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The 15 Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets

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The concept of touchless operation has gained some serious gravitas in the pandemic-stricken era.

It’s gone from pure convenience to a health issue, from a want-have to a must-have.

Simply put, the world is going touchless, and our bathrooms are no exception. In this post, we’ll review the 15 best touchless bathroom faucets.

A growing market is a good thing because it means more competition and better products at lower prices.

However, the massive increase in market demand spurred some shady practices from manufacturers. In my opinion, it’s never been harder to separate the wheat from the chaff in this market segment.

Today, we take a data-driven, systematic approach to doing just that.

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

We know the touchless bathroom faucet under many names

Before we even get to the ‘meat’ of this guide (recommending specific units), let me take a moment to clarify the confusion surrounding the industry lingo.

While there are slight differences (I’ll go over that in the reviews), the category of ‘touchless’ includes all of the following: motion sensor, touch-free, hands-free, auto-sensing, and automatic.

The 15 Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets

1. Best Overall - Delta Lahara

Delta Faucet Lahara Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Brushed Nickel,...
  • LASTS 2X LONGER. DIAMOND Seal Technology uses a patented...
  • SUPPLY LINES INCLUDED. InnoFlex PEX supply lines are...
  • LEAK-FREE FOR LIFE. DIAMOND Valve, a diamond-embedded...


Size (inches): 5.5 x 2.44 x 5.5

Weight (lbs): ‎5.3

Spout height / reach (inches): 7.31 / 5.5

Finish: ‎‎Brilliance Stainless

Maximum flow: 1.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Material: Brass


  • Features the industry-leading Touch2O.xt technology – can be turned on and off by touching any part of the faucet body, manually or without touching it at all
  • Fitted temperature indicator
  • Delta’s proprietary Diamond Seal technology – reduces leaks and last much longer than the industry average (twice the industry standard)
  • ‎InnoFlex PEX supply lines included – Delta’s PEX lines go from the valve base all the way to the fittings and are connected directly to the shut-off valves. This eliminates two risky leak spots.
  • Diamond valve – needs no lubrication and minimizes the chances you’ll see changes in the faucet’s performance
  • It can be installed as a three or single hole faucet

What makes it better?

This Delta was one of the top units in all quality categories, from temperature control to flow, from design to longevity.

I don’t see that kind of dominance often in any product category, let alone a competitive market like touchless bathroom faucets.

Diamond-studded longevity

I know the ins and outs of the industry, and I firmly believe that what makes the most difference with this Delta is the use of diamond or diamond-like materials, both for the disc and the sealing.

The design is spot on and will work with most bathroom styles, from vintage to modern or minimalist.

According to the current stats I have on it, 81% of owners rated this Delta with 4 or 5 stars – that’s 4 in 5 people.

Take it from someone who installs and reviews faucets for a living; that is exceptional.


  • Great motion responsiveness
  • Good flow and temperature control
  • Flexibility of using it as touchless, manually or tap-activated
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Durability and longevity
  • Reliable operation


  • It costs more than most touchless bathroom faucets

2. Runner Up - Charmingwater Automatic Faucet

Charmingwater Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet with...
  • 【Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucet with Hole Cover...
  • 【Temperature Adjustable】: You can adjust the water...
  • 【Power By 4pcs AA Batteries】: Sensor powered by 4pcs AA...


Size (inches): ‎‎12.88 x 10.75 x 4

Weight (lbs): ‎3.89

Spout height / reach (inches): 7.31 / 5.5

Finish: ‎‎‎Chrome

Maximum flow: 2 GPM

Material: Copper


  • Detachable design
  • Infrared, motion-activated sensor faucet
  • Temperature mixers are included

What makes it top value-for-money?

This Cahrmingwater is the most popular touchless bathroom faucet I know of.

It’s currently the only faucet of this type with a rating of over 4.3 stars from over 600 owner reviews.

I know how Charmingwater tests its products on the assembly line. Their quality control standards are up there with the top brands.

Value for money

There are higher-rated faucets, but they cost much more. This unit found its place by being at the sweet spot between performance, build quality, and price. It’s my top pick in the value for money category.


