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The 7 Best Portable Steam Saunas

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There’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back in the steaming sauna of your local health club. But what if we told you that you could have the same blissful experience in your own home? Today, we’re going to show you the very best portable steam saunas on the market.

By picking up your very own portable sauna, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the amazing things that steam treatment has to offer, wherever you are. One product that we highly recommend is the SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna, due to the traditional sauna room experience it gives.

This sauna is up there with the very best in the category, and its amazing features, great design, and ease of use left us no choice but to award it the Best Overall portable steam sauna.

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

What Makes a Steam Sauna Portable?

Steam saunas have been used throughout history for their relaxing properties and various health benefits. The Romans used steam treatments almost religiously, and you can find the remains of Roman baths all over the world.

When you think about a sauna, portability isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. However, there are plenty of products available that allow sauna lovers to enjoy a steam session without having to travel out to a leisure center.

Most portable saunas have a “tent” design. Instead of opening a door and walking into a hot room, with a portable sauna you actually zip the tent around you. When you turn the sauna on, all the steam will collect inside the tent and start to detox your body.

The steam is provided by an external steam generator. Most portable steam sauna tents come with a generator included, but you can also buy these separately if you’d prefer. You’ll be able to control the generator with a remote control to adjust the steam output or crank the sauna up to maximum temperature

Best Portable Steam Saunas Reviews

1. Best Overall - SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna

SereneLife SLISAU35BK Full Size Portable Steam Sauna –Personal Home...
  • EASY ACCESS: The personal sauna portable steam sauna spa...
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: This single person sauna kit indoor...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: SereneLife portable sauna steamer box tent...

Our Best Overall Portable Steam Sauna award goes to this fantastic product from SereneLife. Unlike most other portable steam saunas, this model offers a full-body experience, where users zip themselves fully inside the sauna tent.

As a result, this portable sauna offers the closest possible experience to a traditional steam room and is one of the best ways to soak up the wonderful health benefits that steam can bring. The sauna is also extremely energy efficient, which should always be a big consideration when you’re choosing your product.

The sauna also comes with a remote control which can be used to adjust the temperature to an impressive 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature for steam penetration and health effects is between 110 and 114 degrees, which the SereneLife can reach comfortably.


  • Full-body sauna – feel the maximum health benefits
  • Easy to erect and collapse – no need to lose out on any valuable sauna time
  • Comes with a comfortable chair – enjoy the sauna for long periods of time


  • On the more expensive side for a portable steam sauna – you may prefer to have a more affordable model

2. Best Budget - SEAAN Personal Portable Sauna

The SEAAN Personal Sauna Tent is another excellent choice, especially for those working on a budget. This model takes a different approach than the SereneLife that we just talked about – the SEAAN only comes up to the user’s neck, with a hood that pulls over.

Despite this unique design, the SEAAN Portable Sauna Tent offers all of the classic benefits that saunas are known for, including pain relief, skin clearing, and improved circulation. The sauna has 9 different temperature settings, with the maximum being 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sauna heater has enough water capacity to provide a whole 60 minutes of sauna time. This is actually pretty impressive, especially for a product in this price range. Additionally, the high-quality materials used to construct the sauna prevent heat leakage and greatly improve the efficiency of each sauna session.


  • A great budget option – performs well beyond its price point
  • Unique but practical design – manages to keep plenty of heat inside the sauna
  • Powerful heater – reaches high temperatures very quickly


  • The color is fairly bright – not for everyone!

3. Best Features - Durasage Oversized Steam Sauna

Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna Spa for Weight Loss, Detox,...
  • PORTABLE: Detachable frame allows you to disassemble for...
  • POWERFUL: 800 watt steam generator can be set up to 60...
  • ENJOYABLE: Two zippered openings allowing hands to read a...

Our next recommendation is the Durasage Oversized Steam Sauna. As the name suggests, this product is bigger than most other portable steam rooms, giving the user a spacious and luxurious experience. If you’re looking for something that you can really relax in, then the Durasage could be the perfect sauna for you.

This sauna tent also includes a range of bonus features to help you feel even more at home whilst you steam. There are two pockets on the front of the tent that are can be used to hold a book, tablet, phone, or other entertainment. The zippered hand holes allow easy access to these pockets without letting out steam when you use them.

