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The 10 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

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Decided on a pull down kitchen faucet, but not sure which to choose? You’re in the right place. This review gives you a complete list of kitchen faucet options to choose from and details what each of them can bring to your home.

Whether you need a basic faucet or a high-tech pull down faucet, you will find one in this review.

But if you’re only here to look at the best pull down kitchen faucet, then be sure to check our review of the Moen 7594SRS Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet. This faucet gets our best overall award due to its combination of high-end functionality with elegant design features – all at an excellent price.

Interested in what other faucets there are on the market? We’ve got the best of the best right here – so keep reading!

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Whats So Good about Pull Down Kitchen Faucets?

Pull down kitchen faucets are very popular in any modern home and for good reason. Not only do these kitchen faucets look fantastic, but they also offer a range of functionality and simplicity that isn’t possible with a traditional straight spout.

Pull down faucets are typically higher than traditional faucets, and they either have some spring-loaded flexibility in the neck or a detachable nozzle that allows you to easily wash the sink area and carry out precision work with the laundry.

They’re usually available in single-handle or twin-handle models, which can make choosing the perfect model for you all the more harder!

The 8 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

1) Overall Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet - Moen 7594SRS Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594SRS Arbor One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power...
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists...
  • BOOSTED STREAM: Moen's exclusive Power Boost technology...
  • RETRACTABLE: Equipped with the Reflex system for smooth...

This Moen pull down kitchen faucet is our overall best pull down kitchen faucet because it combines basic functionality with innovative technology to deliver a modern faucet you can rely on. Made from spot-resistant stainless steel, it uses the latest power boost technology to offer a faster clean and better filling potential – it also has a retractable nozzle for storage and movements.

The first thing that draws your attention is the shiny chrome finish of the faucet. Moen uses the finest stainless steel for its kitchen faucets because it provides excellent strength at extreme temperatures and is completely resistant to corrosion – exactly what you need from an item that’s exposed to liquid water daily. Additionally, stainless steel is clean, looks amazing, and is highly recyclable.

As mentioned, the Moen also uses the latest technology to make your time at the kitchen sink simpler and more convenient. Moen incorporates its exclusive Power Boost technology that increases the flow rate of the faucet and makes it easier to clean off stuck-on food and fill buckets and basins. This additional feature is super easy to switch on and off; all you do is push a button.

That’s not all; this is a kitchen faucet that uses the most contemporary design allowing you to keep a neat and modern kitchen countertop with excellent functionality. No one will suspect that the nozzle of your kitchen faucet pulls down and extends, making it easy to wash debris from the kitchen sink or carry out controlled work on your laundry. The nozzle uses a Reflex system for smooth operations.


  • Material – This faucet is made from high-grade stainless steel that’s durable and long-lasting.
  • Technology – This smart faucet uses the latest Power Boost technology and reflex systems.
  • Design – The retractable pull down head offers excellent functionality and flexibility.


  • Technology – The voice-activated version has some bug fixes that need to be ironed out.

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2) Best Budget Option - WEWE Single Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen...
  • Sleek Design---Tulip kitchen faucet design make your kitchen...
  • Multifunctional Outlet Water Effect---3 way spray...
  • Easy to Install---Pull down hose and water Line hose...

Often, budget kitchen faucets are made to the same standards as more expensive models. They might lack a few features here and there, but overall the quality is the same. The WEWE single handle is a budget faucet that doesn’t let you down on features, either! Offering a sleek modern design and style with multifunctional outlet settings, it’s definitely the best budget option you can find.

First up, let’s consider the faucet’s material. This item is made from brushed nickel as opposed to stainless steel, so what’s the difference? In short, brushed nickel is a chemical element that’s treated, whereas brushed metal is a metal alloy. Both work well for kitchen faucets, although they have slightly different hues. Brushed nickel is resistant to corrosion and is able to hide fingerprints better.

