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The 12 Best Ceiling Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

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We all love a shower. In fact, you can trace our fondness of the precipitation-based washing mode back thousands of years to a time when our ancestors would wash under the deluge of a waterfall or even in the throws of a rainstorm.

However, the majority of modern-day showers are confined to powerful yet small showerheads (4.5-inches on average), meaning users spend most of their time maneuvering the water jets around them to achieve a complete clean.

Enter the rain shower head.

Yes, fitting a broader, rain shower head can not only inject some ancestral joy into your daily wash but also give a faster, more efficient clean.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to make the switch to a rainfall shower system, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and so we’ve assembled 12 of the best rain shower heads for your consideration.

Ultimately, we’ve concluded that the best all-around shower head is the SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Luxury Shower Head. It has many of the functions that the majority of our showers have… but to an exceptional degree.

For example, it boasts a 10-layer chrome finish, making it more durable than the others. It has a seamless pressure balance valve and “air-in” technology, meaning its operation is the slickest of the bunch. Combined with the adaptability of its combined handheld head, the SR SUN RISE ticks all the right boxes.

Beautiful. Durable. Adaptable. Reliable. Plus, at $160, it’s accessible too! However, the other eleven certainly give it a run for its money.

So, let’s find out why…

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

Ceiling shower heads are one of our favorite types of shower heads on the market. They’re super attractive to potential house shoppers and are such an upgrade to your shower experience.

The 15 Best Ceiling Shower Heads

1. Best Overall - SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Luxury Shower Head

SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Ceiling Mount Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower...
  • Includes: 10 Inches 304 Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head and...
  • Concealed installation Brass Shower Bracket Holder and Solid...
  • 10 YEARS WARRANTY: Any product quality problem can be...

Yes indeed, taking our “Best Overall” crown is the SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Luxury Shower Head. Clocking in at just under $160, this wet room wonder boasts a 10-inch, polished, ten-layer chrome head.

Such a feature not only offers a slender, stylish aesthetic that’s resistant to corrosion but also ensures you receive equal water coverage all over your body.

Perhaps most pertinently, many rain showers struggle with water pressure due to the size of their heads and the number of nozzles therein. However, like many of our featured units, the SR SUN RISE utilizes Air Energy technology which enables it to provide a high-pressure shower even with a lower flow rate.

On a similar note, this rain shower also packs a pressure balance valve to prevent sudden changes in water temperature, thus reducing your risk of being suddenly scalded or frozen.

Finally, the SR SUN RISE also comes in-box with a wall-mounted, handheld showerhead, complete with a 70.8-inch cord. Therefore, with so many exceptional functions, a beautiful, durable finish, and the added adaptability of the handheld head, this all-in-one set deserves our “Best Overall” title.


  • 10-inch shower head – full-body coverage for most.
  • Handheld shower head – for that extra adaptability.
  • Air Energy tech – ensures a high-pressure cascade.
  • Chrome-plated finish – stylish and corrosion-resistant.


  • Shower heads can’t operate simultaneously – users must select one shower type over the other.
  • Hot water issues – reports of temperature inconsistencies remain low.

2. Best Budget - Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head

Rain Shower Head - Voolan 12 Inches Large Rainfall Shower Head Made of...
  • HIGH PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD - Large showerhead enough to cover...
  • SQUARE SHOWER HEADS - Made from polished stainless mirror...
  • TOUCH TO CLEAN NOZZLES - 144 of soft silicone jets prevent...

The “Best Budget” rain shower head on our list is the Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head.

Needless to say, this large, flat ceiling mount shower head produces a cascade wide enough to cover your whole body.

Combined with the “ultra-thin” design and “air-in” tech present in the slender square head, this is an incredibly efficient rainfall experience without the need for the agility of a handheld, high-pressure shower head.

That said, due to the swivel ball located in the neck of the fitting, you can adjust the angle of the head, within a certain radius, to suit anyway.

But how does it look? Well, like many rain shower heads, the Voolan 12-inch comes in chrome-look, polished stainless steel, meaning it will fit well in any modern home.

It’s also easy to install and maintain, so, unless you need the plumbing installed to accommodate the piece, you should be able to fit it comfortably yourself!

All things considered, the Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head ticks all the boxes for a rainfall shower: aesthetically pleasing, efficient, maneuverable, and easy to install. That’s why, at just under $30, its title of “Best Budget” is well earned.


