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The 8 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

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Are you searching for a new faucet for your kitchen? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are looking to replace an existing faucet in any kitchen, or you need one for a renovation project, you would be wise to consider a commercial-style kitchen faucet – that’s right, they aren’t only for businesses.

A commercial faucet is heavy-duty and built to last. Not only that, they come with a wide range of features that conventional faucets don’t offer, things like sprayers, spring handles, and excellent range.

This article tells you everything you need to know to make a winning decision. Our best overall pick, the Moone Commercial Modern Single Handle, is miles above the rest due to its premium build and great functionality – but be sure to check out our other choices, too!

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Why You Should Consider a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

When it’s time to install a new faucet in your home kitchen, you might naturally search for conventional kitchen faucets; after all, you only need to replace the old one with something similar. But, you could really transform your kitchen with an industrial faucet.

So what is so good about the best commercial kitchen faucet models on the market? They offer excellent utility, which is what you want in a kitchen area; secondly, they look amazing even though they have an industrial feel. These faucets are also built to last – and always deliver.

With an industrial faucet, you can cut down the time you spend washing dishes at the shallow sink and increase your productivity in the rest of the house, or simply enjoy your time – industry faucets are all about utility and improving kitchen efficiency.

The stripped-back industrial kitchen look might not appeal to certain generations, but it has become popular in recent years. Some kitchens take this to an extreme, but you don’t have to. A kitchen is supposed to be a utility area, so find a balance between your industrial faucet and conventional decoration.

The 8 Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

1. Overall Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet - Moone Commercial Modern Single Handle

Moone Commercial Modern Single Handle Spring High Arc Brushed Nickel...
  • NO LEAKS: Lead-free brass is the best material for kitchen...
  • EASY TO CLEAN:The surface of the Stainless steel kitchen...
  • EASY USE: High arc 360 degree swivel kitchen faucet with...

The Moone industrial kitchen faucet is made from premium stainless brushed nickel that lasts for years – it doesn’t rust, stain, or cause leaks.

When you operate a commercial kitchen, you need your faucet to be reliable and leak-free; Moone knows this and so created one of the best commercial faucet models, with lead-free brass fixings that enhance tightness and strengthen leak points in key areas. This is a robust faucet you can put your trust in.

Finally, functionality is key, and the Moone industrial kitchen faucet wins outright. It features a high arc 360-degree swivel to give you superb range and flexibility for washing and heavy-duty cleaning. Imagine how much time you can save with this faucet working on your side. It also has a pulldown sprayer and hose.


  • Leak-free – The Mooneuses brass fittings for added tightness.
  • Easy to clean – Made from easy-to-clean stainless steel.
  • Easy to use – Multi-functional faucet, making washing up a breeze.


  • Installation – Must be installed correctly to prevent leaks and corrosion – hiring a professional might be best.

2. Best Easy to Use Commercial Kitchen FaucetKraus KPF-1610SS

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual...
  • COMMERCIAL-STYLE FAUCET is both flexible and functional,...
  • WEAR-RESISTANT FINISH will not fade or tarnish over time....
  • DUAL-FUNCTION SPRAYHEAD with easy-clean rubber nozzles...

Commercial sink faucets don’t only need to be used in commercial kitchens – this is certainly true of the Kraus KPF, which offers a super easy-to-use design for homes or businesses.

You’ll find this kitchen faucet flexible and functional. It uses a heavy-duty coil spring spout that gives it an industrial look. This won’t suit everyone, but if you like stripped-back interior decoration, then this type of faucet is the perfect accent piece for your home kitchen.

Featuring a compact 18-inch height that fits in well with most kitchen spaces, you’ll love the pulldown spray head with extended motion range you to wash awkward items – keep your sink perfectly clean.

That’s not all; this faucet is chosen as the easy-to-use option because it has a dual-function spray-head with an easy-to-clean rubber nozzle. Benefit from an aerated stream of water for everyday cleaning and a powerful industrial spray head for heavy-duty rinsing.


  • Flexible and functional – The open coil design is both flexible and functional, making for great ease of use.
  • Wear-resistant – Stainless steel material is resistant to wear.
  • Dual function – Offer two excellent cleaning settings for you to switch between.


  • Installation – This faucet must be installed correctly to prevent leaks – again, if you’re unsure, it might be best to consult a professional.