The WEWE faucet stands apart from its budget counterparts partly because of its technology and features. The multifunctional outlet water effect, for instance, gives you a three-way spray setting – it uses stream, spray, and pause modes, giving you maximum flexibility when working at the kitchen sink. Simply switch between the three modes on the nozzle, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Sometimes people are put off buying a new kitchen faucet because of the installation involved – it’s better to persevere with an existing faucet than it is to invest in a new one and hire a plumber to fit it. But that’s unnecessary with the WEWE faucet. The pull down hose and water line hose are encased in the faucet, so there are no complicated installation procedures.


  • Material – Made from brushed nickel that is rust-resistant and fingerprint resistant.
  • Features – Offers three spray modes for maximum convenience and multi-use.
  • Installation – The faucet is pre-designed to be installed by anyone with basic skills in just half an hour.


  • Functionality – The nozzle head is circular and lacks in-line movements.

3) Best Luxury Option - Waterstone 5810-4-SS Transitional Standard Reach PLP Pulldown Faucet

Waterstone 5810-4-SS Transitional Standard Reach PLP Pulldown Faucet...
  • Brand: Waterstone
  • Material: Brass
  • Please Refer to Specification Sheet

If you’re in the market for a luxury kitchen faucet, then look no further than the Waterstone transitional standard reach faucet. This best luxury faucet is one of the more expensive models on the market, but it lives up to its price tag with a special pull-down sprayer design to direct water flow more accurately and excellent 360-degree flexibility. It also has excellent reach, flow rate, and functionality.

Some faucets drip or fail to switch off completely; that’s not an issue with the Waterstone. The designers have thought of everything, including how to prevent unwanted water loss. This is achieved by using a positive lock pulldown system. When you are finished using the faucet, switch on the faucet lock and walk away with full confidence that the faucet will not leak.

Another way this faucet supports your work at the sink basin and prevents water losses is with the angled spout flow that directs the flow of water to the center of the sink.

Forget about maneuvering your pots and pans for rinsing; this faucet makes it easier to clean them faster using less water in the process. Your work is further supported by the faucet’s convenient spray head with excellent reach.

Other notable features of this luxury model are the blend of materials used – both brass and brushed metal – and the convenient side sprayer that gives you more options for rinsing.

The main faucet neck is made from brass – the best choice for a faucet neck – and the single handle is made from brushed metal. The side sprayer is easy to install and to use in conjunction with the pull-down nozzle.

Waterstone is one of the best American made faucet brands that exist.


  • Design – The faucet is designed to spray into the center of the sink and has a nozzle lock. 
  • Functionality – This luxury model offers a full range of options and settings for sink work.
  • Materials – Manufacturers have chosen to make the faucet from brass and brushed metal.


  • Cost – A luxury faucet commands a luxury faucet price, which may put some off.

4) Best Design - KOHLER K-596-CP Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented Diamond Seal Technology reduces...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole,...

The Kohler K-596-CP is our best for design, thanks to its patented diamond seal technology that prevents leaks from occurring and increases the life cycle of the product.

But that’s not all – this faucet is also designed with a magnetic attachment system making it easier to detach the nozzle and use it freely. It’s very easy to install, so easy, that anyone with some basic DIY skills can fit it in under an hour!

Unlike other kitchen faucets in its price range, the Kohler faucet incorporates diamond seal technology; in short, this is the use of diamond valves that reduces the wear on the seals and allows them to last longer. Seals on this faucet will last up to two times that of normal faucets across the standard lifetime of a product. This provides a net gain to users and saves time and some money too.

When you’re working at the kitchen sink, you don’t want to be stressed by a faucet that doesn’t operate as it should; maybe the faucet head droops, or isn’t easy to detach. There are no such issues with the K-596-CP; it uses a magnetic docking system making the nozzle docking secure and straightforward. A magnetic docking system also prevents the nozzle head from jamming or drooping over time.

One of the things you need to legislate for when you invest in a kitchen sink faucet is the type of installation the product requires, you might love the style of a particular faucet, but you will be unable to install it unless your countertop is correctly configured.

The K-596-CP is also designed for flexible installation; it comes with single-hole or three-hole configurations giving you plenty of options.


