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The 12 Best Portable Infrared Saunas

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We all need a chance to relax and destress – and what better to do so than a portable infrared sauna?

Through a portable infrared sauna, it is possible to achieve all of the same health benefits of traditional saunas at a fraction of the price – and with the added convenience of being free to carry out treatment wherever (or whenever) you wish.

When in the market for the best portable infrared sauna, it can be difficult to choose any device over another given the sheer volume of options available.

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work already by extensively testing and reviewing some of the top portable saunas out there – such as the SereneLife Infrared Home Spa, our Best Overall due to its ease-of-use and portability – to find the absolute best portable infrared sauna that will take your home spa experience to the next level.

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

The 12 Best Portable Infrared Saunas

1. Best Overall - SereneLife Infrared Home Spa

SereneLife AZSLISAU10BK Infrared Home Spa One Person Sauna with...
  • PERSONAL SAUNA: Can’t get to the spa but want to...
  • PORTABLE SAUNA UNIT: Have a mobile beauty spa or want to...
  • ENJOY AND RELAX: Use this sauna to relax after a day of...

The SereneLife Home Spa is our Best Overall as it’s great for anyone looking to detoxify their bodies – shedding both weight and potentially harmful toxins – in the most comforting and relaxed way imaginable.

Featuring a fold-out chair within a quilted, moisture-resistant cloth covering, this spacious yet conveniently sized portable sauna can reach up to 140º F for sessions lasting up to sixty minutes.

When sitting on the fold-out chair within the SereneLife portable sauna, there are designated holes for the user’s arms and head to protrude – leaving only their core and legs to get the benefits of the far-infrared light therapy.

Next to the conveniently placed hand holes (perfect for indulging in some reading during your steam), there is a handheld controller which gives you complete control over the temperature and time setting of the device – you can even see how long you’ve spent in the steamer!


  • Equipped with a chair – while other saunas require you to use your own chair, the SereneLife Home Spa comes with its own reinforced foldable chair.
  • Easily collapsable – fully collapsible, meaning you can take your sauna anywhere.


  • Low stock – massively popular, and so is often out of stock.
  • Size constraints – this sauna may not be ideal for any users taller than 6ft+.

2. Best Budget - Itaar Portable Infrared Sauna

Itaar Portable Far Infrared Sauna, Personal Saunas for Home Spa with...
  • 【Portable Sauna Unit】: Have a mobile beauty spa or want...
  • 【Considerate details】: The front surface of the sauna...
  • 【Rapid Heating】: This far infrared sauna is heated using...

For anyone in the market for the best portable sauna to allow them to get all the therapeutic benefits of infrared treatment on a tighter budget, we recommend choosing the Irarr Portable Infrared Sauna. Retailing at under $100, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to try out a portable sauna.

This dome-shaped portable device uses 3 low EMF far-infrared carbon panel heating elements within its structure to bathe the user’s body in therapeutic and energy-giving infrared waves.

With a fully collapsable chair and three designated holes for the user’s head and arms, this comfortable and relaxing sauna takes between just 5-7 minutes to heat up and reach a maximum temperature of 150ºF.

Next to the Itarr Infrared Suana arm-holes, there is a remote-controlled, which allows you to easily set the desired temperature and length of your session without lifting a finger.


  • Rapid heat-up time – heats up in just 7-10 minutes.
  • Can be used anywherethanks to its ultralightweight construction and collapsibility.


  • No heated footpad – the footpad is a wooden massager rather than a heated pad.
  • Often sells out – given the cost-effectiveness of this sauna, the stock is often low.

3. Best Features - Durherm Low-EMF Portable Infrared Sauna

Durherm Infrared Sauna, Low EMF Negative Ion Portable Indoor Sauna...
  • Included: DIF-5000_Copper Sauna, Wired Handheld Controller,...
  • Dimensions: 31.5″ W x 33″ D x 41″ H
  • Power: AC 110-120V, 60Hz

Of all the portable saunas we’ve looked into, the Durherm Infrared models definitely comes out on top in terms of additional features and benefits.

