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The 8 Best Waterfall Shower Heads for Your Home

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Ever wanted to shower under a waterfall? Well now you can, and it doesn’t involve traveling to a far and distant country. Enjoy a relaxing and soothing shower session with the best waterfall shower head!

But which one do you choose? With so many models and designs flooding the market, just choosing one can be a time-consuming task.

That’s where this complete product guide comes in. Here you’ll find 8 of the best rainfall shower head models available today, our best overall pick being the stylish and functional Dream Spa luxury shower system.

This comes with a handheld showerhead alongside the already excellent rainfall showerhead. You rarely find such versatility at a low price – and it’s why this wins our top pick!

We’ve also put together a useful buyer’s guide with everything you’ll need to consider before you make your final purchase.

Still unsure? No worries, we’ve got an FAQ section at the bottom to answer any last burning questions you may have. If you want more information on choosing your new waterfall showerhead, just keep on reading!

If You’re in a Hurry – My Tops Picks at a Glance

The 8 Best Waterfall Shower Heads

1) Best Overall - Dream Spa Luxury Shower System with Handheld Shower Head

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury 9" Rainfall Shower Head/Handheld Combo....
  • EXTRA-LARGE RAIN SHOWER HEAD: Extra Large 9 Inch Face for...

The first product on our list, and our overall best waterfall shower head, is this luxury shower system from Dream Spa. If you need to relax, the calming rainfall effect of this showerhead is just what you need.

The 9-inch square showerhead is a perfect size. It’s big enough for the water to flow either side of you but small enough so it doesn’t look too big and cumbersome.

Your purchase also comes with a 4.75-inch square handheld showerhead complete with a 5 feet long stainless steel hose. This can be used for a quick shower when you’re in a rush.

The handheld showerhead has a button that controls the flow so you can adjust the setting with one hand, instead of hard-to-use dials like other showerhead styles.

The versatility that two showerheads provide allows you to get the best clean, and it’s something that you rarely see in one package. It really makes this showerhead stand out, and is why it’s first on our list.

The jets are easy to clean and the classy and sophisticated design features a chrome finish with an ABS plastic underbody. This timeless and neutral design will suit every bathroom suite.

Easy to fit, this rainfall shower head can be installed without tools. The handheld portion can be put in a convenient place thanks to the handy suction cups that are included. The brass ball joint also allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead for the best set-up.


  • Push-button controls – easy-to-use and convenient, allowing you to relax and enjoy your shower.
  • Handheld showerhead- included for quick showers or hard-to-reach spots.
  • Quick and easy installation- no tools required to set up.
  • Extra-large showerhead – provides shoulder-to-shoulder coverage.


  • Doesn’t come with a shower arm– so if you need this will have to purchase it separately.

2) Best Luxury Option - ELLO&ALLO High Pressure 6 Function Shower System

KOJOX Shower System with High Pressure 10'' Rainfall Shower Head,...
  • Includes: 10 inch Square rain shower head(304 stainless...
  • Characteristics of pre-embedded valve bodies: the pressure...
  • Air pressurization: With adoption of innovative air...

Our best luxury rain shower head is the ELLO&ALLO high-pressure model. Even with low-pressure levels, the ingenious air injection technology adds air to the water to maximize the water pressure, mimicking a natural waterfall.

The huge 10-inch square showerhead provides a full coverage rainfall effect and your purchase also comes complete with a brass handheld shower attachment, and a 1.5-meter shower hose.

The pressure balance valve chamber also monitors the water pressure so you don’t get scalded because of sudden pressure changes. This can happen if someone else starts to use the faucets elsewhere in the house. The clever valve chamber prevents any nasty shocks from sudden hot or cold water.

The matte black design is perfect for adding a classy and modern touch to your bathroom. The shower head’s multi-layered electroplated exterior has also passed the salt spray test, meaning it can withstand surface corrosion caused by the humid environment of a bathroom.


  • Monitors water pressure- prevents scalding from hot or cold water.
  • Available in 5 other finishes – ensures it will match your room style.
  • Huge 10-inch showerhead- provides a full-coverage water flow.


  • It is on the expensive side- more of an investment.

3) Most Affordable - NearMoon Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head

High Pressure Shower Head, 8 Inch Rain Showerhead, Ultra-Thin Design-...
  • 👍 STYLISH, NICE LOOK, High Quality SHOWER HEAD-Most...

If you’re on a budget and think that you won’t be able to enjoy a waterfall shower, think again. Our best budget pick goes to this stainless steel model from NearMoon.