  • Solid performance in both motion detection and control of water temperature
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Efficient customer service


  • I’ve seen a few reports of on-arrival defects
  • Not likely to last as long as Delta

3. Best Commercial Pick - HHOOMMEE Hands-Free Bathroom Faucet

HHOOMMEE Commercial Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet,...
  • 【Automatic Touchless Faucet】: water will flow...
  • 【Water Saving Motion Sensor Mixer】: Automatic shutting...
  • 【Energy Saving Bathroom Faucet】: Sensor tap is powered...


Size (inches): ‎‎12.88 x 10.75 x 4

Weight (lbs): ‎3.89

Spout height / reach (inches): 4.7 / 4.74

Finish: ‎‎‎Chrome

Maximum flow: 2.1 GPM (8 L/min)

Material: Copper


  • It comes with an aerator that minimizes splash, saves water, lowers noise, and prevents lime damage
  • Solenoid valve has a lifecycle of 500,000 opens
  • Single-hole basin faucet made of solid brass
  • Deck plate included
  • It comes pre-set to an activation distance of 15 cm

What makes it a top commercial pick?

If you’ve already researched faucets for commercial spaces, there’s a good chance you know the HHOOMMEE brand.

There’s also a good chance you don’t know how to pronounce it. I know I’m still unsure about it after years of installing these.

Anyway, I digress.

This HHOOMMEE is my top commercial pick because of the beastly aerator that makes all the difference in everyday performance, maintenance, and long-term durability.

It’s also very responsive (activation time under 0.7 seconds) and handles water pressure like a champ (0.05-0.7 Mpa).

On top of that, these don’t cost an arm and a leg like some of the ‘premium’ brands. In my experience, they work just as well.

HHOOMMEE hands-free is a well-rounded commercial unit at a low price point.


  • Great overall performance
  • Energy and water-saving
  • Minimal splash
  • Responsive
  • Lime resistance
  • Durable


  • I’ve seen a few reports of on-arrival defects
  • Not likely to last as long as Delta

4. Luxice Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

Luxice Sensor Automatic Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet Hot & Cold...
  • Touchless Faucet Adapter: Turn your bathroom faucet into a...
  • Save Water: Free faucet supplies water as soon as hands are...
  • Temperature adjustable: You can adjust water temperature...


Size (inches): ‎6.3 x 4.5 x 4.7

Weight (lbs): ‎4.8

Spout height / reach (inches): 3.54 / 4

Finish: ‎Chrome


  • Motion detection is infrared
  • Factory distance setting for activation is 15cm
  • Solenoid valve used for the core of the control box
  • The water mixer can be connected to either the control box or the inlet

What makes it so good?

This Luxice faucet is my top budget pick not because it’s the cheapest but because it stands out in its price range.

What you typically see at this price point is manufacturers trying to skimp on quality and sell you a shiny thing that will leak in 5 days.

That’s not the case with this Luxice.

It’s a simple faucet that won’t dazzle anyone but will do its job. And do it well.


  • One of the cheapest touchless bathroom faucets on the list
  • Elegant design with a durable finish
  • Solid motion detection and temperature control


  • Installation instructions are somewhat unclear
  • Leak incidence higher than in the top 2 faucets above

5. Charmingwater Automatic Sensor

Charmingwater Automatic Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet with...
  • Automatic sensor bathroom faucet: motion sensor bathroom...
  • Temperature adjustable:You can adjust water temperature with...
  • Easy installation motion sensor bathroom faucet with...


Size (inches): ‎‎14.8 x 11.42 x 5.2

Weight (lbs): 4.86

Finish: Chrome

Maximum flow: 2 GPM

Material: Copper


  • One-hole installation
  • Designed to be detachable from the deck plate
  • Temperature mixer under the sink

What makes it better?

I typically don’t include appliances in my guides until they have stood the test of time. Still, I’m making an exception for the 2020 update of the industry’s most popular faucet – the Charmingwater.

I delay including new arrivals because I know how the online reviews work (read: how they can be manipulated).

I checked for all those warning signs of rating manipulation and saw no red lights with this unit.

With that said, if this faucet maintains the current trend in user satisfaction, it’s likely to give Delta Lahara a serious run for its money at the top. Unless they increase the price, that is.

