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The 8 Best Outdoor Sinks on the Market

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Are you looking to invest in an outdoor kitchen sink? Struggling to find outdoor kitchen sink reviews you trust? Want to know what is the best sink for outdoor use on the market today? Then we have just the list for you!

If you are looking for the best outdoor sink currently on the market, then be sure to check out the Ruvati BBQ Workstation. This fantastic design has been built with convenience and durability in mind and is perfect for any outdoor kitchen space.

To find out more, be sure to check out our guide to the best outdoor sinks you can purchase today below!

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What’s So Good about Outdoor Sinks?

Outdoor sinks can be a great installation if you have enough room in your garden. They offer an incredibly easy way to clean up after BBQs and are perfect if you regularly find yourself working outside. 

The 8 Best Outdoor Sinks

1) Best Overall - Ruvati BBQ Workstation

Ruvati 15-inch Workstation Bar Prep Sink Ledge Undermount 16 Gauge...
  • WORKSTATION sink: Ledges on the front and back provide a...
  • 16 GAUGE Premium T-304 Grade Stainless Steel (18/10...

When it comes to quality, few outdoor kitchen sinks can compete with the Ruvati BBQ workstation. This incredibly durable and well-designed kitchen sink offers everything you could need to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Included in the box, you can also find a superb collection of some of the most sought-after additions, such as a basket strainer drain and a bottom rinse grid. This offers you convenience and can save you money as you won’t need to go out of your way to buy these accessories.

The basin has been crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a professional finish to reduce the chance of corrosion and rust build-ups. On top of this, Ruvati has also encased the bottom of the basin in thick rubber padding to reduce the noise when washing your dishes.

Featuring a minimalist sunken stainless steel design and additional functionality, such as an integrated chopping board, Ruvati has created the benchmark for future outdoor sinks.


  • Built-in Chopping Board – Ruvati has included an integrated chopping board that offers additional functionality and helps you save space in your outdoor kitchen.
  • Minimalist Design – The sunken drop-in sink design perfectly accompanies any utility room or kitchen decor.
  • Space Saving – This stainless steel product is incredibly space-conscious and has been designed with space-saving in mind.


  • Price – This stainless steel sink can be fairly expensive, but the price is more than worth the quality you receive.

2) Best Easy Installation - Kraus KBU11 20 inch Undermount Single Sink

Kraus KBU11 20 inch Undermount Single Bowl 16 gauge Stainless Steel...
  • KITCHEN SET INCLUDES: Sink, Basket Strainer, Bottom Grid,...
  • DENT-RESISTANT SINK made with durable TRU16 real 16-gauge...
  • HIGH-CAPACITY SINK: Deep bowl with flat bottom prevents...

Installing your outdoor kitchen sink can be a chore, but thankfully the Kraus KBU11 has been designed with quick installation in mind. This undermounted bowl can easily be installed in a range of outdoor sink fixtures in minutes, saving you both time and effort.

On top of this, the sink itself is no slouch in the durability department. Offering a T304 stainless steel design that has been built to last, you can expect this outdoor sink to last you more than a few washes or rainstorms.

This kitchen set also comes with all the additional functionality you could need. Included in this package, alongside the sink, you can find a basket strainer, the mounting hardware, a basket strainer, and even a Kraus kitchen towel.

If you are a lover of convenience and find the usual rigmarole of installing a kitchen sink to be a pain, then the Kraus KBU11 is the choice for you. This complete package is extremely durable and affordable, so be sure to add it to your wish list today!


  • Easy Installation – The Kraus KBU11 has been designed to offer an easy installation method for fans of convenience.
  • Additional Features – This fantastic package comes with everything you could need to get the most out of an outdoor sink.
  • High Capacity – The basin itself offers a large capacity suited for deep washes and large stacks of dishes.


  • Low Availability – The Kraus KBU11 kitchen sink sells out incredibly fast due to the low cost and incredible convenience.
  • Large Size – Although the large size means a greater capacity, it can also mean it may not be suited for smaller gardens or kitchens.