The steam generator is also impressive – it can comfortably reach the optimal temperature of 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit, and does this efficiently. One cool feature is the option to add essential oils to the heater, which are infused into the steam to provide an extra level of relaxation.


  • Large and spacious – plenty of room to relax
  • Good temperature levels – comfortably reaches the optimal sauna range
  • Relieve stress with the addition of essential oils – can be added directly to the steam generator


  • The sauna might be too large for some people – not the best if you’re trying to save space

4. Sauna Rocket 2-Person Portable Sauna Kit

Sauna Rocket® | 2-Person Home Steam Sauna Kit for Recovery, Wellness,...
  • New! 2-person home steam sauna kit from Sauna Rocket:...
  • Engineered to reach high heat and humidity within some...
  • Durable and high quality - easy to clean - fits anywhere and...

Here we have the first 2-person portable steam sauna on this list. This kit from Sauna Rocket is the easiest way to enjoy a relaxing steam with a friend or loved one. As you’d expect, this sauna tent is pretty large, so make sure you have enough space before you buy.

A big advantage of this sauna tent is that it is a full-body experience. Users climb into the tent fully, and none of their bodies are exposed to the outside air. As a result, you’ll have the best opportunity to soak up as much steam as possible.

Even though this portable steam sauna is quite large, it is very easy to put together and dismantle. There’s no need to keep the structure permanently assembled if you don’t have space – simply put it up when you feel like a nice steam.


  • Plenty of room for two people – enjoy your steam with a friend!
  • Easy to construct – up and running in minutes
  • Full-body coverage – absorb steam across the whole body


  • Quite popular – often sells out quickly

5. OppsDecor Portable Steam Spa

OppsDecor Portable Steam Sauna Spa, Personal Indoor Sauna Tent Remote...
  • Personal Steam Sauna - 1 Minute Set Up Steps, You Can Have a...
  • Health & Relaxation - The Health Benefits Of Using Home Spa...
  • Handheld Control - With 6 automatic timer options, you can...

Our next offering is another top choice for those in the market for a personal sauna. OppsDecor are a relatively new brand to the sauna scene, but they’ve made a splash with their great designs and affordable prices.

This particular portable steam sauna is packed with features to make every steam session as seamless as possible. You can control the temperature inside using the handy remote control and the included chair is comfy enough to sit on for extended periods of time.

There is also a waterproof layer sewn into the structure of the sauna that helps trap all of the steam inside. Heat loss is practically non-existent with this product, which increases the max temperature as well as ensuring the sauna is operating as efficiently as possible.


  • The included chair is very comfortable – easy to stay in the sauna for extended periods
  • High maximum heat thanks to good design choices – powerful heater and top-quality materials
  • Relatively affordable – better than other saunas with much higher price tags


  • The instruction manual isn’t the clearest – may have to look online for more info

6. WILLOWYBE Portable Personal Steam Sauna

WILLOWYBE Portable Personal Steam Sauna for Home, an Indoor Foldable...
  • ✅【Fast Heating Speed】Steam pot has a capacity of 2L in...
  • ✅【High Quality】304 stainless steel steamer lining is...
  • ✅【Portable And Easy】You can assemble a portable steam...

The WILLOWYBE Portable Steam Sauna is very similar to the SEAAN model that we reviewed above. It has the same hooded design that improves heat insulation and ensures steam doesn’t leak out of the neck opening.

A unique feature of this portable steam sauna is the “omnidirectional steam nozzle”, which fills the sauna space up with steam in approximately 10 minutes. Once the steam sauna is ready to go, the heater holds enough water for around an hour of steaming.

This sauna can also be erected extremely quickly. In fact, you can have the steam sauna up and running in under a minute! If you have a busy lifestyle and need something that is convenient and easy to use, then you might not have to look further than the WILLOWYBE.


  • Well-thought-out design – great heat insulation
  • Easy to set up – ready in under a minute
  • Can reach maximum heat of 140 degrees Fahrenheit – easily get to the optimal range of 110-115


  • The color options are both quite “loud” – not to everyone’s taste

7. Aceshin Foldable Steam Sauna Spa

Aceshin Portable Steam Sauna Spa with Remote Control, 9-Gear...
  • 【Easy to Set Up】1 Minute Set Up Steps convert this handy...
  • 【Rapid Heating】Only 5-7 minutes can be heated,...
  • 【Portable & Remote Control】It can fold up easy to carry...