  • 12-inch rain showerhead – provides full coverage.
  • Air-in tech – ensures a high flow rate.
  • Swivel ball neck – provides additional movement.
  • Value for money – great shower, low price.


  • Low water pressure – broader shower heads naturally produce lower pressure.
  • No handheld combo – users hoping for a combo unit will be disappointed.

3. Best Features - SunCleanse Ceiling-Mounted Combo

Ceiling Mounted Shower System-Brushed Nickel Shower Combo Set with 12...
  • HIGH GRADE QUALITY: SunCleanse 12’’ ceiling mounted...
  • GORGEOUS APPEARANCE: With the superior brushed nickel...
  • FAUCET SET INCLUDE: 12’’ rain showerhead(304 stainless...

Next up is the rain shower head with the “Best Features” and, in case you hadn’t guessed, the SunCleanse Ceiling-Mounted Combo claims this spot.

First, to address the obvious; this piece is a combo which means you get both a ceiling rain shower head and a brass, handheld shower head complete with a 1.8m hose; ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to let the adaptability of a handheld fitting go.

Both shower heads benefit from a scald-prevention function, thanks to a ceramic valve core that balances the hot and cold water pressure. This means you can rest assured you won’t receive any unwanted cold or heat burns in the bathroom.

The SunCleanse’s aesthetic credentials are another great addition to this combo.

The large, 12-inch ceiling rain shower head and smaller, handheld piece are forged from high-quality stainless steel and brass, making them durable and rust-proof. However, the brushed nickel coating gives the fitting a lovely matte finish while still conforming to a slick, modern look.

Finally, the SunCleanse Ceiling Mounted combo boasts a 5-year warranty, so, if your system breaks within that period, you can expect a replacement or refund.

While the asking price of $244.99 might seem a little steep for some, with so many superbly realized safety, aesthetic and functional attributes, this rain shower head combo set is definitely our shower head with the “Best Features”.


  • Combined handheld shower – great for users who covet adaptability.
  • Scald-prevention function – promotes a safer shower.
  • 5-year warranty – easily repaired or replaced.


  • Leaking valves – however, the majority rated this showerhead highly.
  • Relatively expensive – geared towards a higher budget.

4. POP SANITARYWARE Rainfall Shower System

Ceiling Mount Shower Only Faucet Set Matte Black Bathroom Rainfall...
  • LUXURY DESIGN: Swivel ball allows you to adjust the angle of...
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: black painting stainless steel shower...
  • UNIVERSAL TYPE: 1/2" NPT thread shower arm, standard in the...

The POP SANITARYWARE Rainfall Shower System slides onto our list of top rain shower heads at $109.90 and while we haven’t assigned any particular award to it, it is still worth your consideration.

Though the POP SANITARYWARE doesn’t come paired with a handheld head, it does make up for it, somewhat, with the swivel ball in its neck, which allows you to adjust the showerhead to suit your preference.

With that in mind, the rain shower head itself is a square 10-inches, which offers good, full-body coverage despite not being the largest fitting on the list. However, what does set the POP SANITARYWARE apart from the crowd is its matte-black, stainless steel finish.

Combined with the single handle valve, which easily adjusts temperature and water volume, this rain shower head provides a sleek, rustic-modern feature for your bathroom.

Last but not least, the POP SANITARYWARE shower features all-important “air-in” technology, easy-clean spray holes, and a purchase warranty. So if you choose this shower, you can rest assured that the system is reliable, durable, and easily replaced.


  • 10-inch shower head – full-body coverage.
  • Swivel ball neck – provides additional movement.
  • Easy-adjust single valve – ergonomic design.


  • Leaking – the majority report no such issues.
  • No handheld accompaniment – won’t suit those seeking a combo shower.

5. NearMoon Ceiling/Wall Mount Faucet

NearMoon Rain Shower Head, Large Stainless Steel High Flow Bath...
  • 🚿 LEAK PROOF AND RUSTPROTECTION – Our Shower head...

The $27.99 NearMoon Ceiling/Wall Mount Faucet is the first circular fitting on our rain shower heads list and boy does it hold its own.

First, that round head provides a 12 x 12-inch surface area, meaning you can achieve full-body coverage with minimum effort. That said, it also comes with adjustable wall and ceiling mount arms and an in-built swivel ball, so you can maneuver the head at will.