3) Best Design - HOUZER E-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Sink

HOUZER E-100 MIDNITE Quartztone Sink, Black
  • Dual Mount Bar/Prep Sink
  • 8" Bowl Depth
  • Non-Porous Surface, Silky To The Touch

Unique designs are Houzer’s specialty, and the E-100 MIDNITE is no exception. This impressive quartz and acrylic sink comes in a wide variety of colors and is perfect for anyone looking for an outdoor sink design that stands out.

Alongside the fantastic selection of colors, the basin features an antibacterial surface perfect for outdoor use. Pair this up with the reinforced quartz used, and not only have you got an extremely well-designed bar sink, but a durable one too!

For some people, the design of the kitchen sink itself can make or break a product. Thankfully, Houzer has done it once again with this excellent quartz product. If your sink’s design is at the top of your list of considerations, then this is the choice for you!


  • 5 Colors – This quartz bar sink comes in a choice of up to 5 colors that can accompany any garden design.
  • Antibacterial Surface – The basin is coated in an antibacterial surface to ensure the water remains clean and bacteria-free for added safety.
  • Easy to Clean – Thanks to its use of quartz, the basin found on this kitchen sink is incredibly easy to maintain and clean.


  • Installation – The sink can be fairly hard to install and may require a few additional clips for full security.
  • Scuff Marks – When dry, it is fairly easy to mark the side of this sink with plates, but this can be easily cleaned away.

4) Best Durability - Houzer A1722-7BS-1 ADA Glowtone Topmount

Houzer A1722-7BS-1 ADA Glowtone Topmount Stainless Steel 17" x 22"...
  • Overall size 17" X 22", Bowl 14" X 15.75" X 6.5" deep
  • 22 gauge T-304 stainless steel
  • StoneGuard undercoating over super silencer pad

One of the most important features you will need in an outdoor sink is durability. Not only will it need to constantly withstand water pressure, but it also needs to survive whatever mother nature throws its way.

Thankfully, the Houzer A1722 Glowtone has been built to last a lifetime. Featuring a timeless T304 stainless steel design, this outdoor sink is resistant to both rust and corrosion. The steel itself also features natural anti-bacterial properties to help keep your water clean and safe to use.

Houzer has also considered noise when using this stainless steel outdoor sink as they have included a StoneGuard silencer pad. This reduces the noise made by pots and pans clashing in the sink when being cleaned.

Investing in a durable product is the best way to save money on repairs and replacements. As the Houzer Glowtone has been built to last, we can certainly recommend you consider adding this to your outdoor kitchen!


  • Extremely Durable – This stainless steel outdoor sink is both stain and corrosion-resistant and built to last.
  • Noise Reduction – Houzer has included a StoneGuard silencer pad to reduce the noise made when washing your dishes.
  • Universal Design – Almost all kitchen appliances will have a stainless steel design making this a great choice for any outdoor kitchen style.


  • Small Capacity – The depth and general size of the basin used in this bar sink could be a little larger.
  • Faucet Installation – Installing a faucet to this kitchen sink can be fairly tricky if you have never done it before.

5) Best Drainage - Kraus KP1TS25S-1 Pax Kitchen Sink Single Bowl

Kraus KP1TS25S-1 Pax Kitchen Sink Single Bowl, 25 inch, Zero Radius
  • KITCHEN SET INCLUDES: Sink, Bottom Grid, Drain Assembly,...
  • DURABLE AND DENT-RESISTANT sink made with high quality TRU16...
  • DROP-IN SINK DESIGN allows for easy top mount installation...

Once you have finished washing your dishes, you will want to ensure the water will quickly drain away. Few outdoor sinks featured today can boast the drainage capabilities that the Kraus KP1TS252-1 Pax can.

This single basin sink has been designed with a drainage groove that can quickly drain any leftover soapy water and suds. Drainage can frequently become an issue in outdoor sinks, but the Kraus Pax shows it can be done with style.

This stainless steel kitchen sink features a deep basin, perfect for even the largest of washing sessions in terms of capacity. Surrounding the basin, you can find Kraus’ proprietary soundproofing technology, which keeps noise to the bare minimum.

If you are tired of drains clogging up and drainage causing a myriad of problems, then the Kraus Pax is an ideal outdoor sink for your needs!