  • Technology – Diamond seal technology makes the faucet leak less and last longer.
  • Design – Magnetic docking is easy to detach and best for long-term useability.
  • Installation – The faucet comes with various installation options to making fitting simpler.


  • Materials – Some of its components are made from plastic.

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5) Best For Stylish Looks - GICASA Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

These days, the most popular kitchen faucets have a spring-coiled gooseneck design; this is partly due to cultural trends and partly due to functionality. In any case, the GICASA doesn’t let you down in either way, which is why it is the best for stylish looks. Additionally, the GICASA offers excellent functionality, versatility and is made from a combination of high-quality materials.

Let’s begin with the style. The GICASA kitchen faucet is a commercial style faucet with a spring-mounted gooseneck; this style is favored by businesses and many homeowners as it provides a no-nonsense service when required. This faucet is also black-colored, giving it a contemporary feel and quality appearance. But it doesn’t just look like a quality item; it also delivers.

This faucet is made from a combination of two high-quality metals – heavy-duty lead-free brass and brushed metal. The brass with an oil-rubbed bronze finish is the best material you can have for your kitchen faucet. Over time the brushed metal can be affected by water damage, but brass cannot. Still, brushed metal is also a high-quality material, and it’s used for the handle on this item.

This faucet doesn’t just look great either; it also has tremendous functionality that you won’t want to live without. The faucet features three spray settings, smooth stream, spray water, and a handy pause function. Easily switch between the three settings depending on what task you’re working on, making your task more efficient, prevent stress, and save time. It also has a ceramic cartridge.


  • Style – This faucet is made from the most popular style and has a classy black finish.
  • Function – The faucet has three spray settings that increase useability and convenience.
  • Durability – Made from the best quality materials inside and outside.


  • Installation – The installation instructions are a little complicated to follow.

6) Best Quality Kohler - K-560-VS Bellera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER Bellera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull...
  • PULL-DOWN KITCHEN FAUCET: Allows you to control water with...
  • 3-FUNCTION SPRAY HEAD: Includes stream, Boost, and Sweep...
  • EASY INSTALL: Hose and spray head pre-installed. Comes with...

The Kohler kitchen faucet is our best for quality as it really is made to last. Firstly, it is made from a premium corrosion-resistant metal that exceeds industry standards – you can expect this faucet to last you twice as long as other faucets in its class. This claim is backed up but the use of ceramic valves instead of rubber or plastic. Ceramic valves give you twice the lifespan of other materials.

This faucet is not only durable, but it is also elegant and functional. The glossy goose head neck peers over the sink basin and delivers a water flow directly into the center. What’s more, the faucet nozzle detaches and pulls down on a long hose to increase its functionality and make your life simpler – you will never return to a conventional faucet again. And this item has three spray head functions.

Working at the kitchen sink is not a singular task; of course, there are some tasks that are more common than others, but you need more functionality from time to time. This faucet has a detachable spray head with three settings; these include a stream setting, a boost setting, and sweep spray technology that angles the nozzle to create a powerful water blade that cleans dishes easily.

Lastly, the faucet is made from premium brushed metal that is designed to last. Brushed metal is an alloy that’s made by combining chromium, iron, and sometimes nickel; it’s best for making a kitchen sink faucet with a rust-resistant finish that lasts over the long term; it’s also great for the appearance of the faucet, the chromium in the brushed metal gleams in your kitchen and catches the eye.


  • Durability – This faucet is made to last with premium brushed metal and ceramic valves.
  • Functionality – The faucet has a convenient pull-down nozzle and three spray settings.
  • Warranty – The faucet’s durability is backed up by a lifetime limited warranty.


  • Installation – Some plumber’s putty might be required for its installation – hiring a professional may be best.

7) Best Eco-Friendly - Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Commercial Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual...
  • COMMERCIAL-STYLE FAUCET is both flexible and functional,...
  • WEAR-RESISTANT FINISH will not fade or tarnish over time....
  • DUAL-FUNCTION SPRAYHEAD with easy-clean rubber nozzles...

This commercial-style faucet is our best eco-friendly option – mainly because of the materials it uses.

