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The 12 Best Sauna Heaters for your Home Sauna

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To get the most out of your sauna, you need a good heater. A sauna heater is what determines the temperature of your sauna room and is essential to ensuring a relaxing experience. Choosing the wrong sauna heater could mean you end up spending a lot of money and time on maintenance and unable to achieve your desired temperature.

There are four main types of sauna heaters out there: wood-burning, gas, electric, and infrared. Each of these is suited to very different sauna rooms and preferences, and finding the right one is an integral part of building your perfect sauna.

To help you find the best sauna heater, we have put together this definitive guide. We will talk you through the best sauna heaters, from our top pick, the Finlandia FLB-60, which features a heating area of 300 cubic feet, to the best budget options, as well as what to look for in a heater.

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

Types of Sauna Heaters

Wood-burning Sauna Heaters

Wood-burning sauna heaters are the most traditional heating method used in sauna rooms. A wood-burner heater is a relatively inexpensive way to heat a sauna, and it provides an ambiance that other heaters fail to.

Wood-burning heaters can also be used in wet and dry saunas, making them very versatile. They are powerful and have a high heating capacity, which means they are suitable for very large sauna rooms as well as smaller domestic spaces.

Wood-burning heaters are best suited to spaces where electricity is not available or is limited, as they work by using logs, sauna stones, and water to produce steam. Burning wood is not environmentally friendly because of the amount of firewood that is used, and the CO2 it produces.

Infrared Sauna Heaters

An infrared sauna heater is a popular choice for home saunas because it is cheap to maintain and control and the temperature is easy to control. An infrared heater works by heating our bodies rather than the environment, so you do not get uncomfortably warm as you may do with other sauna heaters.

The initial installation costs and any necessary repairs can be very expensive, however, so bear this in mind. Some studies have suggested that an infrared heater in your sauna brings with it many health benefits. For example, it can reduce signs of aging, boost metabolism, fight illness, and much more.

Want infrared? Check out our list of the best portable infrared saunas!

Electric Sauna Heaters

An electric sauna heater is a more convenient and easier alternative to a traditional wood-burning sauna heater. Most electric sauna heaters are made with stainless steel and use heating coils. Depending on your budget, you can customize your heater with all kinds of additional features, such as digital controls and ambient lighting.

While an electric sauna stove is more expensive upfront than a wood heater, the maintenance and operations work out cheap. What’s more, electric sauna heaters are very eco-friendly, meaning you can use them as often as you want without having to worry about the environment!

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Gas Sauna Heaters

A gas sauna heater is often used by commercial sauna rooms that need to heat up large spaces quickly. These types of heaters can run for a very long time and have a high-temperature range, making them ideal for steam saunas.

Gas sauna heaters require a lot of money and effort to run, so are not used often in domestic settings. The day-to-day operation is quite technical, and often requires the help of a professional. In addition to this, investing in gas can be very costly, and petroleum gas is bad for the environment.

Gas heaters, therefore, are not used as often as other heaters are, and are only typically found on business premises.

The 15 Best Sauna Heaters on the Market

1. Best Overall - Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater

Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater, 6kw 240v/1ph, Maximum 300 cubic feet
  • 6kw, 240v/1ph, 25 Amps, 10 Gauge Wire
  • Maximum 300 cubic feet
  • Stainless Interior & Elements

The Finlandia FLB-60, made by Harvia, is the best electric sauna heater on the market. This is a wall-mounted electric heater that has been designed to heat up 300 cubic feet, and is lightweight and efficient.

The heater has stainless steel heating elements which allow for an intense and refreshing sauna experience, as well as a high sauna rock capacity. The additional features of the Finlandia FLB-60 point towards it being the highest-quality and best sauna heater for overall performance on our list.

One such feature is the control panel located on the sauna unit, which includes a timer and the option to pre-set the heater by up to 8 hours.


  • Traditional sauna experience – the heater gives users a feel of an authentic Finnish sauna, adding to the relaxing environment.
  • Durable design – uses a pressed metal design, which provides maximum durability, longevity, and strength.
  • Sauna stones – the sauna stones are in direct contact with the heating element, producing pleasant heat and steam.


  • No remote control included – the controls only on the heater itself, which is less convenient than having a remote control to use.