  • Excellent Drainage – Bespoke drainage channel grooves have been designed to quickly drain your sink in seconds.
  •  Deep Basin – The deep stainless steel basin means you can pile up the dishes without worrying about this sink overflowing.
  • Modern Design – A sleek and modern-looking sink, perfect if your utility room has a contemporary aesthetic.


  • Hard to Install – Installing this sink can be difficult if you as it doesn’t come with an installation guide.
  • No Additional Equipment – Unlike a few other sinks featured on this list, this sink doesn’t come with additions such as a draining rack or rinse grid.

6) Best Covered Single Basin - SUNSTONE B-SK20 Outdoor Sink

SUNSTONE B-SK20 Over/Under Height Single Basin Sink with Cover, 20" x...
  • 304 Stainless Steel Structure 
  • Over/Under Installation
  • 19"W x 19"D (Cut-out )

Being able to cover up your basin for later use can be a great addition. The Sunstone B-SK20 Outdoor Sink is one of the best covered single basins available on the market today.

The stainless steel design helps protect the basin from rust and corrosion and can withstand high water pressure levels. This also helps it work with any type of décor, so you don’t have to worry about your sink standing out like a sore thumb.

As this is a drop-in sink, you can easily add it to any existing countertop, so you don’t need to mess around with complicated mounting systems. Protect your basin with the durable stainless steel cover and consider investing in this impressive product today.


  • Sturdy Cover – Protect your basin from damage when not in use, thanks to the incredibly sturdy stainless steel cover.
  • Drop-in Sink Design – Easily add this to any existing kitchen design using the incredibly easy installation method.
  • Sleek Aesthetics – The solid stainless steel design is extremely sleek and makes a great accompaniment to any existing décor.


  • Low availability – This outdoor kitchen sink will regularly sell out due to popular demand and low pricing.
  • Clunk Cover – The durable cover provided can be fairly clunky and can be fairly difficult to store.

7) Best Basic - CleanIT RSI-S2 Riverstone

CleaNit RSI-S2 Riverstone Outdoor Sink
  • Large sink and work area
  • Comes with mounting hardware, drain tube, and nozzle holder
  • Drainage hose included

Sometimes you just want a sink that can get your dishes clean without any added bells and whistles, and that’s exactly what the CleanIT Riverstone provides. Offering a large basin and additional work area, this is suitable for garden kitchens of all types.

The CleanIT Riverstone is incredibly cheap and is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. Installation is also a breeze as CleanIT has provided an installation guide alongside accessible mounting hardware, so no more getting lost.

They have also opted for durable acrylic as opposed to stainless steel to cut down costs. This is perfect as it offers everyone easy access to the world of kitchen sinks. Anyone looking for a cheap but effective outdoor sink option should consider checking out the CleanIT RSI-S2 Riverstone!


  • Price – Incredibly cheap, making this the perfect option for anyone who wants to buy an outdoor sink on a tight budget.
  • Large Size – The basin itself offers impressive capacity and even comes with an additional workspace.
  • Built-in Hose Reel – Beneath the sink, you can find a hose reel designed to offer quick and easy access to a hosepipe.


  • Acrylic Design – Although acrylic can be exceptionally durable, it isn’t as strong as stainless steel.
  • No Stand – The sink is designed to be attached to the wall through a mounting system, meaning it may not fit in some kitchens.

8) Best Portability - Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table, Faucet, and Sink

Coldcreek Outfitters Outdoor Washing Table, Faucet and Sink, Portable...
  • PORTABLE OUTDOOR ACCESSORY: This portable table is made from...
  • UTILITY SINK STAND: Made from heavy-duty polyurethane and a...
  • 2 SINKS: With a dual-sink design, this lightweight fishing...

If you frequently find yourself camping or requiring a portable sink for events, then the Coldcreek Outfitters sink is a fantastic option. Featuring a built-in foldable stand for added portability and a double basin sink design, few options are as impressive as this one.

Both the sink and the stand are made from the highest-quality polyethylene, which is durable and incredibly flexible. The plain white style also means it will fit in almost any outdoor kitchen design.