Traditionally, water pipes were made from lead, and many faucets also used lead-based materials. However, lead is harmful to the human body and the environment, especially when it starts to build up in the water supply lines. This brass faucet solves the problem in one stroke with its innovative design.

As with many of the most popular pull down kitchen faucets these days, the Kraus is made with a commercial stripped-back style that gives it an industrial look.

If you think this might look out of place in a household kitchen, you can be reassured by the fact that these designs are part of an upwards trend. But it isn’t just a style; this faucet performs like an industrial faucet; it’s heavy-duty and durable.

As well as looking and performing to a high standard, this kitchen faucet is designed for maximum convenience. It features a dual-function spray head with an easy-to-clean rubber nozzle. The two spray settings allow you to clean with a powerful stream or rinse using the aerated setting. It does not have a pulldown handle; instead, it uses a flexible gooseneck for flexible and versatile usage.

It isn’t only the material’s properties that make this kitchen faucet eco-friendly; it’s also the material itself and the components used inside. Of course, brass is the best material for a kitchen faucet because it has a fully rust-resistant finish, but this metal is also easy to recycle at the end of the product’s life. Additionally, the faucet uses ceramic cartridges that last twice as long.


  • Eco-friendly – The faucet is made from eco-friendly materials and built to last.
  • Materials – Brass is the best material for pull down kitchen faucets and is eco-friendly.
  • Design – Industrial design gives it a contemporary style and commercial functionality.


  • Installation – Must be installed correctly to prevent leaks, so you may need to hire a professional.

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8) Best Finish - Delta Faucet Leland 9178T-AR-DST

Delta Faucet Leland Touch Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel, Kitchen...
  • TOUCH ON. TOUCH OFF. Messy hands, Touch anywhere on the...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology reduces...

The majority of faucets on today’s market use materials such as brushed metal or brass. The reason is obvious; these materials are resistant to corrosion and eco-friendly. However, the Delta faucet is different.

This faucet gets our best finish award as it uses brushed zinc instead, giving it a sleek, stainless finish – this is on the cooler end of the spectrum from brushed metal and brass.

As well as offering a contemporary and unique finish for your kitchen, the Delta also delivers on functionality. Using a touchless handle system, the faucet allows you to switch it on and off by simply tapping the neck – this is extremely convenient when your hands are covered in food bits, and it can save you a bit of time if you’re in a hurry. It also features a TempSense LED indicator.

If that wasn’t enough for your convenience, the Delta features a magnetic docking system that allows you to detach the nozzle easily and quickly. A magnetic system is also somewhat better than other devices because it prevents leaks and lasts somewhat longer. Preventing leaks is an important aspect of the Delta design, which is why this product also contains DIAMOND seal technology.

Everyone needs their kitchen faucet to deliver where it counts; they need a faucet that efficiently cleans stubborn food off plates and rinses the sink basin with a flexible spray head. The Delta delivers on these fronts using Shieldspray technology which offers a powerful spray setting for effective rinsing. This technology is also housed in a protective sphere to reduce any splatter or splashback.


  • Finish – The faucet is made from brushed zinc, giving it an arctic stainless finish.
  • Functionality – The faucet incorporates a touchless system for convenience.
  • Design – Elegant contemporary design with a cool steel finish.


  • Installation – Must be installed correctly to benefit from frictionless touch technology.

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9) Best For Keen Amateur Cooks - Delta Faucet Essa 9113-AR-DST

Delta Faucet Essa Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucets with...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented Diamond Seal Technology reduces...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole,...

Do you watch cooking shows on the television and enjoy having a go yourself? Perhaps you’re an amateur chef at heart, but even amateurs need good quality equipment to work with – perhaps even more so than professionals who know what they’re doing. The Delta faucet is the best for keen amateur cooks because it is easy to use and clean and features a convenient multifunctional nozzle.

Although this faucet is simple and unintrusive in the kitchen, it isn’t basic in its design or features. Firstly, it uses patented diamond seal technology that protects and strengthens leak points – this also extends the faucet’s lifetime, giving amateur cooks plenty of time to develop into professionals. Leak-free technology also has a part to play when it comes to eco responsibilities and costs.