The Durherm Low-EMF is one of the best collapsable infrared heated saunas on this list due to its convenient weight and collapsible design, making it perfect for both indoors and outside.

Alongside its flexible and compactable design, the Durherm Portable Sauna uses three ultra-thin superconductive carbon fiber heating elements with a surface temperature of 104-140ºF.

These infrared heaters warm the air around the user to around 110+ degrees Fahrenheit during a sauna, which is more than enough to deeply penetrate their muscles and joints and increase healthy blood circulation.

The EMF (Electromotive force) of the Durherm Portable Sauna is between just 5-15 Milligauss, which is far lower than many other similar at-home infrared powered sauna devices.


  • Rapid action – the Durherm Portable Sauna provides rapid heat therapy as it folds out and assembles in minutes.
  • Increases healthy blood flow – the Durherm Portable Sauna has automatic footpad heating to boost blood circulation.


  • Often out of stock- often hard to find due to its popularity.
  • Limited warranty – the warranty that is offered only lasts for one year.

4. HeatWave Rejuvinator Portable Sauna

HeatWave BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna, 38 Inch, Gray
  • soothing warmth – far infrared heat surrounds your body,...
  • 1 minute set-up – six, easy steps convert this handy...
  • relax anywhere – this portable sauna is easy to take on...

Another ideal choice for anyone looking to get the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of a classic sauna from the comfort of their home or garden is the HeatWave Rejuvinator Portable Sauna.

This low EMF infrared heated sauna uses three carbon fiber heating panels carefully and deliberately to produce an even consistent heat output throughout its interior.

Setting up the HeatWave Rejuinator is as carefree and effortless as using it is, as all you need to do is follow six simple steps, which you can carry out in less than a minute!

Once you’ve finished basking in the warmth and comfort of your HeatWave Rejuvinator, it can be conveniently folded together and packed away just as quickly for your next pampering session.


  • Speedy set up – users can set it up in just one minute!
  • Designed for optimum comfort – includes a collapsable chair for total comfort.


  • Limited warranty – the warranty lasts only 1 year.
  • Non-heating footpad – the footpad does not heat up like other models.

5. KUNSANA Detoxify Portable Infrared Sauna

KUNSANA Far Infrared Sauna Tent,Portable Sauna for Home,Low EMF...
  • ★[Far Infrared Sauna] Your body can be surrounded by...
  • ★[Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna] This is a low EMF infrared...
  • ★[Home Sauna] It is portable sauna tent that can be folded...

Anyone keen to detoxify themselves and remove any potentially harmful toxins and heavy metals through the most relaxing way imaginable should seriously consider the KUNSANA Portable Personal Sauna.

The KUNSANA Portable Personal Sauna is the lowest rated EMF/EMR sauna you’ll find on the market and uses three carefully positioned carbon fiber heating elements to create a balanced and equal heat throughout its interior.

This heat can reach up to a maximum of 65ºF and takes between just 5-7 minutes to do so, meaning you set it up wherever you wish, plug it in, and start enjoying the therapeutic benefits of Low EMF infrared almost instantaneously.


  • Energy-efficient – the KUNSANA can heat its internal space fully in just 5-7 minutes.
  • Heated footpad – has a heating footpad to increase blood circulation.


  • Height restricting – this infrared sauna might be slightly constricting for taller users.
  • Stock is often low – due to the popularity of these collapsable infrared saunas, the stock may not always meet demand.

6. Smartmak FAR Infrared Sauna Tent

Smartmak Far Infrared Sauna, Full Body One Person Portable SPA Set...
  • 💕 SPECIAL GIFTS: This is the perfect healthy gift for...
  • 💕 SAVE TIME AND MONEY: The home sauna can be used any...
  • 💕 CONVENIENCE: Within 5 minutes can be heated. The far...

Another option for those seeking the luxurious experience from the safety and comfort of their home is the Smartmak FAR Infrared Sauna Tent.

This full-body detoxifying spa tent provides users with a relaxed and effective way to boost their blood circulation, lose weight and clear their skin of toxins – restoring youthfulness and glow.