Our final recommendation is the Foldable Portable Steam Sauna from Aceshin. For those working on a budget, this is another product to pay attention to. Despite the low price, the sauna is well-equipped to offer an amazing steam experience.

The sauna can reach impressive temperatures in just 5-7 minutes of heating. What’s more, this heat is all held inside the sauna thanks to the waterproof layering and good design. Temperature can be adjusted via a remote control.

When it comes to portability, you won’t find a better product than this. The Aceshin can be folded down into a fraction of its size and easily transported wherever it needs to go.


  • Highly portable – set it up anywhere
  • Impressive pricing – low cost for a high-quality product
  • Reaches high temperatures very quickly – great heater and design


  • Attractive price point – this product sells out often

Portable Steam Sauna Buying Guide

Buying a portable steam sauna will be a completely new experience for most people. As a result, it can be pretty difficult to know what features you should be looking for and how to choose the best product for you.

To help you out, we’ve prepared this short buyer’s guide. We’ll explain all the key features of a portable personal sauna and describe the choices you’ll have to make when deciding which one to buy.


The first thing to consider is your budget. Whenever you buy any product, it’s always a good idea to think about how much you’re willing to spend. There’s no point wasting your time looking at products way outside your price range, and setting your budget is an easy way to narrow down your options.

Luckily, there are some great steam sauna tent options available at nearly every price point. The average price of a portable sauna is also much lower than that of a fixed wooden sauna. If you’re looking for a sauna experience on a budget, then a portable sauna tent is undoubtedly the way to go.

Of course, as you spend more money, you’ll typically receive better designs and features in return. The key is to decide on the features that you definitely need, and then look for products within your budget that meet these requirements.

Maximum temperature

In general, the hotter your sauna can get, the more benefits you’ll be able to access. Of course, there is a limit to this, and you don’t want to turn up your steam generator so high that you start to get scolded. However, we’d argue that it’s better to have a sauna that can get too hot and be turned down, than one that doesn’t get hot enough.

Most saunas will advertise the maximum temperature of their steam generators. The best temperature for steam rooms is between 110 and 114 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure that the steam generator can achieve something close to this temperature before you buy.

Heat-up Time

The heat-up time of a portable steam sauna is another big thing to consider. The versatility and ease of use of a portable sauna is one of its main advantages, but a slow heat-up time can immediately make a sauna quite impractical.

To ensure you not sitting around for hours waiting for your steam sauna tent to get up to temperature, you should always look into the heat-up time advertised by the manufacturer. We’d also recommend checking out some customer reviews to see what real-life users have to say about the heat-up speed.


Since you’ll be wanting to kick back and relax in your new portable steam sauna, it’s essential that your sauna offers a good level of comfort. In fact, comfort might be the number one thing to focus on – it’s very difficult to enjoy a sauna experience when you can’t get comfortable.

Many sauna steamer tents will come with a chair to sit on during steam sessions. Again, we’d recommend reading some customer reviews to get an overview of how comfortable people consider the sauna to be.


There are a variety of portable steam sauna sizes available. Some are specifically designed for one person, whereas others can accommodate multiple people. Of course, the size needed will be dependant on how you’ll want to use your sauna.

It’s also worth remembering that the bigger the sauna you choose, the less portable it’s going to be. This won’t be a problem for everyone, but if you do plan to move it around, then it’s definitely something to think about.

Energy Efficiency

The final factor to consider is energy efficiency. The best portable steam sauna models will be able to provide consistent, high temperatures, without sucking up loads of energy. On the other hand, an inefficient sauna will be expensive to run, and also have a greater environmental impact.

What other types of portable saunas are available?

Steam saunas aren’t the only portable sauna models that are available. One of the most popular alternatives is an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas offer similar health benefits but generate heat using light waves instead of steam.

We’ve got a list of the top portable infrared saunas that you can check out!

An infrared sauna generally offers a much dryer, less humid experience than a steam sauna. Many people prefer the feeling that steam rooms offer, and there are some associated health effects that an infrared sauna cannot really replicate.