Amature cooks will benefit from the magnetic docking featured on this kitchen faucet. The faucet uses a technology known as MagnaTite Docking that creates a secure magnetic dock for your faucet nozzle. This is important when you’re working hard in the kitchen, and you don’t want to worry about whether the faucet is going to dock or not; it’s also useful for preventing leaks and water wastage.

Installation is also a concern for some people when buying a new kitchen faucet, and this is understandable. Unless a kitchen faucet is installed correctly, it could result in leaks and issues with some features. While some faucets are simple to install, others require a professional plumber to fit them correctly. In the case of the Delta faucet, it offers flexible installation for different sinks.

The Delta Essa is also one of the best touchless kitchen faucets you can find.


  • Design – Its basic design is unintrusive and enhanced by quality features.
  • Features – The faucet features Diamond Seal technology and Magnetite docking.
  • Installation – The faucet will fit a single hole or three-hole configuration.


  • Price – The cost of this faucet is on the higher end.

10) Best For Easy Install - Kraus KPF-1650SS Nola Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Nola Kitchen Faucet, Stainless Steel
  • FLEXIBLE FUNCTIONALITY: Smooth-Retract Hose and Magnetic...
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY:Eco-Friendly, Drip Free Cartridge and...
  • DUAL FUNCTION: Pull down sprayer with powerful spray &...

Often, choosing the best kitchen faucet for your home is the easy part; you go for the most stylish or the one with the best features, but don’t overlook the installation criteria. Faucet installation can, in fact, make or break your faucet, so spend some time researching this before you buy one. The Kraus is the best for easy install because it comes with mounting hardware and a decking plate.

When you choose the Kraus faucet for the purposes of easy installation, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything in terms of appearance or features. The Kraus is a typical industrial pull down kitchen faucet with a spring-mounted gooseneck giving you excellent range and flexibility. Add to this its handy magnetic grip and dual function pull-down sprayer, and you get a top-quality product.

The Kraus faucet magnetic grip uses magnetic docking technology to ensure the pull-down spray head remains in place when not in use. Unlike other pull-down designs, this one doesn’t use a detachable nozzle; instead, the nozzle spray head attaches to a protruding magnetic arm. Everything is laid bare in this faucet design, leaving nothing hidden – it is simple and effective!

As well as excellent design and functionality, this faucet also benefits from high-quality materials that last. Nowadays, you need a pull down kitchen faucet that lasts you ten to fifteen years, one that has a rust-resistant finish and doesn’t contain any toxic properties. The Kraus faucet stands up to these expectations. It is made from heavy-duty brass that’s eco-friendly and uses a drip-free cartridge.


  • Installation – Comes with docking hardware and mounting plate.
  • Functionality – Uses a retractable hose and magnetic docking technology.
  • Design – Industrial design that works in modern homes, stripped back and minimal.


  • Materials – Some components are visibly made from plastic.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide


These days kitchen faucets range considerably in price, there are some excellent budget options on the market, and the luxury ones can cost thousands of dollars – so what’s the difference? When you get down to basics, there isn’t much of a difference at all; it tends to be in the features offered.

Most kitchen faucets are made from one of three materials – brass, bronze, or brushed metal. Occasionally, you may encounter a faucet that’s made from brushed zinc or a combination of brass and brushed metal. In general, the more expensive faucets use bronze or brass, which never rusts.

The faucet you choose for your kitchen should suit the requirements of usage and fall within your budget. That said, it is possible to get an excellent deal on a budget faucet and save some of your budgets to re-invest in other areas of your home – but it depends on the features you want.

While some faucets are made from durable rust-resistant materials and offer basic functionality, the best modern kitchen faucets ones tend to have more features and better technology. You might also notice that pricier faucets are easier to install and seem more solid on the countertop.


As mentioned, pulldown kitchen faucets tend to be made from one of three metals – brass, bronze, or brushed metal. Some of these faucets don’t have a particular finish, the brass is polished, and the brushed metal is untreated, which works well if you want a bare look or a matte finish.