2. Best Budget - VEVOR 2KW Sauna Heater

VEVOR Sauna Heater 2KW Dry Steam Bath Stove 110V-120V with Internal...
  • 【SAUNA HEATER】: Power: 2KW, Working Voltage: 110V-120V,...
  • 【430 STAINLESS STEEL SHELL】: Excellent 430 stainless...
  • 【WALL-MOUNT DESIGN】: Wall-mount design, good heat...

If you want to find a quality sauna heater without breaking the bank, then the VEVOR 2KW is for you – it retails at under $180, making it great for sauna beginners and pros alike.

You do not have to worry about this heater falling apart due to its low price point. It has been made with a stainless steel outer shell and heating coil, making it durable and rust-resistant.

What’s more, the VEVOR 2KW is incredibly easy to use. It comes with knobs that control and detect the temperature, which means it prevents overheating and will automatically turn off if the room gets too hot. The knobs also allow you to adjust the temperature up to 90℃ and set a timer.

You will not find another dry sauna heater made with these premium materials and features at such a low price!


  • Wall-mounted design – the heater is mounted on the wall, which maximizes space and allows for great heat dissipation.
  • Convenient and easy to use – the sauna stove is easy and cheap to install and operate.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant – the surface of the unit has been treated with a plating surface in order to stop it from rusting.


  • Only suitable for small spaces – this heater is only suitable for a room up to 106 cubic feet.

3. Best Wood Burning Heater - Harvia M3 Wood Sauna Heater

Harvia M3 Woodburning Sauna Heater
  • Size: 15 3/8"w x 17"d x 28"h
  • Galvanized Metal-Black with Stainless
  • Min.-Max. Cubic Feet: 159 - 459

For those who want to create an authentic and traditional sauna atmosphere, a wood sauna heater is the best option. the Harvia M3 Wood Sauna Heater delivers on all this and more, coming out on top as the best wood-burning sauna heater.

This Harvia sauna heater also comes with a glass door, allowing you to watch the fire burn and relax into the sauna environment. It can be used for small or large sauna rooms, as it has a cubic feet capacity of 459.

Although wood-burner heaters do require more effort and upkeep, they are well worth it for the ambiance and unbeatable heat circulation.


  • Stylish design – the heater comes in a chic galvanized black design with stainless-steel elements.
  • Sauna stones included – a full set of sauna rocks come free when you purchase this sauna heater.
  • Authentic sauna experience – a traditional sauna ambiance is created by the burning of logs and the use of sauna stones.


  • Not environmentally friendly – this sauna heater burns logs, which is less ecological than other options as it emits high levels of CO2.

4. Turku Mini Sauna Heater

TURKU 9000W 240V 450 Cu.Ft. Wet & Dry Electric Sauna Heater Stove...
  • RECOMMENDED SAUNA ROOM VOLUME – 250-450 Cubic Feet. /...
  • POWER - 9KW / VOLTAGE - 240V / CURRENT - 37.5Amp / PHASE –...

The Turku Mini Sauna Heater may be small but it is mighty. It has 2KW of power and can heat up to 90 cubic feet, making it perfect for your home sauna. It comes with knobs that can control the operating time and thermostat, as well as an in-built protection system that stops it from overheating.

Thanks to its vented body design, the Turku can heat up very quickly, so you don’t have to wait around in the cold for hours. It is also suitable for both dry and wet saunas, making it versatile and simple to use no matter what your sauna looks like.

Turku produces some of the best electric heaters out there, all at affordable prices and with a long-lasting guarantee!


  • Convenient and easy to use – small and compact design means it is easy to install and clean.
  • Environmentally friendly – this is an electric sauna stove, so it is better for the environment than other options.


  • Only suitable for small spaces – this heater cannot effectively heat up large areas due to its size and capacity, meaning it is not appropriate for commercial use.

5. SurmountWay Dry Steam Electric Sauna Heater

SurmountWay Sauna Heater 6KW Dry Steam Bath Sauna Heater Stove...
  • 【SAUNA HEATER】Power: 6KW,Working Voltage:240V,Current:...
  • 【430 STAINLESS STEEL SHELL】 With features of heat...
  • 【WALL-MOUNT DESIGN】Easy to install and operate the Sauna...

The SurmountWay Sauna Heater delivers on both performance and power. It is a 6KW electric heater that has a maximum heating capacity of 90℃ and can heat a room over 300 cubic feet.

It does come at a slightly higher price than some other sauna heaters but is still affordable and good value for money. This heater only takes between 30-60 minutes to heat up a room, and the thermostat means that the entire room remains at a comfortable and stable temperature.