As with all of these shower heads, the “air-in” technology utilized within the chrome head enhances water pressure and creates a powerful rain shower despite the slender nature of the design. So you shouldn’t ever suffer from low pressure.

On that note, the head itself is made of durable stainless steel which means it’s rust-resistant and has a polished, mirror-like finish.

Combined with the rain shower head’s self-cleaning nozzles, this bathroom fitting requires a minimum of maintenance. So you can enjoy the shower’s three settings without the risk of nasty bugs and grime creeping in.


  • Large nozzle to surface area ratio – provides a more pleasing experience.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles – low maintenance.
  • Three distinct settings – a good variety to choose from.


  • No handheld shower head – not for those seeking a combo shower.
  • Leaking and rusting – happily, such issues are in a minority.

6. NeierThodore Large LED Shower Head

NeierThodore LED 16 Inch Square Shower Head Replacement with Rotatable...
  • Size:16-Inch (40 CM outer diameter) Large panel.
  • Features: When you are taking a shower, the extra large...
  • Discoloration Water Temperature Sensor: The color of LED...

The NeierThodore Large LED Shower Head enters is the first of our rain shower heads to feature LED lights which, at first glance, might turn many a design traditionalist off.

However, their purpose is more than aesthetic. The lights change color according to the temperature of the water: blue (0-31°C), green (32-43°C), and red (44-50°C).

This helps ensure that the water is at the optimum temperature for you before you jump in. Impressively, the lights are actually powered by the flow of the water, too, so you won’t incur any additional cost.

Away from the LEDs, this shower head is available from 10 to an enormous 16-inches so you’ll have no qualms with coverage. However, it might be worth considering that the 16-inch rain shower head could be too large for some smaller bath or shower units.

Furthermore, while the need for maneuverability is unlikely due to the rain shower head’s size, the neck does contain a rotation ball in the event you would like to change the angle of this black silicone fitting.

Finally, maintenance and cleaning are easy and with an internal system consisting largely of brass, the NeirThodore is a very durable unit.

At around the $100 mark, this rain shower head is a great, futuristic addition to any large, modern shower setup.


  • Temperature-indicating LED lights – helps avoid extremes of temperature.
  • Easy-clean silicone material – low maintenance fitting.


  • Heavy unit requiring strong support – might require additional building/plumbing work.
  • Leakage from the rotation ball – the majority are happy with this product.

7. Aqua Elegante Overhead Rain Shower

Waterfall Showerhead - 9 Inch Large Overhead Rain Shower Head - High...
  • 💦 NO MORE DEALING WITH rainfall shower heads that barely...
  • 💦 UNLIKE OTHER SHOWER HEADS THAT are made from cheap,...
  • 💦 DON'T PUT UP WITH SHOWER HEADS THAT clog up or spray in...

Our second circular shower head, the Aqua Elegante Overhead Rain Shower, makes our Best Rain Shower Head list with ease.

First up, if you live in California, you can rest assured that this particular unit meets California energy regulations, thanks to its 1.8 GPM flow restrictor. However, despite the presence of the flow restrictor, the performance of this shower is still great!

Enhanced “air-intake” keeps the water pressure high as it passes through the Elegante’s relatively modest 9-inch head. However, don’t be fooled, this shower head still offers great coverage, a feature enhanced by both a rotating ball joint in the neck and a shower arm extension (sold separately).

Aesthetically, the Elegante is coated with a thick layer of “Robust ABS thermoplastic resin” which is both BPA-free and resists corrosion. Throw in durable brass fittings and self-cleaning silicone nozzles and you’ve got a recipe for a shower head that is built to last.

All things considered, if you’re in the market for modestly sized rain shower heads, at $39.95, the Aqua Elegante Overhead Rain Shower is definitely worth a peek.


  • Meets California energy regulations – high performance in low flow areas.
  • Great maneuverability – this shower is adaptable.
  • Strong, resistant materials – this shower will last for many years.


  • Low water pressure – this issue is confined to a small minority.
  • Premature wear and tear – the majority are delighted with its durability.

8. Rozin LED Rain Shower Head with Mixer

Rozin Bathroom One-way Mixer Kit Ceiling Mounted LED Light 16-inch...
  • One-way Mixer Valve,cold and hot water mixing,complete with...
  • 16-inch Square Rainfall Showerhead,10-inch long ceiling...
  • LED Showerhead,LED works by waterflow,No battery is needed

At number 8 is the Rozin LED Rain Shower Head with Mixer.