With a collapsable chair within a spacious body tent that holds three carefully positioned carbon heating elements and a heating footpad, the Smartmak Sauna Tent provides users with the complete spa package.

The carbon heating elements within the Smartmak FAR Tent work in harmony to produce an even and balanced heat of up to 149ºF – which is remarkable given its compact size.


  • Optimize space – get the benefits of infrared heat therapy anywhere you want.
  • Reinforced comfort – comes with a durable, reinforced portable chair.


  • Limited storage – only one stitched-in fabric storage pocket.
  • Costly – as a premium-quality sauna tent, it is slightly more costly than other models.

7. HeatWave Harmony Deluxe Portable Sauna

Heat Wave BSA6315 Harmony Deluxe Oversized Portable Sauna, Cabin Size:...
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item...
  • Cabin size: 33.5-in L x 33-in W x 41.5-in H; Folded:...
  • Pre-attached, EZ fit solid Beech hardwood dowel frame...

For those in the market for portable saunas which accommodate slightly larger users – or provide you with ample room to unwind – the HeatWave Harmony Deluxe is a perfect match.

This robust yet lightweight, transportable sauna uses an EZ fit Beech hardwood frame alongside a reinforced collapsible chair that can easily support up to 220lbs.

Setting up this home-spa sauna device takes less than a minute and features six automatic timer options for different heated spa sessions, which you can set using a handy remote control.

The HeatWave Harmony Deluxe uses strategically placed, ultrathin carbon heaters to create an evenly dissipated heat that penetrates deep within the user’s muscles and joints.


  • Built-in air freshener – uses an air ionizer to prevent moisture buildup and keep your sauna fresh.
  • Spacious internal coverage – has far more internal space than other saunas on this list.


  • Premium-priced – as a deluxe product, it is more expensive than some other portable saunas out there.
  • Stock is low – as this is one of the most desirable portable saunas, stock levels are often low.

8. Ridgeyard Portable FIR/FAR Infrared Sauna

Ridgeyard Portable FIR/Far Infrared SPA Sauna Room Detox Tent Personal...
  • CONVENIENT PERSONAL SAUNA: this small sauna room provides...
  • LOSE WEIGHT IN A EASY WAY: it will burn calories when you...
  • FAR INFRARED HOME SPA: this far infrared suana tent use far...

Another personal low EMF sauna that can help detoxify your body by promoting cellular growth and rejuvenation is the Ridgeyart Portable FIR/FAR Infrared Sauna.

This super-convenient and lightweight personal sauna can heat to between 75º-167ºF, which is more than enough to open your pores and cause excessive sweating – which, in turn, rids the body of harmful toxins and promotes weight loss by burning calories.

Using this remarkable personal-sized FIR/FAR infrared sauna for just ten minutes equates to the same amount of preparation and increased heart rate as roughly half an hour of jogging or cardiovascular exercise!

However, unlike exercise – which relies on physical exertion and energy – using the Ridgeyart sauna requires only that you sit comfortably in the reinforced foldable chair and relax (which is a far more appealing way of losing weight and boosting your health).


  • Eliminates toxins – highly effective in stimulating cytology and reducing toxins within your body.
  • Kind to the environment – this energy-efficient personal sauna produces no water waste.


  • Limited supply – given the popularity, it is often out of stock.
  • Not be ideal for taller users – as a compact personal sauna, the Ridgeyart may not be suited to taller users.

9. Nmeisi Infrared Portable Spa

Nmeisi Portable Infrared Sauna Spa, One Person at Home Full Body Sauna...
  • PRIVATE HOME SPA: Thanks to the infrared sauna you can enjoy...
  • DEDICATED SAUNA KIT: Your new private sauna comes with...
  • DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU: Your new indoor sauna measures...

If total comfort and relaxation are your goals, then the Nmeisi Infrared Portable Spa may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This one-person spa experience is effortless to fold out and assemble and can be packed away just as easily once your session is complete – making it perfect for anyone short on space.