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3. Best Designed Commercial Kitchen FaucetGeyser GF51-S

Geyser GF51-S Geyser Stainless Steel Commercial-Style Coiled Spring...
  • Versatile Commercial-Style Coiled Spring Faucet Neck
  • Swiss Made Neoperl Aerator
  • Precision Kerox Cartridge

The Geyser GF51-S has a minimal steel design and a coiled faucet with a generous reach. Its main purpose is to provide your kitchen with a flexible and convenient faucet for washing, cleaning, and rinsing, thanks to its coiled neck with a convenient handle.

The Geyser is designed with a flip tap, and its coiled neck reaches easily into the center of the sink – the perfect design for quick use.

As with most kitchen faucets these days, the Geyser is also made from steel. Stainless steel is a form of brushed metal that’s highly resistant to scratches and staining – it’s also highly resistant to rust and corrosion, important for a household item that’s frequently exposed to water.


  • Functional coiled neck – Coiled neck offers an excellent range of motion, making washing up a breeze.
  • Excellent reach – Faucet reaches into the center of the sink easily.
  • Stainless steel – Protected by corrosion-resistant steel, great for longevity.


  • Price – The price point is on the higher end – those on a budget might want to look for another faucet.

4. Best Quality Commercial Kitchen FaucetDelta Faucet Antoni Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Antoni Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer,...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology reduces...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole,...

If you want a pull-down spray head faucet for your home but are also looking for a design that will fit in with your kitchen, the Antoni gives you that modern look whilst also providing you with the best overall quality in a faucet.

This faucet uses patented diamond seal technology that prevents leaks in the faucet and helps it to last twice as long, saving you from having to deal with frequent leaks and repairs – so why not invest in a faucet you know will be reliable for many years?

It’s no lie that this faucet is as modern as they come; it features a powerful magnet that holds the sprayer in place and prevents it from drooping or falling off. This also makes it super convenient to snap off the sprayer and use the faucet for cleaning, rinsing, and washing.

The list of advantages rolls on with the Delta faucet when it comes to fitting and installation. It’s important to install a kitchen faucet correctly – faulty installation can result in leaks and corrosion. The Delta is designed to install easily and securely in a common 3-hole fitting.

This is one of most popular delta faucets you can find.


  • Diamond seal technology – Protects the faucet at common leaks points – helping it last twice as long.
  • Magnetic docking – Convenient magnetic docking system to prevent damage to the faucet.
  • Easy installation – With easy-to-follow instructions, this faucet can be installed by anyone.


  • Price – The quality of the Antoni also comes with a higher price point.

5. Best Luxury Commercial Kitchen FaucetJewel Faucet 25559-82

Jewel Faucet 25559-82 Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Swivel Spout and...
  • Durable and attractive PVD Finish.
  • Ceramic Disc Valving for the most reliable, longest lasting...
  • Single hole mount application.

What could be better than a steel kitchen faucet? The answer is a brass faucet, and the Jewel Faucet 25559-82 is a luxury example. Brass is one of the best materials to use for areas with frequent water exposure – it never rusts, which is why it is used for water piping in many homes.

This kitchen faucet is the ideal luxury item to put in your home or your commercial kitchen. It not only looks fantastic and provides excellent functionality but is designed to be long-lasting and resilient. You’ll fall in love with the faucet’s durable and attractive PVD finish.

That’s not all; if you have reservations about installing a faucet yourself, you needn’t worry about the Jewel faucet. This product is designed to be installed in a single-hole mount by any layperson using the instructions.

We mentioned functionality – and the Jewel’s can’t be overlooked! This luxury faucet has a two-function industrial stainless steel finish and a 10-inch spout, giving you some excellent range and plenty of rinsing and washing capabilities. Its handy spring-style spout is also perfect for home or commercial use.


  • Brass material – This material makes for a sink faucet that will never rust.
  • Durable and attractive – The luxury PVD finish is sure to grab your attention.


  • Price – This luxury faucet is on the much higher end of the price scale, be sure it’s what you really want before buying!

6. Best Durable Commercial Kitchen FaucetJZBRAIN Commercial Faucet

JZBRAIN Commercial Faucet with Sprayer 8 Inch Center 25" Height Wall...
  • 【High Pressure Sprayer】JZBRAIN Commercial Faucet with...
  • 【360 Degrees Swing Spout】The included 12" add on faucet...
  • 【18" Flexible Hose】The pre-rinse faucet includes a 18"...

The JZBRAIN might look a little convoluted in relation to the simple, functional faucets we’ve shown you on this list, but that doesn’t take away from its qualities as the best faucet for durability. Like the Jewel faucet, this one is made from brass, not steel, so it’s entirely rust-resistant.