Another huge, 16-inch shower head, you’ll have no issue being covered by the cascade of this piece, particularly with the addition of its 10-inch long ceiling-mounted shower arm. Plus, if you’re keen to manipulate its position further, there is a rotating ball joint positioned in the neck too.

Moving on, and, just as with the NeierThodore, the LEDs found in this shower are powered by the water flow, hence no additional power is needed. Likewise, they also change color in tandem with the water temperature (blue <30°C, green 30-40°C, and red >40°C).

Gimmick or not, this feature does reduce the risk of you stepping into a shower that’s either too hot or too cold! On that note, the Rozin also utilizes a one-way mixer valve to help you achieve the perfect balance and pressure of hot and cold water through its sole faucet.

Finally, with environmentally friendly silicone nozzles and a brushed nickel finish, this LED shower head is a stand-out addition for any stylish bathroom.


  • 16-inch shower head – full-body coverage.
  • Temperature indicating LEDs – user can gauge temperature before entering the shower.
  • Ceiling-mounted shower arm – gives this shower maneuverability others can’t boast.


  • Factory defects -in-box issues are rare and quickly rectified.

9. Voolan Circular High-Flow Ceiling Shower

Voolan Rainfall Shower Head - High Flow Showerhead Made of 304...
  • RAIN SHOWER HEAD -- Our luxury bathroom rainhead is the...
  • WATERFALL SHOWERHEAD -- Made from polished stainless mirror...
  • SELF CLEANSING NOZZLES -- Our large shower head comes with...

The Voolan Circular High-Flow Ceiling Shower is just $28.99 and features a very respectable 12-inch, circular head.

While a head of this size almost certainly covers the body with ease, it, like many of our other best rain shower head listings, also has a rotational ball and socket joint located on the neck.

Similarly, with the addition of an in-built water filter and anti-clogging silicone jets, this shower head represents one of the most low maintenance on our list. Throw in a polished, stainless steel finish and you won’t have to deal with rust for the foreseeable future either.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the thread of the head on this shower will enable it to attach to any shower arm, so if you have an arm waiting, or would even like to mix and match products, the Voolan Circular High-Flow Ceiling Shower head is a great option.


  • In-built water filter – reduces premature corrosion.
  • Anti-clogging silicone jets – easy to maintain, reduces limescale accumulation.
  • Universal shower head thread – adaptable, can attach to most shower arms.


  • No accompanying handheld shower head – not suitable for those seeking a combo shower.

10. AWARA Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head

AWARA 16 Inch Rain Shower Head, Square Ultra Thin 304 Stainless Steel...
  • HIGH PRESSURE SHOWER HEAD: AWARA rain shower head can...
  • RAINFALL SHOWER HEAD: AWARA black rain shower head is...
  • SELF CLEANING NOZZLES: The 16 inch square shower head with...

The main boast of the AWARE Ultra-Thin Rain Shower Head is its ability to optimize your water pressure. Despite having a 16-inch head, the AWARE is able to maintain a consistent amount of water pressure throughout your shower, increasing its efficiency and your enjoyment.

The shower head itself is a fully rotational, matte black, stainless steel square that easily provides full-body coverage. What’s more, this ultra-thin rain shower head holds no less than 324 soft, silicone nozzles, which not only fights limescale buildup but guarantees a relaxing rainfall every time.

The stainless steel materials are also corrosion-resistant, however, if you do find your shower develops problems, AWARE provides a 5-year warranty, so all you need to do is get in touch with them and they should arrange a repair or replacement.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that this shower head has three settings: Rain, Pulsating Massage, and Full Rain. As such, if you’re looking for large bathroom fixtures that provide a spa-like experience, this could be a worthy contender.


  • 16-inch head – full-body coverage.
  • Three distinct settings – a good variety of settings to choose from.
  • 5-year warranty – great cover should your shower run into problems.


  • Large, heavy fitting – might require additional plumbing and/or building work to install.

11. Sooreally Square Rain Shower Head

Sooreally Square Rain Shower Head - 12 Inch Large Rainfall Showerhead,...
  • This Sooreally high pressure rainfall shower head measures...
  • Seamlessly molded from solid grade 304 stainless steel,...
  • 12*12=144 rainfall jets in total with the performance of...