Its stylish and high-quality design will look at home in any bathroom. Unlike other rainfall shower heads that are made from plastic, the NearMoon 8-inch wide shower head has been crafted from strong stainless steel.

This means it’s super durable and completely rust-resistant. The high-shine chrome finish gives a chic and classy look that will complement any bathroom suite.

The anti-clogging silicone jets prevent hard water and limescale build-up, making it very low maintenance. This rain showerhead is also adjustable so all household members can use it. The perfect way to bring a spot of luxury to your home.

The installation is super quick too, and you don’t even need any tools! It only takes a couple of minutes and it can be installed with either a wall or ceiling mounted shower arm. If you want your shower head above you, check out our full list of the best ceiling shower heads.


  • Stylish and luxurious design- crafted from stainless steel, will look great in any bathroom.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles- helps reduce maintenance time.
  • Available in 3 different finishes- enables it to match multiple bathroom styles.


  • More premium rain shower products available – some prefer the extra features these offer.

4) M Boenn Waterfall Shower Head

M Boenn Waterfall Shower Head Wall Mounted Shower Panel Square...
  • Features: showerheads it is surface treatment made by...
  • Material: the shower head are made of thickened brass...
  • Water pressure:Large water output 16L per minute, high...

The best waterfall shower head should be stylish and offer the most relaxing experience possible. This shower head from M Boenn does just that.

The unique design would be a great statement piece in any bathroom suite. Made from solid brass, this high-pressure waterfall shower head is built to last.

Crafted from advanced chrome electroplating which is resistant against corrosion, scratches, and tarnishing, meaning your new shower head stays looking new for longer. Easy to install, this beautiful shower head looks more like a piece of artwork than a shower accessory!


  • Attractive and unique design – really makes a statement and makes your bathroom stand out.
  • Crafted from premium solid brass –so you know the quality is high.
  • Corrosion and tarnish-resistant chrome electroplated finish – allows it to look sleek and new for longer, and makes cleaning easier.


  • Unique design- may not appeal to everyone.

5) Mesun Pressure Shower with Adjustable Arm

MeSun 12 Inch High Pressure Showerhead with 11 Inch Arm
  • 【RAIN SHOWER HEAD】: 12'' Large Stainless Steel Square...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE EXTENTION ARM】: 11'' Shower Head Arm. Made...
  • 【INSTALLS IN SECONDS】: No need any tools. Simply screw...

Waterfall showers are becoming increasingly popular and with this stunning shower head from Mesun, you can enjoy the latest trend of rainfall showers! This modern and luxury stainless steel shower head features an 11-inch adjustable extension arm.

It’s easy to install, simply remove the old one and twist the new showerhead on, no tools or experience required, and the process only takes a few minutes!

The flexible, silicone anti-clogging nozzles prevent mineral or limescale build-up. This build-up can block the spray holes and affects the flow. The showerhead has also been constructed from premium materials and has undergone a PVD multiple-layer plating process for extra durability.


  • Beautiful design- adds an air of luxury to any bathroom.
  • Made from premium materials- so it looks great and lasts for longer.
  • Easy to install- no tools required, can be done by anyone.


  • Hard to find- may sell out quickly.

6) HarJue Adjustable Shower Head

HarJue High Pressure Large Stainless Steel Square Rain ShowerHead With...
  • Enjoy A Powerful Rain Shower: The rain shower head,...
  • Rust Resistant Features & Self-Cleaning: The shower heads...
  • Extra-Large Rainfall Shower Head: Extra-large (12 Inches)...

The best rain shower heads should offer a powerful shower and be economical at the same time., and this one does just that. This showerhead from HarJue has also been manufactured with laser welding technology, making it super strong.

It has a slim design and a high-pressure water flow of 2.5 Gallons per minute, so you can enjoy a great shower experience without wasting water. It’s been manufactured from stainless steel with rust resistance.

The showerhead interface has been created from corrosion-resistant and leak-proof brass, and the self-cleaning silicone nozzles are easy to maintain and prevent hard water build-up.

The extra-large 12-inch showerhead provides a full coverage rainfall effect shower, while the 360-degree rotational head means you can get that perfect position. The arms are fully adjustable and made from brass, meaning they’re super durable.

The installation is quick, and your purchase comes with a specialized tool to make fitting your new showerhead a breeze! No plumbers or experience needed.