The faucet is not only durable, but it is also versatile. Unlike some fixed-sink models, this faucet has an 8-inch adjustable distance that allows you to rinse and wash in the center of the sink or a twin bowl for added functionality. It also has multiple faucet spray options for washing.

The design of this faucet is slightly different from others on the list that use an adjustable nozzle to switch between spray mode and rinse mode. This product separates the two modes into separate faucets, so you have a traditional faucet for hard spray and a free handle for rinsing.

You will find this faucet is also very durable and reliable. As well as being made out of brass, the faucet has extra gaskets included in the box that help seal it up and prevent any long or short-term leaks. The protection this offers more than qualifies the JZBRAIN Commercial Faucet as the best for durability.


  • Made from brass – Brass doesn’t rust -ensuring that your faucet stays in tip-top shape for a long time.
  • Twin faucet functions – With the JZBRAIN’s twin faucet functions, you can experience a new level of functionality.
  • Excellent durability – The additional seals help prevent leaks, giving you even more durability.


  • Inconvenient design – 21-inch height might not fit under all cabinets, so be sure to measure your kitchen space before you buy.

7. Best Budget Commercial Kitchen FaucetAIMADI Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet

AIMADI Contemporary Kitchen Sink Faucet,Single Handle Stainless Steel...
  • ✅ Solid brass body, Lead-Free Brass...
  • ✅Spout rotation range: 360 degree, offers two different...
  • ✅Easy to install with its quick connect design and...

If you’re in the market for a super functional faucet that doesn’t break your budget, consider the AIMADI faucet. This item is also made from brass, giving it added lasting durability and an elegant touch – exactly what you’d expect from a luxury brand, at a much lower price point.

Featuring two faucets, it has an ordinary tap and a coiled spray head. Separating these two functions gives you more options and lets you separate your various tasks – it also works great with twin basin sinks.

This faucet is not only the best budget option on the market; it is also super easy to install. Anyone with some basic DIY skills and the ability to follow the instructions in the box can install this faucet and start using it on the same day. If it’s a self-install, be extra careful around the seals to prevent leaks.

This faucet punches above its weight when it comes to style, with clean lines and a stainless steel finish – at a surprisingly great price point! If this faucet is still too pricey, check out some of these other kitchen faucets under $100.


  • Brass construction – With its brass material, this faucet will never rust.
  • Twin handles – The twin handle design gives you power and options when washing.
  • Easy installation – Anyone with DIY skills can easily install the faucet!


  • Limited range – The faucet has a limited range, so it may not be suitable for those with larger sinks.

8. Best Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen FaucetFapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Fapully Commercial Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet with Sprayer Brushed...
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: Fapully kitchen sink faucets are designed...
  • ENJOY GREAT FUNCTIONALITY: With a one-function kitchen...
  • EASY TO USE: We’ve equipped this pull out spray kitchen...

The Fapully was designed primarily for the rigors of a busy kitchen; it’s made from sturdy metal, with a heavy-duty spring and rust resistance.

Washing up can be taxing at the best of times, so you need your infrastructure to work for you, not against you. The Fapully faucet gives you excellent functionality coupled with durability. Easily use its sprayer with a separate filler spout to rinse, wash, and handle all types of tasks. It also has a 360-degree swivel.

With functionality in mind, this kitchen faucet is equipped with a single-handle pullout sprayer that can control the water volume and temperature of the spray. You’ll be thankful for this neat feature when you have lots of washing up to do or have a variety of tasks to cover.

Although this heavy-duty kitchen faucet is primarily designed for commercial kitchens, it can also look perfect in a stripped-back or modern-style home kitchen- the eye-catching high-arc industrial design creates the perfect focal point for your kitchen.


  • Heavy-duty design – Heavy-duty metal and spring used in its design mean this faucet is as durable as they come.
  • Excellent functionality – Two modes from the single-handled sprayer so you can wash up your way.
  • Easy to use – The pull-down spring handle makes using the Fapully a piece of cake.


  • Installation – To avoid loose fittings, professional installation is recommended.

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Commercial Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Don’t just jump in and buy the first nice-looking faucet you see – many industry faucets look identical and seem to have the same features, but they are not all alike. Depending on the type of faucet material used and the installation process, your faucet might be a success or a failure.

The last thing you want to do is invest in what you think is a quality kitchen faucet, only to discover that it leaks and corrodes after a few months. In this case, you will have to search the market again for a better model – use the buying guide below to make the best choice the first time.