In other cases, these metals are treated, polished, or oiled to create a particular finish. For example, one of the best finishes on the market for shiny silver faucets is a brushed metal faucet. Brushed metal is an allowed metal that combines iron, nickel, and chromium – it’s the chromium that gives it a shiny finish.

If you choose a brass faucet, you can be sure it will last you for many years; brass never rusts and is also suitable for outside use. But what about the finish? You can have your brass faucet without a finish, and it looks raw; otherwise, you can polish it or treat it with oil-rubbed bronze to prevent tarnish.

Bronze is very similar to brass; both metals are made by combining copper with something else – either tin or zinc. Similarly, bronze faucets work well without a professional finish, but you can also treat them with oil-rubbed bronze to make them gleam. Even without a finish, they will last many years.


Kitchen faucets are available in many different designs; some are tall gooseneck faucets, while others are straight spout taps. There are also different options when it comes to spray functionality, pull down faucets are popular nowadays, but some people prefer ones with a side sprayer and soap dispenser.

The design of the faucet also includes some of the technology they incorporate, such as touchless spouts, Power Boost technology, and easy mounting options. Of course, the more design features the faucet has, the more expensive it is to buy, but these features can make a huge difference to your life.

A Power Boost stream from Moen, for instance, can strip hard food off plates easily and allow you to fill buckets and basins twice as fast. You can then switch to an aerated stream for rinsing or washing hands. Touchless spouts are also convenient time-saving features and easy mounting saves you time and money.

Before investing in a kitchen faucet, consider your budget and the features available in your price range. Often, buying a faucet is a balancing act – you need to find one that’s the right size for your utility sink, one that’s going to install correctly on your countertop, and one that offers the best features for the money.

Water Pressure

It’s worth checking the water pressure of your system before investing in a kitchen faucet. If the water pressure is too low, it can result in a low rate water stream, but if it’s too high, you might get some drips from the tap, and it puts extra pressure on the internal cartridge that might need replacing.

Water pressure is measured in PSI, and the way to check your system is to use a water pressure gauge. You can buy a water pressure gauge at a local hardware store. To use the gauge turn off the mains water and attach the gauge to the tap. When you turn it back on, the pressure gauge will give you a reading.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. Your water pressure is normal if it’s between 30 and 80 PSI, but outside of these readings, you might experience some issues with your kitchen faucet. The good news is that most local authorities maintain adequate water pressure; if not, you need to contact them.

It’s also worth considering the type of cartridge your new faucet uses and how this could affect the water pressure in your kitchen. Budget models often use a rubber or plastic cartridge that wears out more easily, but ceramic cartridges can become blocked by hard water and cause low pressure.

Height Of Spout

The height of your kitchen faucet is directly proportionate to the reach, and the reach is vital for the most convenient and effective kitchen sink experience. The height of a kitchen faucet is measured from the center of the faucet base to the highest point on the neck; it’s important your faucet fits the sink.

Sometimes people buy a faucet based on its appearance and features; then, when they get it home and install it, the faucet is restricted by some cupboards situated above the sink, which restricts the usability of the product. Sometimes, the sink is also too shallow for the faucet height, causing loud water noise.

As a general rule, the average height of a faucet should allow for six inches between the sink basin and the spout, this is enough room for someone to wash their hands and fill pots with water, but it’s also high enough to prevent unwanted noise from running water and unwanted splashback.

Before you invest in a kitchen faucet, it’s a good idea to measure the depth of your sink bowl and the distance from the center of the sink to any cupboards above. If you have decided on a pulldown faucet, remember that these are often gooseneck designs that tend to have higher spouts.


We’ve all experienced a sink faucet that has a disproportionate reach; maybe you’ve struggled to wash your hands properly because the spout is too close to the sink, or else it reaches too far out, making it awkward to wash dishes and fill basins. The faucet spout needs to be centered precisely.