When inside this personal infrared sauna, wafer-thin carbon heaters evenly spread throughout the interior to produce a steady, even heat.

As these carbon heaters produce FAR infrared energy, you won’t have the maintenance tasks associated with steam rooms or classic saunas as no water is used.

Because infrared lightwaves penetrate deep within your muscles and joints – heating your body from the inside – you’ll sweat just the same (if not more) than you would in a classic sauna.


  • Maximizes blood circulation – features an electronic self-heating footpad to boost blood flow and speed up cellular recovery.
  • Added protection – the collapsible, compact sauna includes an auto-shutoff safety feature.


  • Only one pocket – has just one storage pocket.
  • Too small for some- the provided foldable chair might be too small for some taller users.

10. Durasage Indoor Personal Spa Sauna

Durasage Infrared IR Far Portable Indoor Personal Spa Sauna with...
  • Portable Infrared Sauna with Chair
  • Only takes 5 minutes to heat up
  • Provides comfort, relaxation & enjoyment

Another ultra-convenient infrared sauna ideal for detoxification and post-workout recovery is the Durasage Indoor Personal Spa Sauna.

Designed for total ease-of-use and effortless setup, this lightweight sauna tent uses three thin carbon heating panels within its internal structure to produce a dry internal heat of up to 110ºF.

This temperature is more than enough to cause deep sweating, clearing the pores and accelerating muscle rejuvenation and growth post-exercise.

The Durasage Indoor Personal Spa Sauna uses a remote controller to set your sauna cycle time between 5-30 minutes, giving you total flexibility over how long each session lasts.

This remote controller can be found within a conveniently placed fabric pocket on the Durasage Indoor Personal Spa Sauna exterior next to the hand holes.


  • Rapid heating – the Durasage fully heats up in just 5 minutes.
  • Accelerates blood circulation – features a warming footpad to boost blood circulation.


  • Short warranty – the warranty offered only lasts 18 months.
  • No towel provided – unlike other personal spa saunas, no towel is provided with the Durasage Personal Spa Sauna.

11. ZONEMEL Home Spa Detox Tent

ZONEMEL Portable Infrared Sauna, One Person at Home Full Body Sauna,...
  • DEDICATED SAUNA KIT: Order comes with everything you need to...
  • MATERIAL:There are three carbon heating panels, sauna...
  • QUICK HEAT UP: Heating Element Power Output: 1050 Watt. Only...

Another excellent choice for anyone in the market for portable saunas to keep their skin looking youthful and radiant is the ZONEMEL Portable Far Infrared One Person Sauna.

This detox tent is made from a waterproof cloth that houses three carbon-heating panels, which harmonize to create a powerful and consistent heat throughout the sauna’s interior.

ZONEMEL products are renowned for their built-in safety measures, and their Home Spa Detox Tent is no exception, as it features a heating probe that automatically switches the device off when the plates exceed 140ºF.

Anybody looking for an affordable way to get all the health and therapeutic benefits of infrared therapy – without lengthy or inconvenient travel times to and from your local spa – should seriously consider this top-quality infrared home spa detox tent.


  • Reinforced chair – features a double-layered 601D Oxford chair for optimal support.
  • Instantly compactable – effortlessly folds into a transportable-sized carrier bag.


  • Size constraints – Taller users might find it to be slightly restrictive.
  • No heated footpad – Unlike other home saunas, the ZONEMEL Detox Tent does not have footpad heating.

12. Kenwell Portable Home Spa

Kenwell Portable Infrared Home Spa, Infrared Portable Sauna, with...
  • 【Home SPA】The use of far infrared technology is helpful...
  • 【Lose Weight】It will burn calories when you sweat, burn...
  • 【Heated foot mats and chairs】Comfortable sports canvas...

Anyone who wants a fast and easy way to burn calories and speed up cellular recovery while sitting comfortably in a chair, surrounded by warm air, could find the Kenwell Portable Home Spa to be just the ticket.

This infrared portable spa tent uses three carbon heaters to fill the internal space with heat, reaching up to 140ºF+ to clear your pores of heavy metals and toxins and burn away calories.

