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The 10 Best Touch Kitchen Faucets

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Whether you are looking to revamp your kitchen or just want to install some modern features around the home, one of the best things you can do is invest in a touch kitchen faucet.

Not only are they much more practical and hygienic, they also look sophisticated and contemporary, bringing a touch of class to your kitchen. No longer do you have to worry about how to get the water running after touching raw meat, or tell your kids off after they turn the tap on with mucky hands.

There are many different touch and touchless faucets out there, and knowing which to choose can be overwhelming. That is why we have put together this definitive guide to the best choices out there, including our number one pick, the Delta Essa Single-Handle , popular for its great design and MagnaTite docking, as well as a buying guide. This way, you can be informed before buying.

Keep reading to find out more about the top-touch kitchen faucets and why you should install one in your home today!

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The 10 Best Touch Kitchen Faucets for your Kitchen

1. Overall Best Touch Kitchen Faucet - Delta Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Touch Kitchen Faucet Brushed Nickel, Kitchen Faucets...
  • TOUCH ON. TOUCH OFF. Messy hands, Touch anywhere on the...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology reduces...

Coming out top on our list of touch kitchen faucets is the Delta Essa Single-Handle Touch. You can touch this faucet anywhere with any part of your body and it will turn on, making it perfect for when you have dirty hands from cooking or cleaning.

This ranks as the best touch kitchen faucet thanks to its attractive design, which means it not only looks great in your kitchen but is guaranteed to last longer and be easier to clean than a traditional faucet. You can easily clean away any calcium or limescale build-up without having to use harsh chemical cleaners or scrub away for hours.


  • MagnaTite Docking – keeps the sprayer in place so it does not end up drooping.
  • TempSense LED indicator light – changes color depending on the temperature.
  • Easy to install at home – no need for the assistance of a professional.


  • Expensive – more premium price than other options.

The Delta Essa is one of the best Delta Kitchen faucets you can find.

2. Best Features - Delta Leyland Faucet with Magnetic Docking Head

Delta Faucet Leland Bar Faucet Brushed Nickel, Bar Sink Faucet Single...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented DIAMOND Seal Technology reduces...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole,...

Another great faucet by Delta is their Leyland Faucet with a Magnetic Docking Head. Its longevity far outweighs its competitors due to its Diamond Seal technology, which ensures a leak-free operation for the entirety of the faucet’s life.

This faucet also comes with a range of additional features, making it the best option for features on our list. For example, it includes magnetic docking, so you never have to worry about the kitchen faucet head dropping down and looking out of place.

It also comes with a SpotShield finish which means that water marks and fingerprints or marks are less likely to show up, making cleaning that bit easier.


  • Easier to clean and maintain – great for those who don’t enjoy the cleaning that comes with traditional kitchen faucets.
  • Comes in a range of finishes – suits the vibe of your kitchen, from Arctic stainless to matte black.
  • Integrated LED indicator light flashes – shows water temperature, and when batteries are running low.


  • Expensive – not as suitable for those shopping on a budget.

3. Most Affordable - OWOFAN Pull-Down Touch Faucet

OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Single...
  • Commercial Design & High quality: Spring Design, Suitable...
  • Overall height: 16"; Spout Height: 3.9", Spout Reach: 6.8"....
  • TWO WAYS SETTING and 360 Degree Spout: Two spray modes allow...

If you are after a premium kitchen faucet that performs well on a budget, then look no further: the OWOFAN Pull-Down Touch Faucet delivers high-quality in every respect at a low price point. It comes with three different modes; stream, spray, and pause, each of which is ideal for serving different functions.

The faucet also features a pull-down hose sprayer for added hygiene and convenience, with a sprayer that has a 360-degree swivel spout. With this, you can reach the tricky spots, have full sink access, and still enjoy high pressure while saving on water in the long-term

Thanks to the almost-touchless faucet feature design, there is much less chance of it becoming dirty with smudges and stains, making it easy and quick to clean. Even the rubber nozzles of the sprayer can be wiped down with ease.


  • Assistive Touch Control Technology – makes this design near-touchless, all you need to do is tap the body of the faucet with the back of your hand.
  • All tools and accessories included – making it easy to install at home.
  • Comes with a ceramic valve and is lead-free – easy and safe for all the family to use and enjoy.


  • More premium options available – some may want a higher-end option.

If you want more options like this, check out our list of the best pulldown kitchen faucets.

4. MSTJRY Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer (Stainless Steel, Standard...
  • 8 Inch adjustable (7.75-8.25") center distance commercial...
  • All the commercial faucet spare parts have sold on amazon:...
  • Total height 42 inches from wall mount faucet base to the...

The MSTJRY stainless steel touch faucet is the best choice if you need versatility as it fits virtually all kitchen sinks and is also compatible with a farmhouse faucet or laundry faucet. On top of this, it has two adjustable settings: stream for filling the kettle or a pot and spray for rinsing off dirty dishes.