If you’re trying to choose between infrared and steam, then you should think carefully about how you’re going to be using your sauna. Every person has different requirements, and it’s up to you to work out which portable sauna type best fits your lifestyle.

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7 Health Benefits of Steam Saunas

Everyone knows that getting in the sauna is always a fun and relaxing experience. This isn’t the only benefit of steam treatments though, and there’s actually a huge range of positive health effects that come with regular sauna use.

The health benefits of owning a portable sauna are the biggest reasons why we encourage people to consider buying one. Here are some of the best and most impressive health effects that portable sauna tents have to offer:

1. Lowers blood pressure

Plenty of research has shown that steam saunas can lower blood pressure. The warm and humid environment causes some people’s bodies to release hormones that positively regulate their blood pressure. The release of these hormones also contributes to the relaxing feeling they get when they step into a steam room or sauna.

High blood pressure is understandably a big concern for many people. When a portable steam sauna tent can potentially assist in bringing blood pressure under control, it’s definitely something that’s worth exploring.

2. Improves circulation

Saunas are also known to improve blood circulation around the body. This is one of the biggest reasons why athletes always ensure that steam room recovery is part of their training programs – better circulation means oxygen reaches the muscles quicker, improving athletic performance.

3. Encourages relaxation

We’ve already mentioned how the release of hormones can lead to relaxation. The very process of getting into a personal sauna, putting some tunes on, and enjoying soaking up that steam is a super-relaxing feeling by itself.

If you often finding yourself feeling stressed with work and other commitments, then it can be really beneficial to fire up your personal sauna for a relaxing session.

4. Clears skin

Throughout everyday life, toxins are trapped by the skin and held in closed pores. Steam can help reopen these pores and detoxify the body. As a result, many people who use a steam sauna tent report that their skin is clearer and more even-toned after a session.

5. Loosens joints

The loosening of joints is another reason why athletes use steam rooms as often as they can. Applying heat to joints is one of the best ways to increase their flexibility and alleviate any stiffness from exercise.

It’s not just athletes who can benefit though. Anyone who has a physical job or just struggles with stiffness will definitely appreciate the relief that a personal sauna can offer.

6. Boosts the immune system

The exposure of the body to warm environments encourages infection-fighting cells to thrive, making it easier to fight off illnesses. Naturally boosting the immune like this is an amazing way to improve your long-term health.

7. Burns calories

One thing that many people don’t consider when it comes to steam saunas is their calorie-burning capabilities. Using a sauna is a great way to encourage healthy weight loss – you won’t instantly burn thousands of calories sitting in a sauna, but the heat will stimulate your body in different ways to typical exercise.

Combining personal steam sessions with regular exercise is the best way to get the most calorie-burning benefits out of your sauna.


Are portable steam saunas any good?

If you’re looking for an amazing sauna experience in your home, then portable steam saunas are going to be a great option. Obviously, it’s not going to be exactly the same feeling as walking into a full-on steam room, but you’ll still have access to many of the same incredible health benefits.

There’s a wide variety of portable steam saunas available, from small one-person tents, to large saunas made for multiple people. If you’re unsure where to start looking for portable steam saunas, be sure to check out our buyer’s guide above. We’d always recommend investigating our Best Portable Steam Sauna list at the start of this article to see what’s available on the market.

What is the best portable sauna?

With so many great portable steam sauna options out there, it can be tough to say which one is the very best. That said, SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna that we reviewed in our list of the best steam saunas is definitely one that’s near the front of the pack.

This SereneLife sauna offers a full-body, walk-in experience at the fraction of the price of a traditional sauna or steam room. It’s packed with features and bound to impress anyone who enjoys relaxing in the steam room.

Which sauna is better infrared or steam?

This is a question that many people ask, and for good reason! It can be really hard to work out the differences between the two sauna types, and it’s far too easy to end up choosing a product that isn’t the best option for you.

The main difference between infrared and steam saunas is the way that they produce heat. Infrared saunas use light energy to spread the heat around the space, whereas steam saunas pump in hot and humid air. Many people prefer the humid experience offered by steam saunas, by infrared heat can offer some unique health effects.

It would be wrong to label one sauna type as “better” than the other since they are both designed for different situations. The only thing you can do as a buyer is decide what you want to use the sauna for, and go from there.

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