The reach of a kitchen faucet is measured from the center of the base of the faucet to the water stream in the sink. Faucets that are installed incorrectly or chosen incorrectly for that style of the sink might present some issues with the reach that you don’t want to contend with in your kitchen.

To ensure you buy a faucet with the correct reach for your sink, measure the faucet reach and decide if it’s suitable; remember that the reach is also determined by where the holes are in the countertop. If you have pre-existing holes drilled, it might place some limitations on your faucet options.

Getting the reach of your faucet correct makes a significant difference to the useability and performance of your kitchen faucet. Many of the excellent features of an expensive pulldown faucet could be for nothing if the product is not installed correctly and doesn’t deliver basic features.

Spray Modes

Some faucets come without any additional modes, while others have one or more settings that assist with various utility sink activities. For example, there are typically three spray modes; these are stream, rinse and pause. You will notice that more expensive faucets tend to have multiple modes.

A faucet’s stream mode is the one that’s most commonly used. This mode allows a steady stream of water through the faucet. In addition, this stream is often aerated, meaning that air is added to the stream to soften the water. As a result, these streams are softer to touch and produce less splashing.

A faucet’s spray mode is slightly different from the stream mode, although they too often use aerated technology to create a better quality water flow. Also, unlike the stream mode that uses a steady and consistent stream of water, spray mode is normally separated to allow for better rinsing.

Modern faucets also feature a pause button that may not seem too useful at first, but this is a very handy feature that increases convenience and saves water and money. For example, instead of turning off the faucet for a few seconds and losing water temperature balance, simply hold pause and cut the water flow.


Installing a kitchen faucet can be very straightforward, but it can also be challenging; it all depends on the type of faucet you buy, the type of countertop mounting you have, and your experience levels when it comes to amateur plumbing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, contact a professional plumber.

There are two types of kitchen faucet you can install, a top-mount faucet and a bottom-mount faucet. A top-mount faucet is fairly straightforward, assuming you have the correct holes drilled in your countertop. These faucets usually come with a deck plate that secures the faucet from above.

A bottom mount faucet is a little different and might be somewhat trickier to install for amateur plumbers. First, line the faucet up with the holes on the countertop, then secure the tap underneath with mounting screws. Everything you need for mounting usually comes with the product.

You might have noticed that some of the products in the review come with special mounting technology such as easy-install; this is becoming more and more common. In addition, brands are designing their faucets with simpler installation procedures so that people with basic skills can fit them right away.

Temperature Settings

There are differences between single handle and twin handle models when it comes to water temperature control on your kitchen faucet. Single-handle kitchen faucets are excellent for convenience and space-saving, but they don’t always provide users with the best temperature control options.

A single-handle faucet controls both cold and hot water, so you must find the temperature balance with a single control handle. Unlike a twin handle faucet, the single handle design does not have exact temperature sensitivity, which might present some issues when cooking.

On the other hand, a twin-handle faucet has more exact temperature control settings. In addition, each handle is linked directly to the hot or cold water source allowing you to adjust the water stream as necessary. This is extremely beneficial for tasks that involve finely balanced temperatures, like filling baby bottles.

Once again, the best way to buy a kitchen faucet that fits seamlessly into your life is to assess the function of the faucet and what features you need. Create a priority list of features in descending order and seek out a kitchen faucet that best matches your requirements.


Nowadays, kitchen faucets range widely in price. Unfortunately, some of them are very expensive – you will pay a few thousand dollars for some models – while others are extremely budget-friendly. As a result, it’s possible to buy a suitable kitchen faucet for under a hundred dollars, in some cases under fifty dollars.

Of course, there are differences in the faucets at different price points, and the old adage that you get what you pay for holds true to some extent. However, kitchen faucets are something of an anomaly when it comes to pricing. Budget models can be just as durable and long-lasting as expensive ones.

In terms of the materials used to manufacture faucets at different price points, it is always the same – brushed metal, brass, or bronze. That said, more expensive faucets tend to use brass and bronze more often. However, you can be confident that a brushed metal faucet will last just as long without rust.