As well as being customizable, this faucet comes equipped with a 20-inch hose that allows you full access to your sink and a faucet that can rotate 360-degrees, to maximize cleanliness and ease of use. Everything about this product has been designed with keeping you and your home clean in mind, and it shows through the impeccable design and additional features.


  • Turns off automatically after 2 minutes – helps you save water, and money on water bills.
  • Comes with a ceramic cartridge – assures quality, meaning it can be used up to 100 times a day for 15 years.
  • Stainless steel finish – makes it easy to clean and maintain this faucet.
  • Can be installed easily at home – takes just 30 minutes, without the use of a plumber.


  • Only comes with 2 spray settings – other faucets have may have more variety.

5. Delta Lenta Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Lenta Gold Kitchen Faucet Touch, Touch Kitchen Faucets...
  • TOUCH ON. TOUCH OFF. Messy hands, Touch anywhere on the...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER: Patented Diamond Seal Technology reduces...
  • MAGNETIC DOCKING: MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet...

For those in the market for luxury and decadence, the best kitchen faucet is the Delta Lenta Single-Handle faucet. In terms of aesthetics, it looks contemporary and chic, and could easily transform the look of your whole kitchen. It comes in a variety of finishes, including an opulent champagne bronze and a sleek matte black.

It doesn’t just look good, however, it also performs amazingly. You can use the TempSense LED indicator to check the water temperature from anywhere else in the room, as well as keep an eye on the battery life. The water flow can also be controlled from anywhere on the spout of the faucet; you just need to touch it lightly with any part of your body to get it started.


  • ShieldSpray technology – delivers a powerful jet of water inside of a protective sphere, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.
  • Ensured leak-free – thanks to patented Diamond Seal technology, you can be leak-free for this faucet’s entire life cycle.
  • Choose between 3 different spray settings – stream, water-efficient, and SprayShield, allowing you to wash in whatever style suits you best.


  • Comes at a premium price – which may be unaffordable to some.

6. ARRISEA Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucet

Touch Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, ARRISEA Touch on...
  • 【How to Make Your Washing Easier? - Multi-Function &...
  • 【How About Sensor Accuracy of the Touch Faucet for Kitchen...
  • 【What Causes A Leaky Faucet? - Rusted and Corroded!】:...

The ARRISEA stainless steel kitchen faucet in brushed nickel comes with every feature you could need to upgrade your kitchen. You can tap anywhere on the body of the faucet to turn it on and off, and it will turn off automatically after 3 minutes to conserve water. Additionally, it boasts a 360-degree spray head and 24-inch pull-down hose for full kitchen sink and washing access.

Despite coming equipped with these additional features, the ARRISEA faucet is incredibly easy to install. It can be done at home within 30 minutes, and does not require the help of a plumber. Because of its corrosion-resistant finish and multi-layer sealing technology, you can also rest assured that this faucet will not rust or leak.


  • 3 spray modes available – stream, boosted spray, and pause are great on all types of grime.
  • Single-handle design – makes it easy to control the flow of water and water temperature.
  • High-arc and tall faucet spout – makes it perfect for use in the family home as well as looking attractive in any kitchen.


  • More premium options available – you may find better longevity in another faucet.

7. OWOFAN Smart Kitchen Sink Faucet with Detachable Head

OWOFAN Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer...
  • Color of LED lights changes according to the water...
  • Dual mode setting- Your kitchen faucets sprayer provides...
  • HEALTHY kitchen sink faucet-The SUS304 stainless steel...

For a faucet that looks modern and unique, but which comes with a surprisingly low price tag, look no further than the OWOFAN Smart Faucet. It makes use of progressive touch control technology to make washing hands and dishes as contactless as possible, also making the cleaning process easy and quick.

In addition to this, the OWOFAN is a pull-down faucet, which allows you to get into the corners of your sink and clean your dishes more efficiently. The high-arc 360-degree rotating spout does all this whilst guaranteeing high-pressure water without you racking up money on bills.


  • Comes with three settings – stream, spray, and pause, for your convenience and ease of use.
  • Near-touchless design – makes the spout and spray-head easy to clean and keeps them smudge and fingerprint-free.
  • Deck plate included – can be mounted in a single or 3-hole sink, making it compatible for the majority of kitchens.


  • Hose length not as long as some other faucets – you may prefer a faucet with better reach.

8. TENLO Brushed Gold Touch Faucet

Gold Touch Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer Brass Single Handle...
  • Assistive Touch Control - After opening the handle, you can...
  • 2-Mode & Pull Out Sprayer - Switch between 2 spray modes...
  • Perfect Design - This touchless kitchen faucet body is made...

