enjoying a nice relaxing hot steamy shower… when suddenly you notice that you’re being doused with cold water? Changing the faucet may not be your problem, especially if this behavior only occurs in the shower and not at other fixtures in the home.

The problem may be related to the bathroom’s shower valve, not the copper piping which brings hot water to your bathroom; copper pipes very seldom corrode on the inside and usually stay free-flowing for a lifetime’s worth of use.

The rubber parts contained within a shower valve can become warped and worn out over an extended period of time. The heat can also cause these same parts to swell and expand, which restricts the flow of hot water through the valve. When these malleable parts are worn to this extent, it’s also common to see them parts of them break off completely and clog another part of the valve.

If this is the case, you will most likely need to hire a plumber for help. Reaching a shower valve can be a job unto itself since it is hidden inside of a wall. An experienced plumber will also be able to access the valve for repairs without doing any damage to the valve body or surrounding hardware too. Once reaching the valve, the plumber will most likely flush the valve out to remove any potentially clog-causing debris, replace all moving parts with new ones, lubricate the entire setup to ensure a smooth workflow, close up the wall, and make your hot showers be as long and enjoyable as you need them to be.

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