Commercial kitchen faucets are available in a range of styles and materials; some people like a commercial kitchen faucet to be durable and long-lasting, so they care little about the overall style; others prefer the faucet to fit with the kitchen’s aesthetic or to use it in the home.

You will notice the vast majority of kitchen faucets have a high-arc design; this is to provide plenty of range for various sizes of sinks – commercial sinks tend to be larger – if you intend to install a commercial kitchen faucet in your home kitchen, this is something to bear in mind.

Since they are commercial kitchen sinks, style and aesthetics aren’t at the forefront of design priorities; often, these faucets are made to be functional; still, that stripped-back basic look appeals to many homeowners and works well with particular kitchen designs.

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Looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to commercial kitchen faucets. First, you need to know that your kitchen faucet is reliable and can carry out the necessary tasks. A domestic or commercial kitchen needs a variety of water force settings and spray settings for various tasks.

The faucet’s performance depends on the range and style of the sprayer and the setting for the water force. Most faucets have a standard water outlet and a separate handle for spray settings; others have a single handle with multiple settings – these ones are often better space-saving options.

In terms of performance, side sprayers are now a little outdated and have been replaced with a pulldown sprayer that offers better flexibility, better pressure, and fewer leaks. You might also want to choose a single-handle faucet for better control and convenience when working at the basin.


First, consider whether you need an industrial faucet in your kitchen; there’s little point in investing in one if you only have routine dishes to wash. A commercial-grade faucet is designed to eliminate stuck-on dirt from plates, fill buckets of water quickly, and rinse out large sink basins.

If you have determined that you need a commercial sink faucet, then it’s time to decide what style of faucet works best for your kitchen. For example, do you need one with multiple handles and a twin faucet for a large twin basin, or does a single spray head handle with several pressure settings work best for your kitchen?

If you’re unsure as to the exact usage of the kitchen faucet, spend some time doing research. You can make a note of the tasks you need to carry out at the sink and think about what functions might be most suitable. You’ll be thanking yourself for doing the research when you find the best faucet for you!


Installing most commercial kitchen faucets isn’t rocket science; anyone with some basic DIY knowledge should be able to unscrew the old faucet and fit the new one using a screwdriver, a wrench, and some rubber seals; the trouble is that leakage issues can result from faulty installation.

You may see some negative reviews for your chosen commercial kitchen faucet mentioning leaking and corrosion – but many of these issues are caused by faulty installation. Whilst a commercial kitchen faucet is suitable for DIY installation, it’s sometimes best to consult a professional.

If you want the reassurance of knowing that your kitchen faucet is securely installed and isn’t going to rust or leak after only a few months, the best advice is to hire a local installer and put your feet up.

Spout Height

Faucet height is an important consideration – whether you are buying the item for your home or your commercial kitchen. In general, commercial faucets have a higher clearance to allow larger pots to be washed easily, but this can hinder a home kitchen area with a low clearance area.

If you’re installing an industrial faucet in your home kitchen, you need to pay close attention to the faucet clearance at the top and find one that’s the right size for your sink basin. If the faucet is too large, you will have trouble maneuvering it and cleaning certain sizes of pots and pans.

Remember that commercial-style kitchen faucets have a higher spout and require a larger sink basin to work efficiently; there’s little point in investing in an industrial faucet if you don’t have the space for one, they might offer some advantages over conventional faucets, but you won’t get the best out of them.

Water Pressure

Naturally, water pressure is a primary consideration for your kitchen faucet; you need your faucet to operate all settings efficiently and without fail. Water flow rate can also be influenced by the cartridge type your industrial faucet uses.

But what is a cartridge? All faucets have a valve inside that’s commonly called a cartridge. Inside the cartridge is a rubber seal that blocks the water flow when the handle is turned – more expensive faucets have a ceramic cartridge. Over time the rubber one wears down, affecting the water force.

Before investing in your faucet, check what kind of cartridge is used, and what water flow your faucet can handle in terms of its PSI rating. A professional kitchen faucet will have a PSI rating of between 30 – 80 PSI. Then check the type of cartridge used and decide if you want a ceramic cartridge or rubber seal.


Commercial-style kitchen faucets cost anywhere between $50 and $200 for the item; of course, the more you spend on the faucet, the more likely it is to last long-term with fewer issues, and it will have more features such as an add-on swivel spout or a higher grade metal.

On a cheaper faucet, you can expect to find faucets that look great and boast some attractive features, but you might find that they let you down when it comes to water pressure, leaks, and corrosion due to lower-grade metal.