One of the main appeals of the Kenwell Portable Home Spa is its ability to generate heat at remarkable speeds – taking just 5 minutes from plug-in to reach a sufficient sweat-inducing temperature.

It also features a handy remote that lets you set both your ideal temperature and treatment length at the touch of a button.

When seated within the Kenwell Portable Home Spa’s reinforced foldout chair, a comfortable wooden footrest rolls to stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatigue.


  • Ultra-lightweight – being made from lightweight fabric makes moving the Kenwell Portable Home Spa an effortless task.
  • Optimized for storage space – the Kenwell Portable Home Spa is one of the best portable saunas in storage and size.


  • Little storage space – this low eme infrared sauna has just one pocket to store books or phones during sessions.
  • Wooden footpad – does not heat as other models do.

How is an infrared sauna different from a traditional sauna?

For centuries, heat treatments have been used to detoxify, relax, and stress relief properties by exposing your body to heal (typically steam) to increase blood flow and circulation.

Traditional saunas work by heating the air around the user’s body with steam, which causes their body temperature to increase – making them sweat.

Infrared saunas, on the other hand, heat the user’s body from the inside. They achieve this by using multiple infrared heaters, which direct infrared lightwaves directly into the user’s body, which causes a deep sweat.

As infrared saunas heat the body directly, their internal air temperature is less than a steam sauna, and they heat up in a far shorter timeframe.

Portable infrared saunas achieve the same health advantages as traditional heat treatments by emitting the same rays of light as the sun (infrared) – except without the potentially harmful UV rays.

Some saunas are steam based instead of infrared! These saunas will get hotter and be more humid, which is great for clearing out your sinuses and to really get you sweating.

Here’s a list of the best portable steam saunas that exist today!

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits


There has been extensive clinical and scientific research into the body’s ability to detoxify itself by sweating out a range of toxic substances. While traditional steam saunas are partially effective in detoxification, infrared saunas are considered to be up to seven times more effective.

This is because the infrared waves penetrate the skin tissue at a deeper depth (around 3″) than classic steam saunas and are therefore more effective in removing Hg (mercury) from the skin.

During far-infrared heated sauna sessions, the sweat produced is just 80-85% water, with the remaining percentage being toxins such as heavy metals, sodium, sulfuric acid, cholesterol, and fat-soluble toxins.

However, when undergoing wet sauna sessions, the sweat produced is roughly 95-97% water, meaning fewer toxins are flushed out of the body – making infrared saunas more effective in detoxification.

Improve Sleep

Another perceived health benefit of an infrared heated sauna is aiding in a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

Traditional wet saunas increase your body temperature by heating the air around you, whereas infrared saunas penetrate your skin directly and warm your body from the inside out.

This means that infrared heated saunas can cause you to sweat vigorously at a far lower temperature than traditional steam saunas.

When you sweat during a sauna session, your heart rate increases, stimulating healthy blood flow around your body as your blood vessels widen.

This combination of healthy blood flow and an increased heart rate directly produces a deeper sleep state.

Encourage Weight Loss

A recent report published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that infrared saunas sessions can burn up to 600 calories at a time.

This is because your core body temperature rises considerably during a portable infrared-powered sauna session, much in the same way as it does through moderate exercise (only saunas are infinitely more relaxing).

As cardiac output and blood circulation increase during infrared heated sauna treatment, your body begins to burn away calories – which can lead to a visibly lower weight circumference in just three months of continued use.

Anyone who suffers from cardiovascular or respiratory problems who struggles to carry out traditional exercises could find portable infrared spa treatments viable for losing weight.

Relief From Joint and Muscle Pains

Anyone passionate about sports or exercise understands the value and importance of muscle recovery as a way of meeting your fitness goals and staying healthy.

As infrared light heats the body from the inside, it effectively penetrates deep within the joints, muscles, and connective tissue and boosts blood flow.

Red blood cells are essential for muscle and joint inflammation, as they carry nutrients and oxygen to the inflamed area, helping to generate new blood cells and muscle tissue within that area.