The Sooreally Square Rain Shower Head provides a luxurious shower experience with its 12-inch, stainless steel shower head, and 144 “splash jets”. Together, these features deliver a relaxing shower and full-body coverage.

Like many of our rain shower heads, the Sooreally benefits from its stainless steel and thick, brass parts. These provide durability and resistance to corrosion, leaking, and temperature, increasing its lifespan and value for money.

Likewise, the brass swivel ball located in its neck enables you to manipulate the angle of the rain showerhead at leisure. However, with its broad cascade and two settings (Rain and Full Body) you’re likely to be more than satisfied with Sooreally’s placement.

Combined with a sleek, chrome finish, this $28.99 shower head is a great addition to our best rain shower head list.


  • Resistant to corrosion – means the shower is durable.
  • Brass swivel ball – the angle of the shower head can be changed if necessary.
  • High-pressure design – ensures a reliably strong flow.


  • Weighs over 3lbs – might require additional plumbing/building work prior to installation.
  • No accompanying handheld – not suitable for those seeking a combo shower.

12. Gotonovo Matte Black Rain Shower System

gotonovo 12 Inch Rain Shower Shower System Set Matte Black Ceiling...
  • 【Durable All-metal Construction】:Matte black finish and...
  • 【Dual Function】: 2 Functions, Overhead Rainfall Shower...
  • 【Large Shower Head 】: large 12-inch raining sprinkler...

The final slot on our best rain shower head list is claimed by the gotonovo Matte Black Rain Shower System. Another combo set, this shower head comes with an accompanying hand shower head.

Crucially, both shower heads are easily operated from two faucets on a single fitting: one determining temperature and water pressure and the other switching between outputs.

With regard to the water pressure, the 12-inch gotonovo rain showerhead uses that familiar “air-in” system to increase water pressure to 100% and simulate natural rainfall. The swivel ball located in the neck of the rain shower head also allows you to angle the cascade at will.

That said, should you prefer to use the handheld, it does provide an enjoyable showering experience thanks to its high water pressure and flexible hose.

Finally, the gotonovo rainfall shower head is built out of high-quality brass and metal, and combined with its easy-clean nozzles, this makes for a durable, long-lasting addition to your bathroom.


  • Handheld/rainfall shower head combo – providesgreat adaptability.
  • “Air-in” system – consistently high flow.
  • Swivel ball and handheld head – unrivaled flexibility.


  • Can’t use both heads simultaneously – users must choose between the shower types.
  • Higher price range – only accessible for those with a high budget.

Can a Ceiling Shower Head be Fitted to my Existing Shower?

The ability to fit a ceiling mount shower head to your existing shower depends on a few variables.

First of all, if your existing shower is a ceiling shower, of course, you can replace it with another. However, when replacing any shower head, you must ensure that your new fitting has a screw thread that matches your current installation.

Similarly, if you have a wall-mounted shower, it’s a good idea to select a slightly smaller rain shower head as the larger designs can be too heavy for a verticle wall mount. A shower arm extension can be beneficial in such situations.

Finally, it’s important to note that if you’re looking to fit a ceiling shower head, and you don’t already have one in place, you’ll probably need to hire a plumber to install a pipe in the ceiling to supply your new shower head’s water.

Benefits of a Ceiling Rain Shower Head

As stated briefly in our introduction, there are many benefits to a ceiling rain shower head. Not only can the flow of the water provide a more natural and relaxing showering experience but, practically, the broadness of most rain shower heads provides a more thorough clean in a shorter time.

This is a particularly attractive prospect in today’s eco-minded society. You can both conserve water and wash faster!

Similarly, there are aesthetic benefits. The cascade of a ceiling rain shower head provides a pleasing look while the unit itself gives an heir of hotel-spa extravagance.

However, despite this exclusive appearance, they can be very affordable…

Ceiling Shower Head Buying Guide


The appropriate price for the best rain shower head for your bathroom is entirely subjective. As such, your budget, the size of shower head you would like, and indeed whether you’d like a hand shower extension undoubtedly affect your price range.

Likewise, if you would like numerous spray patterns (Massage, Power Rain, Rainfall Spray, etc.) you’ll find the systems able to provide such variety generally cost a bit more.