As I already said, that’s good news for the buyer. It means competition is fierce, and that leads to lower margins and better quality control.


  • Prominent battery indicator
  • It comes with a complete installation kit, and it’s easy to install
  • Update to an industry-leading product trusted by thousands


  • Like its older cousin, not likely to last as long as the top-rated Delta Lahara

6. Delta Tesla

Delta Faucet Tesla Single Hole Bathroom Faucet, Single Handle Bathroom...
  • LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. You can install with confidence,...
  • INSTALLATION. Designed to fit single-hole or 3-hole, 4-in....
  • DRAIN ASSEMBLY INCLUDED. A coordinating metal pop-up drain...


Size (inches): ‎‎7.13 x 6.13 x 8.38

Weight (lbs): ‎5

Spout height / reach (inches): 6.13 / 6

Finish: Chrome

Maximum flow: 12 GPM

Material: Brass


  • Dual operation – manual or touchless
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Diamond seal valve for longevity
  • Includes a battery box that can be cabinet-mounted
  • Included drain assembly
  • Batteries last up to 5 years
  • WaterSense certified (WaterSense is a water conservation initiative by Environmental Protection Agency – you can read more about it here)
  • ADA Compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act)

What makes this Delta better?

Coming up with a price rating system when comparing faucets in different price ranges is challenging to say the least.

Sure, I can rate it in the value-for-money category, but that also relies on the user satisfaction percentage.

In turn, that number depends on the price and what people expect when they pay for a premium product.

I’m rambling on here because I can’t keep a straight face and say that Charmingwater is “better” than a high-end faucet like Delta Tesla.

The bottom line is that this Delta is not higher on the list because it costs more than those ranked above it.

If you’re OK with that, it will not disappoint.


  • It can be operated both as manual and touchless
  • High-end materials and build
  • Reliable in every way, flow rate to temperature control
  • Slick, modern design with gorgeous finishes


  • Premium price point

7. Yodel Bathroom Faucet

Yodel High Quality Automatic Touchless Sensor Tap Hot Cold Mixer...
  • prevent cross-infection by touch free automatic sensor...
  • Easy installation with Instruction and Diagram.
  • Hot and cold water available by mixing valve included.


Size (inches): ‎12.7 x 5.7 x 9.4

Weight (lbs): ‎3.8

Spout height / reach (inches): 5 / 4.25

Finish: Brushed

Material: Brass


  • Sensor faucet with under-sink mixing valve
  • Two power options – powered by 4AA batteries or 110V AC

What makes it unique?

Nothing. That doesn’t sound good, I know. But it is, just bear with me.

It’s great without being ‘special’ – no-frills or doodad, just a low-priced faucet that works as advertised.

That’s also the reason why it’s one of the most popular and highest rated by users.


  • Reliable temperature control
  • Great value for money


  • Occasional report of units with on-arrival leaks and faulty sensors

8. Derpras Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Derpras [Upgrading Version] Automatic Sensor Touchless Sink Faucet...
  • 【Touchless Sink Faucet】: No need to touch the faucet to...
  • 【Easy to Adjustable the Temperature】: There is a built...
  • 【Deck Plate Information】: Deck plate detachable....


Size (inches): ‎5.51 x 2.36 x 17.72

Weight (lbs): 4

Spout height / reach (inches): 5.3 / 4.2

Finish: Chrome

Maximum flow: 2.1 GPM

Material: Zinc


  • The aerator features a multi-layer design (filters impurities and lowers splash)
  • Made of lead-free brass (lasts longer)
  • Convenient under-sink temperature personalization

Is it for you?

This Derpras is an excellent option for both home and commercial use if you prefer higher-capacity units.

Elegant and reliable

The elegant design will be a good fit for most spaces, whether you go with the touchless faucet or the 3-hole widespread Derpras. We’re interested in the former.

The construction is sturdy solid brass, and the aerator performs just as advertised, which is critical if you’re going to be using it for commercial purposes.


  • Solid build, durable
  • Low leak/corrosion risk
  • Reliable aerator


  • Installation can be confusing if you’re not experienced

9. Gangang Automatic Square Waterfall Faucet

Gangang Automatic Faucet Square Body Bathroom Sink Touchless Sensor...
  • SIMPLY & CONVENIENCE OPERATION:Whensensor be activated, the...
  • WATER-SAVING: Automatic shutting off ensures the faucet...
  • NERGY-SAVING: Sensor tap is powered by 4pcs AA alkaline...