TENLO has combined elegance with practicality with its brushed gold touch faucet. The touch-sensor feature is one of the most responsive of all the faucets on this list. It also boasts an excellent kitchen faucet flow rate, making this faucet great for those trying to be more environmentally friendly around the home.

The TENLO faucets have also been praised for its convenience, as it comes with spray and stream modes which you can switch between depending on what you are using the faucet for. The hose feature further adds to the convenience, especially as it automatically returns to its dock after use.


  • Corrosion and rust-resistant – makes it easy to clean and means it does not require the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Simple and modern design – matches most interior design and is compatible with most kitchen sinks.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – can be set-up at home with no professional help as everything needed comes included.


  • Only comes with a 3-year limited warranty – may have to buy a new faucet sooner than you may want to.

9. iUpcoot Pull-Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

Touch Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer, Single Handle Smart...
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN】Easy to install with a wrench....

iUpcoot kitchen faucets are a great option because they come with all the features you could need, but are still budget-friendly. For example, the pull-out hose on this faucet measures at 22-inches, making it much bigger and more convenient than other faucets and therefore perfect for reaching the far corners of large sinks.

You never have to worry about this faucet falling apart or breaking, as it is made with stainless steel and has a brushed nickel finish. This means it will not only perform as if it is brand new, but it will stay looking like the first day you got it as well!


  • Comes with 3 different spray settings – stream, spray, and pause, so you can use different modes depending on your needs.
  • Water flow will turn off automatically after 1-4 minutes – makes it economical and eco-friendly.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant finish – keeps it cleaner for longer.


  • Only available in matte black or silver – you may be looking for a faucet with more color choices.

10. YITAHOME Touch-On Faucet

YITAHOME Touch Kitchen Faucets Matte Black with Pull Down Out Sprayer...
  • ANTI-CORROSION & RUSTPROOF - Our touch kitchen sink faucets...
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH TECHNOLOGY - Our touch kitchen sink faucets...
  • 2 SETTINGS - Our touch kitchen faucets have 1.37 inches...

Last but not least is the YITAHOME Touch-On faucet. The design of this faucet is futuristic and makes a strong statement in the home, so if you want to get heads turning, this is the option for you! It is matte black in appearance and also has a striking gold single-handle.

Aside from the way it looks, this faucet has many an additional feature that makes it worth buying. For example, it has an induction time of 0.3 seconds, making it much more sensitive than many other faucets. It also turns off automatically after 3 minutes, which is both economical and environmentally friendly. You do not have to worry about this faucet getting rusty over time either. It has a copper body and handle, making it resistant to both rust and corrosion and very easy to clean.


  • Pull-down spray head – for optimal sink access and convenience.
  • Comes with splash-free aerated mode and soft-rinse spray mode – so you can customize the water flow to your needs.


  • Only comes in one style – so will only suit certain kitchens.

Touch Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide


The touch faucet that you choose for your kitchen sink will depend on budget, first and foremost. Some of the faucets on our list are more expensive than others, and therefore will not be accessible to everyone.

If you are shopping within a tight budget, then do not worry. You can pick one of these kitchen faucets under $100 — ideal if you want to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank. If you are looking to splurge, however, then we also have options for you. Our selection of Delta touch faucets come at a premium price, but for this price you get a lifetime guarantee and a whole host of modcons and features.


Touch faucets all have different designs, and the one you choose will be dependent on your personal tastes and how well the faucet will fit in with the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

We recommend high-arc faucets to most people, because they look elegant, are suited to most people’s kitchens, and work well for people of all age-groups. However, if you have a very shallow sink, for example, then you will want to consider a lower faucet, as otherwise you will end up causing more clean-up due to water splashing out from the sink.

Other factors to consider include how and where at the kitchen sink you mount the faucet, if your chosen faucet runs alongside a similar or matching color scheme to the rest of your kitchen, and the finish you want your faucet to have.

Read more: 10 Types of Faucets for your Kitchen

Touch controls

Touch controls are perhaps the most important consideration to make when choosing touch kitchen faucets. Firstly, you have to decide between a touchless faucet or a touch faucet, and then on the type of touch sensor technology you want your faucet to deploy.

What you choose to go with comes down to a matter of personal preference, as some people prefer to not have to touch their faucet at all and would rather make use of motion sensors, while others like the control of tapping their faucet to activate the flow of water.

The best touch faucets will make use of Touch20 technology, LED light indicators, and a single handle for water temperature control.


One of the reasons people upgrade from a traditional faucet to a touch faucet is because they make life easier. To ensure that your chosen faucet does just this, make sure that it has a high touch-sensitivity rating, that it turns off automatically after 2-3 minutes, and that it has touch-clean spray holes to make the cleaning process easy.

Some touch faucets come with additional features that make them even easier to use. For example, a Delta faucet will typically use MagnaTite Docking, ShieldSpray technology, and patented Diamond Seal technology, all of which increase ease-of-use drastically.