So, how do you decide on a budget for your new professional kitchen faucet? Though there might not be much difference in the faucet features in the product review, the price can indicate the overall quality of the item and the service you are likely to receive.


There are plenty of features and faucet criteria to get your head around when researching a fact for your home or commercial kitchen, but one often overlooked feature is the warranty. You will notice a warranty on some of the more expensive models, but not always on lower-priced ones.

The reason for this is the overall quality of the faucet, most industry faucets have the same or similar features, but lower-priced ones without a warranty are riskier. You might find these don’t install as easily and suffer from leaks and corrosion – you can’t expect them to last as long.

On the other hand, if a professional kitchen faucet is more expensive and it has a warranty, you can have more confidence in the product. It might look the same as the cheaper version and offer many of the same features, but the company has greater faith in the product, and you have some recourse as well.

Additional Considerations When Purchasing a Commercial Kitchen Faucet

One thing not covered in this review so far is the handle type on the professional kitchen faucet. Industry faucets tend to have either a single handle or a twin handle, depending on the brand and style. Both have their advantages. A single handle is more practical, and a twin one is more stylish and functional.

Commercial-style kitchen faucets shouldn’t be without a sprayer function; this feature is an invaluable complement to any kitchen, allowing you to complete a multitude of tasks with ease. There are three to choose from – pull-down, pull-out, and side sprayer. Pull-down sprayers tend to be most popular.


How long will a commercial kitchen faucet last?

There’s one of two reasons you might consider replacing your kitchen faucet; it either needs replacing because it’s arrived at the end of its life cycle, or you are renovating the kitchen, and you need a different look or better functionality. If it’s the former, the faucet will be around 15-20 years old.

Most kitchen faucets, including commercial kitchen faucet models, last for around 20 years before they need replacing. If your faucet is suffering from more leaks and routine maintenance than usual, it’s time for a change. Though the price is tempting, many cheaper models will last a lot less than 20 years.

Are commercial faucets easy to clean?

When it comes to kitchen faucet materials, you have three options to choose from; they come in stainless steel, brass, and nickel-coating. Each material has its advantages; for example, steel doesn’t scratch, solid brass doesn’t rust, and nickel maintains its finish the longest.

Any of these materials are easy to clean, especially steel that is resistant to corrosion and staining. Solid brass is probably the hardest material to keep clean since it is prone to surface blemishes, but it offers the best resistance to rust. Brushed nickel also maintains its original look indefinitely.

What is the best material for a commercial faucet?

Again, you have the choice between stainless steel, brass, and brushed nickel. The material you choose will depend on your preferences for your kitchen and what’s available from the brand. For example, some brands only produce faucets using a particular material such as stainless steel or brass.

Stainless steel is an excellent material for a kitchen faucet, it not only looks amazing, but it’s highly resistant to rust and corrosion; still, stainless steel can corrode over time if it isn’t well maintained. On the other hand, brass will never corrode, but it might be more difficult to clean and maintain.

Can commercial-style faucets be customized?

It would help if a commercial-style faucet could be customized to accommodate the decoration and conditions of a domestic kitchen; the good news is it’s entirely possible and gives you the flexibility to create a commercial-style sink basin without any spout height issues.

If you are going to adapt a commercial-style kitchen faucet for your home, you need to pay extra attention to the dimensions and the available water pressure to ensure you get the most out of your product. Even if the faucet doesn’t function at maximum output, it should still deliver enough for your needs.

Are there any disadvantages to having commercial kitchen faucets?

Most people opt for a commercial-style faucet because they like the utility it offers, as well as the stripped-back look of a modern kitchen. In most cases, this works well, but there are some disadvantages. These faucets don’t always fit domestic kitchens or function as they should.

The first thing you will notice is the height of the commercial faucet; they are typically taller than conventional kitchen faucets and need plenty of room above them – so cabinets might not be workable. Industrial faucets also require more water pressure which can lead to issues in your home’s kitchen.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Commercial Kitchen Faucet for You

Installing a professional kitchen faucet in your home or business is an excellent idea, even if you don’t intend to use it for commercial purposes. Industry faucets are more durable than conventional faucets; they are also made from high-density metal and offer some excellent functionality.

Deciding to install a commercial-style kitchen faucet is the easy part; the hard part is knowing what commercial faucet to install. The first thing to consider is your space, measure the shallow sink, and determine the spout height. This will narrow your options, and you can start to look at each model’s features.

If you’re still not sure if a commercial kitchen faucet is for you, have a look at our overall best kitchen faucet reviews.

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