Size (inches): ‎6.3 x 2.6 x 5.7

Weight (lbs): ‎4.86

Spout height / reach (inches): 3.9 / 4.3

Finish: Chrome

Material: Zinc

Max. flow: 2.1 GPM


  • The core is a solenoid valve
  • The lifecycle of the cartridge is 500.000 on/off
  • The brass used to make it is lead-free
  • Features a prominent low-battery indicator
  • Completely waterproof plug (aviation plug)
  • Deck plate allows for 1 or 3-hole installation

What makes it better?

Most of the picks for the best touchless bathroom faucet are similar in terms of design. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them; it just means the companies are trying to make products that will cater to broad audiences.

However, this faucet has some added allure, and it’s my top pick if you’re in the market for something modern and unique.

It’s a solid choice for both residential and commercial use.


  • Modern, minimal design
  • Features an aviation plug, which means minimal leak risk
  • Well-built
  • Adaptable to a wide range of pressure (0.05-0.7 Mpa)


  • Only single hole installation possible

10. PRIMSOPH Black Automatic Touchless Bathroom Faucet

PRIMSOPH Black Automatic Motion Sensor Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet...
  • 【Touchless Faucet Adapter】Touch-free, prevent...
  • 【Temperature adjustable】Temperature mixer are...
  • 【Energy Saving】When your hand appears in the sensing...


Size (inches): 12.99 x 9.61 x 5.28

Weight (lbs): ‎4.88

Finish: Four finished available, including Polished ‎Matte Black

Material: Brass

Features of the touchless bathroom faucet:

  • Activation through an infrared sensor
  • Deck-mounted, under-sink temperature mixer
  • Powered by 4AA batteries

What’s better about it?

There’s only one catch to installing the Prismorph; you’ll need to drill the hole on the back of the sink because of how the hot and cold water pipes are placed.

Other than that, the installation is super simple and will likely take you but an hour.

In those terms, the Prismorph is one of the best touchless bathroom faucets in the top 15.

The “full-time temperature” feature is convenient for people who have a favorite temperature spot and rarely go above or below.

In terms of performance, the activation of the automatic touchless sensor is swift and comparable to units that cost twice as much. The water flow is even and reliable.

Finally, design-wise, the simple lines of this touchless bathroom sink faucet make it one of my favorites.


  • Fast activation, minimal waste
  • Reliable hot and cold water mixer
  • Super easy installation


  • A higher number of sealing issues compared to most faucets in the top 15

11. Grohe Euroeco Cosmopolitan

Grohe 36314000 Euroeco Cosmopolitan E Single Hole Touchless Electronic...
  • For single lever sink mixer
  • Extractable for easy use
  • Diverter: aerator/shower jet


Size (inches): 14.96 x 9.06 x 3.94

Weight (lbs): 3.3

Finish: Stainless steel

Maximum flow: 0.35 GPM

Material: brass


  • Electronic activation of the infrared motion sensor
  • Battery-operated (lithium battery, listed life is seven years with 150 actuations per day)
  • The supplies are stainless steel braided
  • The hot and cold water inlets come with a check valve and dirt strainers
  • CalGreen compliant (California Green Building Standards Code)
  • Pre-set at 12 seconds per one faucet activation cycle

What makes it better?

I have to admit that I expected more units from Grohe to find their way to the list of best touchless bathroom faucets. Grohe has been one of the most reliable brands in the industry for decades.

Performance-wise, this touchless bathroom faucet is just what you’d expect from Grohe – reliable and well-made.

The mixer does a fine job at temperature control, and the motion sensor activates quickly.


  • It comes from a reputable brand
  • Reliable, even water flow
  • Efficient motion sensor


  • The base plate is not included
  • You’ll probably need an extra trip to Home Depot for installation parts

12. Gangang Vessel High Chrome

Gangang Automatic Faucets Square Tall Body Touchless Motion Sensor...
  • Tall body automatic bathroom faucet, brass chrome plated,...
  • Sensor Motion faucet,infrared sensor, sensing distance...
  • Installation:deck mounted, single hole, high body for...