Improved Circulation

As mentioned, one of the leading attractions of portable infrared-powered saunas is their capacity to increase blood flow throughout the user’s body.

Because your heart rate rises during an infrared-powered sauna session, it can effectively replicate what is known as a ‘cardiovascular workout’ – which is a workout for your heart.

Just like any other muscle, the more you use your heat, the stronger it becomes.

Having a strong heart means that your capillaries (tiny vessel structures containing blood) can pump more oxygen to your muscles, promoting healing and growth.

Clearer Skin

Yet another perceived health benefit of an infrared portable sauna is its effectiveness in producing healthier and clearer-looking skin.

The infrared rays produced by portable infrared heated saunas penetrate the skin deeply and promote healthy circulation and cellular activity, increasing healthy nutrients and aiding rejuvenation.

Although you may not think it, Sweat is actually one of the most effective skincare remedies in existence, as it unclogs pores and removes dirt and toxins.

When your pores are unclogged of all dirt and toxins, your complexion is visibly brighter, smoother, and more youthful-looking.

Infrared saunas that produce NIR (near-infrared light) – the shortest wavelength on the infrared spectrum – are also highly effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Portable Infrared Sauna Buying Guide

Although the above list covers the highest-rated collapsable infrared-powered saunas, which we’ve reviewed, there are still thousands of variations out there. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a brief list of all the considerations you should consider when choosing your ideal portable spa tent.


While it is often tempting to opt for the cheapest model out there, this can often lead to a decision you come to regret as many cheaper devices lack the features of the more premium-priced models – so spending that little bit extra can go a long way in terms of quality.

Infrared Heat Output

Another essential thing to consider when buying an infrared spa sauna is the device’s infrared heat output. All infrared heated saunas produce different outputs, and you should always make sure you are aware of any particular device’s heat out is before you make a final purchase.

EMF Levels 

Another thing you’re likely to encounter when shopping for infrared-powered saunas is their EMF levels. These Electromotive Forces have the potential to be harmful to humans if their levels are too high, so you should always try and choose a low EMF sauna if you plan to use it regularly.

Heat-up Time

As portable infrared heated saunas come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, the time it takes to heat the sauna’s interior can vary. However, as infrared-powered saunas operate lower than steam saunas, the heat-up time will always be faster.

Have a look at infrared vs steam saunas for more information about the differences.


Comfort is an essential factor to consider when choosing your ideal infrared-powered sauna. As you invest a good deal of money into your device, you want something that you can sit comfortably in and relax while you sweat.


As the majority of these saunas are tent-shaped, to allow the user’s arms and head to remain outside the sauna while in operation, any larger users should try and avoid getting a device that is overly constricting in its size and should always be mindful of the dimensions of any sauna before they buy one.

Energy Efficiency

The amount of energy that any sauna consumes is another thing to be mindful of when deciding.

Luckily all low EMF FAR infrared-powered saunas usually have a much lower power output than traditional saunas, making them cheaper and more efficient. However, you should always check every individual device’s energy output before you buy.


What is the best portable infrared sauna?

Our pick from the best portable infrared saunas out there is the SereneLife Infrared Home Spa due to its portability and ease of use. Despite its many advantages, you may find you prefer a different sauna – everyone’s different!

Saunas have multiple features that are attractive to different user’s needs – such as some devices focus on health and muscle rejuvenation, whereas others focus on detoxification.

Are portable infrared saunas worth it?

Numerous studies and trials have consistently proved portable infrared saunas to be one of the best ways of getting the benefits of infrared treatment quickly and effectively -which can have several therapeutic and health advantages.

Are portable saunas good for home use?

Portable saunas are designed to be quickly and easily moved, as well as collapsible, to allow you to store them anywhere within a domestic environment. For these reasons, they are one of the best sauna devices for use at home.

Are portable infrared saunas safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe. As the carbon heating panels within these saunas use low EMF radiation, they have no recognized adverse health effects, even after constant and prolonged usage.

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