Additionally, the SurmountWay has been praised as a long-lasting sauna heater thanks to its stainless steel heating pipe. This ensures longevity and a quick heating time, as well as high levels of heat resistance.


  • Wall-mounted design – this heater is mounted on the wall, which aids heat dissipation and ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Suitable for both commercial and domestic use – due to its large heating capacity and cubic feet range, this heater can be used in the home or a business premises.
  • Control panel – this sauna heater comes with built-in knobs so that you can easily control the temperature and timing.


  • Sauna stones not included – the required sauna stones must be bought separately.

6. Coasts AM30A Wet and Dry Heater

Coasts AM30A 3 kW Wet and Dry Sauna Heater Stove for Spa Sauna Room
  • Mini Sauna Heater 3KW 240V with Inner Controller. Suitable...
  • Mini Sauna Heater 3KW 240V with Inner Controller. Suitable...
  • Energy saving. Inner tank is made of high temperature...

This next heater is a great choice if you prefer high temperatures but want to still be energy-efficient. The Coasts AM30A is a high-power heater that can reach temperatures of 220 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for home saunas or commercial purposes.

The inner tank of the heater uses galvanized, high-temperature-resistant sheets, while the outer shell is also made of galvanized sheets with a fluorocarbon coating. These elements mean that no energy is lost and ensure that the heater is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Coasts AM30A is also suitable regardless of if you have a wet or dry sauna, making it versatile and durable.


  • Durable design – the long-lasting structure makes it corrosion resistant and rust-resistant.
  • Automatic safety features – this heater has been designed with an overheating protection system so it is safe to use at home.
  • Good for body and mental health – many health benefits can be enjoyed from using this sauna heater, including relaxation, detoxification, and fatigue reduction.


  • Most suitable for small spaces – this heater works best in small and medium-sized saunas due to its heating capacity.

7. Harvia Legend 240SL Wood Burner

Harvia Legend 240SL Woodburning Sauna Heater
  • Size: 23 5/8"w x 23 5/8"d + 7 1/8"d collar x 32 3/4"h
  • Galvanized Metal-Black
  • Cubic Feet min.-max.: 353-848

Harvia is a brand well-known for its quality saunas, and the Legend 240SL Wood Burner is no exception. It is a striking structure that contributes to the sauna experience and creates an invigorating yet relaxing atmosphere.

Even though the heater looks traditional, it uses a modern grate structure to separate the combustion air. This ensures a clean and efficient burn. As well as this, the Harvia Legend 240SL has a 21KW output, making it one of the best sauna heaters on our list in terms of power.

What sets this sauna heater apart is the fact that the stove is positioned in the sauna, while the firewood is inserted from the other side of the wall, meaning you can make use of the heat in multiple ways.


  • Reputable brand – Harvia has been creating sauna heaters since 1950 and has a large online community, making them one of the best places to purchase from.
  • High sauna stone count – this heater has a large number of rocks in it, creating the perfect sauna no matter your chosen temperature.
  • Durable design – the structure and materials used ensures a long lifespan.


  • More premium option – this heater comes at a much higher price point than other options, so is not suitable for those shopping on a budget.

8. Scandia Manufacturing 245 Gas Sauna Heater

Scandia Manufacturing 245 Sauna Heater | Natural Gas | 321 Spec...
  • COST EFFECTIVE: More efficient than traditional electric...
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: 21 Spec Stainless Steel...
  • ENERGY SAVING: High heat resistance and heats up to 616...

The Scandia Manufacturing 245 is one of the best sauna gas heaters on the market. It includes features such as durable stainless steel casing and components and a solid rock tray design. This design means that water can be poured over the rocks without any damage taking place to the inner elements.

Gas heaters are becoming a popular option because they are easier and cheaper to maintain than electric or infrared heaters, for example. They do not need to be updated with expensive replacements often and are the most fast-heating sauna heaters out there.

The Scandia 245 gas heater can be bought either with a 24-hour timer or a 6o-minute timer, allowing you to customize your sauna sessions and get the most out of the stove!


  • Safety features – this heater includes a mechanical thermostat to prevent overheating from taking place.
  • Energy-efficient – the high heat resistance allows the sauna stove to heat up to 616 cubic feet without wasting energy.
  • Vertical venting – the large sauna stone tray transforms the sauna into a steam sauna instantly.


  • High maintenance – gas heaters tend to require more technical operation day-to-day, and so are not ideal for all domestic customers.