Size (inches): ‎6.3 x 1.97 x 11.4

Weight (lbs): ‎5.28

Spout height / reach (inches): 9.65 / 4.33

Finish: Chrome

Material: Zinc

Max. flow: 2.1 GPM


  • Infrared sensor – distance 10-18 cm
  • Lifecycle of the cartridge is 500.000 on/off
  • The brass used to make the unit is lead-free
  • Features a prominent low-battery indicator
  • Completely waterproof plug (aviation plug)
  • Deck plate allows for one or 3-hole installation

What’s so good about it?

The second entry from the Gangang brand is also uniquely designed and fills a specific market gap.

The other Gangang (Waterfall) was my top pick for modern spaces with standard sinks, while the tall-body unit is the king of the hill among touchless bathroom faucets for vessel sinks.

All other quality aspects of the Gangang Waterfall are here with the Vessel, too – from the high build-quality (lead-free brass) to superior faucet-sink plug.

Two thumbs up from me.


  • Works perfectly with vessel sinks
  • Durability


  • Not a great fit for a drop-in sink; it would make too big of a splash
  • Cost more than most touchless bathroom faucets

13. HHOOMMEE Commercial Faucet

HHOOMMEE Commercial Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet Automatic Sensor...
  • Touchless Bathroom Faucet: put hands within the sensor...
  • Automatic Sensor Faucet: Automatic shutting off ensures the...
  • DC power: Sensor tap is powered by 4pcs AA alkaline...


Size (inches): 6.3 x 4.3 x 6.3

Weight (lbs): ‎4.4

Finish: Chrome, Nickel, oil-rubbed Black

Material: brass


  • Made of lead-free brass
  • Infrared sensor (activation distance 10-18 cm)
  • Deck mounted installation (single hole, 20-30 millimeters in diameter)
  • Battery-powered (4 AA batteries with a listed capacity of 2 years for average family use)
  • Can be installed as both cold-only or hot and cold water unit

What makes it better?

If you’re looking for a sturdy faucet that’s likely to outlast your sink, this HHOOMMEE basin tip is definitely worth considering.

The orb-finished touchless faucet features a solid aerator that delivers a smooth, splash-free flow.

However, its strongest selling point is the low price that will save you hundreds if you’re looking for multiple commercial units.


  • Easy installation
  • Sensitive, efficient activation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Steady pressure control


  • Drain stopper not included

14. Zurn Z6915-XL Aquasense

Zurn Z6915-XL Aquasense A Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet
  • Flow Rate 1.5 gpm Vandal Resistant Aerator
  • Occupant Detection Infrared convergence-type proximity...
  • Thirty Second Time out feature


Size (inches): 8.31 x 12 x 7.31

Weight (lbs): 4.4

Finish: Chrome

Maximum flow: 1.5 GPM

Material: brass


  • Powerful high-capacity aerator
  • Automatic time-out (30 seconds)
  • Features an-line filter

What makes it better?

If you need a touchless bathroom faucet that’s built like a tank, this cast-brass Zurn is the unit for you.

It’s listed as “vandal-resistant” which makes it a great choice for busy commercial spaces and durability-focused homeowners.

Granted, it costs more than what you’d typically pay for a commercial touchless faucet, but those looking for durability and longevity will have no problem with the premium price point.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Multiple flow rates and power configurations available
  • Heavy-duty build – cast brass
  • Time-out feature
  • Hefty aerator


  • I’ve seen one too many reports of an-arrival issues for a unit at this price point

15. HALO Automatic Motion Sensor Faucet

Halo Automatic Motion Sensor Faucet Touchless Bathroom Faucet Motion...
  • 【Premium Quality with Modern Design】:This automatic...
  • 【Sensitive Sensor Function】:Compared with other general...
  • 【Water Saving &Easy to Install】:Water efficient faucet...


Size (inches): 5.31 v 4.72 x 3.94

Weight (lbs): 4.44

Finish: polished white

Maximum flow: 2 GPM

Material: brass


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant (NSS-tested)
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Double-sensor module – higher sensitivity (6-10 inches activation)

What makes it better?