Power supply

Most touch-activated faucets require either batteries or an AC adaptor to work. Both of these solutions are fairly easy to acquire and manage, but of course, you have to consider running costs. Depending on how often the faucet will be used, an AC adaptor may be the more cost-effective choice.

It is important to note that both an AC adaptor and batteries can be used, as the batteries will only come into action when the power supply is turned off, so this is a great option if you tend to turn the power off at nighttime, for example.

Additional features

If you are going to splash out on a new faucet for your kitchen sink, you want it to come with some additional features that make it worth your while, right?

To pick the right faucet for you, think about what features you consider essential. For some people, this will be LED light indicators for water temperature and battery life, for others, it will be water flow rate control. Whatever it is, we have kitchen faucets that meet your requirements.

There are so many selling points to kitchen faucets that it can be hard to know what additional features you need. In order to figure it out, you just have to know what is missing currently from your traditional kitchen faucet. Maybe it has poor controls and you can never regulate the water temperature, or maybe it cannot be pulled down or adjusted so you never have full sink access.


Before buying your new faucet, make sure that it has at least a 5-year limited warranty. The best touch-activated faucets will have a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about wasting money on replacements or dealing with breakages.

As well as securing a good warranty, choose to buy from a reputable brand, as this will decrease your chances even further of having to even think about what to do in the event of an accident.

Touch vs Touchless Kitchen Faucet: Which is Better?

The matter of whether touch or touchless kitchen faucets are better is completely a matter of personal preference. The key difference between them is that a touch faucet has to be activated through touching it with some part of the body, whereas a touchless faucet does not require any physical touch. Instead, it has a motion sensor feature which allows it to recognize a physical presence, at which point it activates water flow.

If you want optimal cleanliness and do not want to have to spend time cleaning your faucet, then hands-free touchless faucets may be the route to go down as they have a much lower chance of getting dirty or contaminated with things you may be cooking or cleaning with.

However, not everyone prefers touchless faucets. The motion sensors pick up on any movement, meaning the water can turn on at moments when it is not needed, such as when you are cleaning around the faucet or lean over it to get something. In the long-term, this can contribute to some water waste.

We include both touch and touchless faucets in our ultimate roundup of the best kitchen faucets.


What is the best touch kitchen faucet?

The best touch kitchen faucet in terms of design, value, quality of materials, and performance is the Delta Essa Faucet. Although it is more expensive than other touch kitchen faucets on our list, the money spent has gone on crafting the perfect product.

The Delta Essa Faucet rates very highly in terms of how it performs. It makes use of Touch20 and Diamond Seal technology, meaning it is very touch-sensitive, durable, and leak-resistant. It also includes other features like an LED light indicator and magnetic docking, providing you with everything you could need in a touch faucet.

Delta are one of the most reputable companies producing touch faucets, so you can be guaranteed upon buying that there is a whole community of users you can speak to if you ever encounter a problem, as well as the company itself. However, a Delta faucet is going to last you a lifetime, which is precisely what makes it the best touch kitchen faucet.

Are touch kitchen faucets worth it?

Touch faucets for your kitchen are one of the best investments you can make in your home. They will increase the hygiene and cleanliness of your space to an extent you cannot imagine, by reducing the amount of times you touch the faucet with dirty hands and by making the clean-up process easier and faster.

They also make a striking visual statement, and will make your kitchen pop. Anytime you throw a dinner party or a get-together, people will be talking about your faucet and wanting to get their hands on one. There are so many colors, finishes, and designs to choose from, meaning you can pick one that is perfectly personalized to your home and your tastes.

Most touch kitchen faucets will also be compatible with the sink you already have at home, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on rewiring your plumbing. Usually, your new faucet will arrive with all the tools and accessories you need already included, and only takes about 30 minutes to install, with no professional help required.

Which brands make touch kitchen faucets?

Brands that make touch kitchen faucets are Delta, Moen, Kohler, Owofan, and Arrisea. Before buying a touch faucet, you of course need to know that you are buying from a trusted and reputable brand. We have put together the best faucet brands to pick from so that you know you’re buying a product that will last.

Final Thoughts

Touch faucets are quickly becoming the hottest new home accessory, and we can see why. They bring an edge to the kitchen and are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of transforming your space.

There are many touch faucets out there, many of which are produced by trusted and well-known brands who consistently deliver on quality and performance. We have narrowed down your options and make the search easier with a list of the best touch-sensor faucets on the market right now.

A faucet is an essential part of the kitchen, and your choice should not be made lightly. Read through this guide during your decision-making process to figure out what features are most important to you in a faucet, what brand you want to go with, the considerations you need to make before buying, and which faucet will best fit in with your sink and home aesthetic.

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