That being said, as our guide demonstrates, you should be able to locate an individual rainfall shower head or combo hand shower unit for between about $30 and $200. Anything more and you should really consider what extra features a unit has that are driving the price up.

Flow Rate

Areas such as California have specific water usage standards, so it’s worth doing a little bit of background research as to whether the flow of water in your area is restricted.

If your area has no flow restrictions, it’s less of a concern, however, environmentally it’s thought that we should all try to reduce our water wastage. Thus, all of the showers on our list boast a high level of efficiency.

If you want to save water, check our one of our favorite low-flow shower heads.


As a general rule, your rainfall shower head will come with one of three finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

As our list suggests, the mirrored aesthetic of chrome is the most popular finish for both modern and traditional bathroom designs.

However, brushed nickel is growing in popularity as it provides a more discrete, gray coloring meaning it seamlessly blends into the majority of bathroom decors.

Finally, oil-rubbed bronze provides a warmer, more rustic appearance. However, the extra labor required for its creation often commands a larger price.


Controls are largely a subjective choice. As long as they do the job of allowing you to manipulate temperature, water flow, and, in the case of a combo shower, which shower head you’re using, then you’re onto a winner.


Rainfall shower heads are generally much larger than standard showers, a fact that enables them to provide full-body coverage while mimicking the flow of rain or waterfall. However, due to their increased surface area, you do, naturally, sacrifice some water pressure.

Moreover, while rainfall shower heads are available as small as 6-inches in diameter, you’re really going to struggle to fully cover your body with a cascade any smaller than 9-inches.

Thus, it’s recommended that you invest in a rainfall shower head at least 9-inches in diameter to really achieve the best experience.

Overall Design

Which overall design you choose comes down to two factors: taste and logistics.

If you have a small bath/shower unit, then a shower head of 16-inches+ might be too large for you to accommodate. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you take measurements to ensure that you get the right size for your bathroom.

Away from size, the shape of your shower head is also a pivotal design factor that you should consider.

While square or rectangular rain showerheads provide a modern aesthetic, traditional circular designs tend to accommodate more nozzles and hence, potentially a more pleasurable rainfall experience.

Finally, positioning should play a part in your design choice.

Realistically, the larger rainfall shower heads can’t be positioned on a wall-mounted arm due to their size. However, a slightly smaller wall-mounted shower head can offer more movement than a rigid head mounted in the ceiling. So location and practicality should inform your decision.

Extra Functions

Rainfall showers are designed to be a luxurious alternative to your standard shower head. As such, many come with two or more settings to enhance your experience.

Many offer mist-like precipitation or just mimic rainfall while others provide thin waterfall streams, pulsating massages, or concentrated spray patterns. If you aren’t sold yet, check out our favorite waterfall shower heads!

Those with numerous settings are designed to offer a calming, spa-like experience while those with a standard rain patter are tailored more towards full-body coverage.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the shower unit you choose comes entirely down to personal choice and circumstance. So ask yourself:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How big is my shower/bath area?
  • What do I find aesthetically pleasing?
  • What functions do I want?


Are ceiling shower heads good?

Of course, ceiling shower heads are great! However they do require forward planning, so make sure you do your research before committing to one.

For example, the majority of bathrooms come with wall-mounted plumbing installed as default, so if you’re hoping to fit a ceiling-mounted shower head, you might need to hire a plumber to install the necessary plumbing into the ceiling.

Which overhead shower is best for me?

The answer to this question is subjective. However, as the list above suggests, we rate the SR SUN RISE SRSH-C1003 Luxury Shower Head as our best overall ceiling shower head.

Still not sure? Why not scan back up this article and have another read.

Is a round or square shower head better?

Realistically there’s no “better” when considering the value of a circular or square shower head. Both offer a stylish addition to a bathroom, however, one shape may fit one bathroom better than the other.

Likewise, round shower heads tend to contain more nozzles per surface area, so you can expect more jets of water. However, this can reduce the overall water pressure.

In truth, then, it comes down to the buyer’s preference.

What’s the best budget rain shower head?

At $28.99 and containing the vast majority of functions that you could ask of a rainfall shower, we rate the Voolan 12-inch Rain Shower Head as the best budget rain shower head currently on the market.

It’s easy to install, has a clean, chrome finish, and its ultra-slim, 12-inch head holds 144 silicone nozzles. Combined with the in-built “air-in” technology, these features ensure that your water pressure always remains high.

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