The good thing about this Halo is that it stands at the sweet spot between quality, build, and features. In other words, it’s a solid value for money.

It might not be superior in absolute terms, but it’s one of the top choices in its price range.


  • Well-built
  • Responsive motion sensor
  • Fast customer service


  • Occasional report of leeks developing few months into use

Reference Information

In the rest of this guide, I’ll go over some reference information on choosing a touchless bathroom faucet. If the units I listed above aren’t a good fit, try our best bathroom faucet reviews.

The Basics

How do touchless faucets work?

They work by sending a ray of infrared light that ‘recognizes’ if there’s something in the space below the faucet. If deflected, the ray sends the information back to the motion sensor, which turns the water on and off.

Types of installation

Most popular bathroom faucets of this type are either single or three-hole deck mounted. Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon a wall-mounted piece (far less common).

Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Faucets


One of the three most important benefits of a touchless bathroom faucet is hygiene. No-touch means no germs or cross-contamination, a benefit that became more important over the last two years.

It’s also a less messy option than a regular faucet since you’re not splashing water around with wet hands when turning the tap off.

Water and money-saving

There’s a good reason that airports and malls went touchless a long time ago, and it’s not the goodness of their hearts.

It’s the fact that a touchless bathroom sink faucet saves a bit of money and water on each activation. Over the year, that adds up to a significant amount, and the unit will likely pay for itself within a few years through water costs alone.


Turning the faucet on and off without touching it is life-changing, so say most of my clients and owners in the touchless bathroom faucet reviews I went through when writing this guide.

They’re also more user-friendly for kids and people with disabilities.

Shortcomings of a Touchless Faucet

I can think of only one significant shortcoming – they’re more complex, which means more things can malfunction.

It also means that the maintenance cost for the projected lifespan is a peg higher.

The shortcoming can be offset by choosing a reliable unit from a trusted brand, preferably one that comes with a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are touch faucets reliable?

Yes, they are reliable if you go with a trusted brand. It is, however, fair to say that they have a shorter lifespan than a conventional bathroom faucet.

What is the best brand of touchless bathroom faucets?

These are the top 13 brands (in alphabetical order):

  • American Standard
  • Bezier
  • Demo
  • Charming water
  • Delta
  • Gangang
  • Grohe
  • Halo
  • Kohler
  • Luxice
  • Moen
  • Zurn

*The brand picks above are based on my opinion.

Are touchless faucets worth the money?

They are well worth the money, both in terms of convenience and direct savings. A good touchless bathroom sink faucet will pay for itself within a few years.

What is the best touchless bathroom faucet?

My top overall pick is Delta Lahara.

How to install a touchless bathroom faucet?

Touchless faucet installation is pretty straightforward, and you’ll probably be able to do it yourself. The caveat here is that you might void your warranty if things go south and you somehow damage the unit.

Also, we’re talking about water and electricity here, and if you’re not experienced and absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, your best bet is hiring a professional.

These are the basic installation steps:

  1. Shut off the supply valve and drain the faucet
  2. Make sure that you have a putty plate in place at the bottom of the unit
  3. Insert all the cables and the flex hoses through the holes
  4. Tighten the spin nuts onto the mounting studs
  5. Choose a location and mount your control box (it should be close enough to allow you to connect the wiring to the faucet)
  6. Connect the spout hose to the nipple of the control box and tighten
  7. If you’re installing a mixing valve, use a thread swivel nut
  8. Follow the scheme (included with pretty much any unit) to connect the wiring

Where to install a touchless bathroom faucet?

They are typically secured to the underside of the sink.

Do they need electricity?

They do need some form of power. Some of them can be attached to your house wiring (low voltage from an AC transformer), and some of them are battery operated.

Conclusion & Takeaways

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world forever, and the current market circumstances are a perfect storm for touchless faucets. Even when all the ruckus around the coronavirus subsides, people will likely be more aware of the germs on everyday objects.

This means more competition and a fast-changing market. But it also means that due diligence is more important than ever before.

I’m not naming names, but there will always be brands looking to make a quick buck on the back of market trends.

We want to avoid spending our hard-earned money on sub-par brands – for reasons beyond money.

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