  • Economical GPM flow rate- helps save water and keep bills low.
  • Chrome finish- stunning and stylish design complements the room.
  • Powerful, high-pressure flow –more than enough power for most people.


  • Only available in 2 finishes- may not match your bathroom style.

If saving water is important to you, check out our list of the best low flow shower heads!

7) SOOOHOT Shower Rain System with Waterfall Tub Spout

SOOOHOT Rain Shower System with Waterfall Tub Spout 2 Function Brushed...
  • 🎁【COMPLETE KIT】 : Including 12 inch square...

  • 🛀【EASY OPERATION】: With single handle for...

  • 🔨【NANO-BRUSHED TECHNOLOGY】: Resists fingerprints...

This sleek and attractive rainfall shower head is the perfect solution for adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Easy to use, the single handle allows you to adjust the temperature with just one hand. The hand shower also allows for quick washes for when you’re in a rush.

It features advanced nano-brushed technology that’s resistant to water spots and fingerprints, so your new rainfall shower head will look new even after years of use. Constructed from lead-free, 304-grade stainless steel and premium quality copper.

If you’re looking for a new shower head that’s stylish and functional, this is the model for you!


  • Single handle – makes it easy to use.
  • Complete kit- includes everything you need for a full waterfall shower setup.
  • Elegant and chic design- will look great in most bathrooms.


  • Limited stock- may be hard to find.

8) Suguword Large Square Rain Shower

Sd 16 Inch Large Square Rain Shower head, Stainless Steel Shower Head...
  • 【Material】: 16 inch Large Stainless Steel Square...
  • 【Design】: You can adjust and fix it to any angle you...
  • 【Installation】: Standard 1/2'' threads, easy to install...

The last pick on our list of the best waterfall shower heads is this super large 16-inch stainless steel model from Suguword. The full-body coverage ensures you get that perfect waterfall effect, and the durable and corrosion-resistant construction ensures your unit will last.

Enjoy a rainfall shower experience just like you would in a luxury hotel, right in the comfort of your own home. Adjust the angle of the showerhead however you like to get the perfect water spray position.

Easy to fit, it can be installed on the wall or ceiling in just minutes, without using any tools. Offering a consistently powerful rainfall effect, this showerhead will give you that spa feeling.


  • Super large design- provides great coverage; a true rainfall experience.
  • Powerful and reliable- so you leave feeling clean, every time.
  • Lead-free and corrosion-resistant- reduces maintenance time and makes it look new for longer.


  • Very large– some may prefer a more discreet design.

What is a Waterfall Shower Head?

If you want to make your shower look magazine-worthy, a waterfall shower is what you need in your life. A waterfall, or rain, shower head is either mounted on the ceiling or attached to the wall and it delivers a drenching or raindrop effect.

Rain shower heads are gaining popularity quickly because of their outdoorsy feel. They mimic the feeling of rainfall as well as cascading waterfalls for an upgraded and calming showering experience.

They’re also very aesthetically pleasing, offering a clean and attractive touch to your bathroom renovation. When you start looking at waterfall shower heads, you’ll notice that they have holes as well as slots.

It’s these slots that give it the waterfall effect. These shower heads can be bought as wall-mounted or in an overhead style to replace the standard shower heads, but most of them are wall-mounted.

Buying Guide: Criteria to Pick the Best Waterfall Shower Head


First, consider your budget. As our guide proves, the best waterfall shower head doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s best to decide on a budget and try to stick to it. Remember, expensive doesn’t always mean superior quality and longevity.

To keep costs down, be sure to choose one that only has features you know you’ll use. Do you really want to pay extra for that showerhead with Bluetooth speakers that you won’t use?

Water pressure

Rain or waterfall showers don’t usually have very high-pressure levels. This is because they’re designed to feel like a relaxing rainshower instead of a harsh blast. Many rain shower head styles are advertised as high-pressure but you may not feel it.

Normally, the bigger the shower head, the weaker the water pressure will be because it’s distributed over a larger surface area.

Water pressure levels are measured by the GPM, or gallons per minute that come through the showerhead. They can be as low as 1.5 GPM and as high as 2.5. Needless to say, the lower the GPM rating, the more economical the shower head will be.

The higher GPM shower heads will have a higher pressure, but manufacturers tend to restrict this to 2.5 GPM at the most. This means you won’t find a shower head with higher pressure.

Water usage

This ties in with the pressure. Lots of people are starting to become more environmentally friendly and because water is such an important and precious resource, it’s up to us to do as much as we can to conserve it.