A great bonus to this outdoor kitchen sink is how it makes use of its entire design. Simply place a chopping board over the sink to access an additional countertop or fold it away to make storage incredibly easy.

Portability is rarely considered when it comes to the outdoor kitchen sink. This is why the Coldcreek Outfitters sink stands out!


  • Portability – Foldable stand design ensures this sink is incredibly portable and easy to store away.
  • Space Saving – Place a chopping board over one of the sinks to access an additional countertop perfect for outdoor use.
  • Price – Thanks to its use of polyethylene, this sink is incredibly affordable, perfect for anyone on a budget.


  • Double Sink Design – This may be a positive for some people, but two sinks mean it will take up more space.
  • Durability – Due to its use of polyethylene, the Coldcreeek Outfitters sink is not as durable as most stainless steel designs.

Outdoor Sink Buying Guide


Perhaps the largest consideration for most people is how much you are willing to spend on an outdoor kitchen sink. There are many features that will impact the price, so you should always set yourself a budget before you begin shopping.

The best way to do this is to make a list of what you want from your outdoor kitchen sink and what you can live without. This way, you can find a product that falls within your chosen budget without sacrificing important functionality!


As your chosen sink will spend most of its life outdoors, it is incredibly important that it is reasonably durable. You will want a sturdy model that won’t break down in less than a few months.

One of the best materials used in outdoor kitchen sinks is stainless steel. Stainless steel sinks are designed to withstand constant water pressure, making them the ideal choice for any outdoor sink product.

Price will also usually be impacted by a sink’s durability, with cheaper items usually less durable than expensive options. However, this isn’t always the case. There are a few exceptions to this rule, so be sure to check out customer reviews to see what durability you can expect from your chosen outdoor sink.


The material used when constructing the outdoor sink is almost entirely linked to its durability. You will find a range of materials, each with unique properties, so it can be hard to know exactly which is the right choice.

Ideally, we would recommend you check out stainless steel sinks first as they tend to perfectly balance durability and cost. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, which can help prevent rust from wearing down your outdoor sinks durability. We’ve got a full list of the best stainless steel sinks for you to check out!


If you care about the design and looks of your outdoor sink, then you will need to factor this into your budget. Most cheaper models can lower their price by ignoring looks entirely. However, if you are after a high-quality-looking sink, then you may need to spend a little more.

There are a few different design quirks you can find in the world of outdoor sinks, including specific colors and stone effects. Finding one to suit your preferred style shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you know what you want.

Easy To Clean

Nobody wants to spend an hour scrubbing away stains from their kitchen sink. Thankfully, most outdoor sinks are incredibly easy to keep clean and maintain. As stainless steel is the most popular material, wiping away any stains or residue shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ideally, you should give your outdoor sink a quick wipe down after use. This way, you can improve its lifespan and ensure that your chosen sink will last you for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What outdoor sink is right for me?

This depends on your personal needs and what you are expecting to get from an outdoor kitchen sink. As long as your chosen sink offers what you need and is durable enough to last you a while, it will certainly be able to meet your expectations!

Are there any disadvantages to owning an outdoor kitchen sink?

There aren’t many disadvantages to owning an outdoor kitchen sink, but you will need to keep the size of your garden in mind. If you don’t have a large enough outside area, then adding a sink may be pretty difficult – it could also reduce your garden space.

Are most outdoor kitchen sinks easy to clean?

Most outdoor kitchen sinks are incredibly easy to clean, thanks to their use of stainless steel. Be sure to give them a quick wipe after use to prevent rust or corrosion from building up.

How long does an outdoor sink last?

This depends entirely on the sink you choose and whether or not it has been built with durability in mind. Typically, your average outdoor kitchen sink should last for anywhere between 10 and 25 years, but with constant maintenance, they can last even longer!

Finals Thoughts on Finding The Best Outdoor Sink for Your Home

Whether you are looking for a portable option or you can appreciate unique designs, we hope we have helped you find the outdoor sink that is right for you. Outdoor sinks can be a great addition to any garden, and with so many fantastic options, you shouldn’t need to look far for them.

Be sure to keep our handy buyer’s guide in mind so you can save the most on your next outdoor sink purchase!

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