9. TOULE NTSA90 Wet and Dry Digital Sauna Heater

ALEKO TOULE ETL Certified Wet Dry Sauna Heater Stove - Digital...
  • TOULE Stainless Steel wet and dry sauna heater is good for...
  • TOULE Stainless Steel wet and dry sauna heater is good for...
  • Reliable. Economic. Durable. CE and ETL Certified

The TOULE NTSA90 sauna heater is best suited to other ALEKO products but also works well with other wet and dry saunas.

This is a sauna stove that can guarantee longevity and reliability, thanks to its sturdy construction and ETL certification. These features also mean that the heater is safe to use in any small or medium-sized sauna.

The TOULE NTSA90 comes with a convenient digital controller, so you can adjust the temperature and timer of the sauna heater without having to move and fiddle around with knobs. The heater is designed to run for 60 minutes per session, but this can easily be remedied if you prefer a longer sauna session by resetting the timer.


  • Fast heat-up time – this heater possesses a 9KW output, meaning it can heat up much faster than other electric sauna heaters on the market.
  • Stainless steel components – the use of stainless steel gives the sauna stove a modern and sleek look.


  • Most suitable for small spaces – this heater is designed to work in small and medium-sized saunas that fit 7-8 people maximum, making it less suitable for large areas.

10. ZZP Electric Sauna Heater

ZZP Electric Sauna Heater Stove 6KW 240V Sauna Heater Stove Stainless...
  • Note:It is 240V,only made for USA.【430 STAINLESS STEEL...
  • 【WALL-MOUNT DESIGN】Wall-mount design, easy to install...
  • 【TEMPERATURE ADJUST】The sauna heater adopt mechanical...

For a great electric sauna stove that is high-performing and affordable, look no further than the ZZP Electric Sauna Heater. This heater is best-suited to dry heating sessions and boasts multiple health benefits, ranging from increased blood circulation, fatigue elimination, and mood-boosting.

The temperature and timing can be adjusted on the ZZP simply by using the mechanical knobs situated on the unit. This helps you reach a heat level that is comfortable for you and your sauna room.

In terms of the materials used, this sauna stove has evolved over the years to the model available now. It includes a 430 stainless steel outer shell and a compact structure, small in size but mighty in power.


  • Wall-mounted design – wall-mounted heaters improve heat dissipation and are great for maximizing space in a small sauna.
  • Easy to install and maintain – the heater can be set up easily and is convenient to run, rarely requiring technical expertise or replacements.
  • Durable design – thanks to the use of stainless steel, this heater achieves an anti-oxidation effect and is rust-resistant.


  • More premium options available – This heater is budget-friendly but does not include all of the additional features that more expensive options do.

11. Harvia Top Class Electric Sauna Heater

Harvia Topclass 8KW, 240V-1PH Electric Sauna Heater with Control Panel...
  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item...
  • Beautiful stainless steel electric sauna heater, 33.3 AMPS
  • Perfect for residential use

If you’re looking for electric models, a lot of the best sauna heater options come from Harvia. The Harvia Top Class heater is perfect for use in your home sauna, no matter how large or small, as it can heat between 247-424 cubic feet.

A convenient control panel, placed on the side of the unit, allows you to control the temperature and timing settings. This means you can adjust the heat and intensity to create the perfect sauna atmosphere.

The Harvia Top Class is another example of a wall-mounted heater, which is an optimal design as it saves space and aids heat dissipation. If you only have a small sauna room, you can mount the heater on the wall and have more room for benches or other accessories.


  • Sauna rocks included – this heater comes with 45lbs of large sauna stones, saving you money and leaving you to get on with enjoying your sauna.
  • User-friendly design – the control panel can be placed on either side of the unit and is illuminated for your convenience.
  • Delay time clock – the heater can be pre-set up to 8 hours in advance, meaning you can arrive home from work and get straight in the sauna without having to wait for it to heat up!


  • Comes at a premium price – other sauna heaters, electric and otherwise, are more budget-friendly.

12. Turku TU90WD-I Residential Sauna Heater

TURKU TU45WD-OD 4.5KW 240V Residential Electric Wet & Dry Sauna Heater...

Last but not least is the Turku TU90WD-I Residential Sauna Heater. It has an output of 9KW and can heat up a room between 250-450 cubic feet.

You do not have to worry about the Turku heater breaking down or needing replacement parts, it uses long-life guaranteed heavy-duty electrical elements. These also make for easy operation and minimal maintenance.