When buying a new kitchen faucet, look closely at your budget and decide if you want to buy a cheaper model and free up some money to invest elsewhere in your home, or if you would rather have the additional features and lifetime limited warranty that’s usually on offer with pricier models.

Here’s a list of the best kitchen faucets under $100.


What is the most important consideration when choosing a pull down kitchen faucet?

The thing you should think about the most is the primary function of the pull-down faucet; this will determine the type of faucet you select as well as the performance of the product after it is installed. There’s no point in buying a sink faucet that looks amazing but doesn’t function properly.

Most people require a sink faucet to wash, rinse, and clean, and a pull-down sink faucet is an excellent choice for all of these functions. It gives you the best height, range, and flexibility so you can reach all areas of the sink for cleaning and switch between different modes for different tasks.

What is the difference between a pull-down and a pull-out kitchen faucet?

Some people might see little difference between a pull-out vs pull-down sink faucet, even if they are side by side. Both seem to have a spout with a nozzle the detaches and a hose that allows you to use the nozzle freely for cleaning. But there are some differences that might affect your buying decision.

The main difference is in the style of neck or spout. A pull-down faucet has a gooseneck design that is much taller and more rounded than a pull-out one. As a result, this style of faucet offers a better range and flexibility. On the other hand, a pull-out faucet tends to have a straight spout; the nozzle detaches and pulls upwards.

Are there any disadvantages to a pull-down faucet?

There are many advantages to a pull-down faucet, such as extended range and better flexibility. When you take all of the advantages together, it’s hard to see why anyone would not choose to invest their money in this style of sink faucet. However, there are a few disadvantages to consider.

Firstly, a pull-down faucet may not be suitable for a household with low water pressure. This is because pull-down faucets have a tall neck that will affect the water flow further in low-pressure systems. Additionally, pull-down faucets tend to have more moving parts, which can be susceptible to wear and tear.

Can a pull-down faucet be used outdoors?

As with any utility sink faucet, a pull-down faucet can be used outdoors provided it is made from suitable materials and can be adequately installed. Using an indoor sink faucet outdoors can work, but you will generally run into more issues with it, and the faucet is less likely to last as long.

Although a brushed metal sink faucet will survive outdoors in the wind and rain, you might find signs of rust or corrosion over time. In addition, brushed metal is less durable outside than brass or bronze. Therefore, if you intend to use your pull-down faucet outside, a product made from brass or bronze is much better.

Are these types of faucets generally easy to clean?

Sometimes brushed metal kitchen faucets are treated with a coating that prevents fingerprint marks from forming, making them easier to clean. If you buy a faucet made from brass or bronze, you won’t need to worry about fingerprints either, but they might require a little more maintenance to keep them clean.

Unlike brushed metal finishes that gleam easily and respond well to conventional polish, brass and bronze need some additional care for them to come up shiny. You will have to use oil-rubbed bronze to treat this material properly. Still, it is generally easy to clean and maintain.

Is a pull-down faucet more expensive than other types of faucet?

In general, the different type of faucet isn’t a factor that affects the price of the product. Kitchen faucets are more likely to be priced according to the material used to make them and the features and technologies they include. Therefore, it’s possible to buy pull-down faucets in the same class as other faucets that are cheaper.

So, what influences the faucet price? You will always pay more for a faucet that’s made from solid brass than one that’s made from brushed metal, and if the faucet features Power Boost technology, easy mount, or touchless technology, you can expect to pay more.


Buying a new sink faucet has never been easier, thanks to the range of designs and technologies available. Some people might think this makes your decision harder, but it simply offers you more choice and more opportunities to spend your money wisely. A pull-down faucet is a wise decision.

With a pull-down sink faucet, you immediately extend the range and functionality of your utility sink. It makes operating the faucet easier – especially if you have touchless technology – and the pull-down arm or nozzle lets you wash the sink or your food preparation effortlessly, with no drawbacks.

Once you have decided that a pull down kitchen faucet is the best option for your home or business, it’s time to decide what model of faucet suits you best. Focus on your primary requirements and ensure you have the space and mounting needed.

The best pull down kitchen faucet is the Moen 7594SRS Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet.

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