When shopping for your new rain shower head, try to pick one with a GPM rating of less than 2.5. Any more than this will be wasting water, not to mention sending your water bills through the roof!


Rainfall or waterfall showers come in different kinds of showerheads depending on which materials they’re made from. These materials play an important part in their durability levels. Here are some of the most commonly used showerhead materials:

  • Stainless steel – Stainless steel is the main material that’s used in manufacturing waterfall showerheads. It’s durable and resistant to rust, which is essential in keeping the unit looking new.
  • Brass – Brass is a very common material that’s used to make shower systems because of its strength and durability. It also looks great and is perfect for pipe fittings.
  • ABS Chrome – This material is used a lot because it’s easy to plate and provides a strong surface finish.


Your whole household should be able to enjoy the new waterfall shower head. For this reason, try to pick one that has an adjustable head.

This means that each person who uses it can adjust it to get the perfect height and angle to suit them. Adjustable rain shower heads are much more versatile and offer a better overall bathing experience.

Shower head size

Before buying your new showerhead, be sure to measure how much space you have to spare in your bathroom. Once you’ve got an accurate measurement, choose a showerhead that’s a suitable size.

The last thing you want is to buy one and find that it engulfs your shower! Not only that but the wrong size may also not give you the best waterfall shower experience possible.

Ease of Installation

Your shower installation can be done in one of two ways; on the wall or your bathroom ceiling. As the name suggests, a wall-mounted rain shower head would attach to the wall in your shower. This is usually a quick DIY job that doesn’t require much effort.

Most of the time you simply remove the old shower head and pop the new one on. Although a rain shower head may spray at an angle, you can get extendable shower arms to adjust it so it sits above your head.

Rain shower heads can also be mounted to the ceiling. These connect to the piping in your ceiling. Unfortunately, if you don’t currently have a ceiling-mounted showerhead, the required piping probably doesn’t exist so you’d need to hire a plumber to install extra piping.

If this is too inconvenient, you can always opt for a wall-mounted rain shower head with an extension instead.


Over time, showerheads are well known for developing hard water or mineral buildup. Not only is this unsightly and harmful to your health, but it can also affect the shower head’s performance.

To avoid this, choose a shower head with self-cleaning, or anti-clogging nozzles. These nozzles are typically made from soft silicone and they allow you to simply wipe away any mineral or limescale buildup.


A warranty is a sign of good quality. It will give you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase decision and different brands offer different levels of guarantee.

Although any warranty level is good, a product with a lifetime guarantee will be better than a shower with a 12-month warranty.

Are Waterfall Shower Heads Expensive to Run?

Generally no, because most showerheads will have a maximum GPM of 2.5 which is the flow restriction in most states.

This means you can enjoy your new rain shower head without worrying about wasting this precious resource.

If you’re looking for a showerhead that conserves water, check out my favorite low-flow shower heads.


What is the best waterfall shower head?

All of the rain shower head models on our list are great choices. They all provide functionality, style, and affordability but our top pick is the Dream Spa luxury rain shower head.

With its perfect size, stunning design, and functional button control, it’s the perfect way to add class and elegance to your bathroom.

Do waterfall showerheads use more water?

Typically no, rainfall showers don’t use any more water than regular showerheads. But it is a good idea to choose one with an economical GPM rating that fits within your state’s restrictions. Luckily, manufacturers generally put a cap on their GPM rating, usually a maximum of 2.5.

This will not only help your home to be more eco-friendly but it will also prevent any nasty surprises when you get your next bill!

With that said, because of the wider distribution of water, it will take less time for you to give your whole body a soak. So you may find you’re able to shower more quickly, conserving more water!

Which brand of shower head is the best?

There are lots of great brands that create amazingly functional and stylish shower head models. Each brand offers different features and functions and it completely depends on your personal preference and needs.

We’ve got lots of premium quality rain shower head manufacturers on our list, with products that you really can’t go wrong with!

Which type of showerhead has the highest pressure?

Because a rain shower head distributes the water over a wider area than standard showerheads, the pressure won’t feel as high, even though they are advertised as being high pressure.

If you like a super firm jet then you may not get on with a rainfall showerhead. But if you want that relaxing, soothing effect that you get in luxury hotels, then a rain showerhead is a perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you’ve got a good idea of which waterfall shower head is most suitable for you and your needs. When you go shopping for your new shower head don’t forget to use our handy buyer’s guide to help you!

If you’re still a bit unsure, check out our useful FAQ section below for some information on the best rain shower head.

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