The heater comes with a control system built into the unit, which allows you to control the temperature, operating time. As well as this it features an overheating protection system, which means that it will never reach past a certain temperature, instead, it will cut off the power supply.


  • Teflon coating – all of the important components are coated in high-grade Teflon to ensure safety and quality.
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use – this heater has a high power output and can heat up large areas, making it ideal for business or home saunas.


  • Not compatible with an infrared sauna – the heater can work with a wet or dry sauna space, but not an infrared sauna.

Sauna Heater Buying Guide


The size of your heater will depend on the size and capacity of your sauna room. If your room is spacious and big, then you will need a large heater to reach all four corners of it. Generally speaking, 50 cubic feet will require 1 kilowatt of power.


Controls are a very important additional feature to many looking to invest in a heater for their sauna room. They make using your sauna heater much easier and more convenient. Controls will either be built into the heater itself or come separately as a remote and dictate things like timing and temperature.

With many modern electric heaters, you can preset the heating elements to turn on at a particular time, so you do not have to wait around for the sauna room to warm up. The best sauna heaters will also come with a digital display, so you can see precisely what settings you are changing.

Stone Capacity

Stone capacity is a way to measure how powerful a sauna heater is. The stone capacity of a heater means its capability of heating a weight equivalent to sauna stones. If a heater has a high capacity, this means it is powerful.

Heat-Up Time

Different types of heaters take different amounts of time to heat up. If you need a large space heating very quickly, then we advise opting for a gas heater or electric heater, as these have fast heating time and designed for commercial use.

Wood heaters take the longest time to heat up, with an hour-long wait time being typical. They are also the hardest to maintain once operating. However, many find the extra effort and time worth it because of the authentic sauna experience that they provide.

Electric heaters are perhaps the most convenient as they can be set on a timer. For example, if you know you want to use your home sauna at 8 pm, you can set this on the sauna heater so that it is warmed up and ready for you by this time.

Easy to install?

Before purchasing a sauna heater, consider whether you will be installing it yourself or hiring a professional. if you have decided on the latter, then you need a heater that is easy to set up, such as a wood heater. A gas or infrared sauna heater would be less suitable, as the upfront installation and maintenance can be difficult.

If you are planning on getting somebody with experience to install it for you, then you do not need to think about how technical the set-up is. However, you may want to think about how easy repairs and maintenance will be.

If you don’t want to install a sauna in your house, check out our list of the best outdoor saunas!


The sauna heater cost is one of the most important considerations you will make. How much a sauna heater costs depends on its size and its heating capacity. A gas heater, for example, is the most expensive because it is used for commercial purposes.

An electric sauna heater, on the other hand, is the least expensive domestic option but can cost a lot to get installed. Wood heaters are also inexpensive but have higher running costs than electric sauna heaters do.


What is the best sauna heater?

The best sauna heater will depend on your personal preferences, the size of your sauna space, and the type of sauna heater you want. The best sauna heaters should have a power output of 6KW or more, be able to heat up your space efficiently, and have some kind of control panel so that you can adjust the timings and temperature.

Based on our research, we can say that the overall best sauna heater is the Finlandia FLB-60. Finlandia sauna heaters combine the authenticity of a traditional sauna session with all the mod-cons that one would expect from an electric or infrared sauna stove.

Which sauna heater type is right for me?

The type of sauna heater that you go for will depend on your budget, the size of your sauna room, the heating capacity, and the additional features you need.

If you are buying a sauna heater for your home sauna, then we recommend opting for an electric sauna heater. These are typically designed for domestic use and do not cost a lot to run. In addition to this,

How much are sauna heaters?

A sauna stove can cost anywhere between $100 and $1500. The price of your heater will depend on a variety of factors, including its power output, its additional features, its heat-up time, and much more.

Electric and infrared sauna heaters are relatively inexpensive to maintain, but the upfront installation cost can be very high. On the other hand, a gas or wood burner sauna stove can be cheaper to install but more expensive to run on a day-to-day basis. This is because you have to top up gas and firewood much faster.

Our guide has included the best sauna heater for those shopping on a budget, as well as more premium options as well.

What is the difference between an electric sauna heater and an infrared sauna heater?

An infrared sauna heater uses electricity just like its electric counterpart does, but this is where the similarities end. An electric heater warms up the air around you in order to warm up your body, whereas an infrared heater warms up the body from the inside at a lower temperature.

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