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Faucets Made in USA: The Top 7 Brands

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Choosing the right bathroom or kitchen faucet is a big decision. You’ll be living with whatever you pick for quite a while and that’s exactly why we highly recommend buying one of these faucets made in the USA.

American made faucets are high quality, dependable, and typically come with great warranties. You save money on shipping so you end up getting more bang for your buck.

The downside is that faucets made in the USA can be more expensive.

The old adage is true. You get what you pay for.

What’s So Good About American-Made Faucets?

When you buy a faucet, you want it to be well made and of high quality. Plumbing fixtures endure a considerable amount of use, and poorly made parts may wear down easily over time. When you’re buying from a US brand, you’re less likely to get cheaply-made parts that are prone to deterioration.

Buying from a US manufacturer means that you can also guarantee that your new faucet has been made in a factory with the highest standards.

Water-saving is also generally higher on the agenda for US-based brands. So, if the environment is one of your primary concerns, you can be sure you’re buying a product that’s impact has been considered and measured.

Faucets Brands Made In the USA

We’ve carried out some in-depth research, and selected the top seven brands of faucets made in the USA to save you time and effort.

1) Kohler

Kohler has a long history dating back to 1873. In addition to creating plumbing fixtures, the brand also creates engines, tiles, furniture, and generators.

Known for creating gooseneck and touchless faucets with an ultra-modern design, Kohler is impressive and innovative with their faucet designs.


  • Packed with features- If you’re after a faucet that has all of the latest mod-cons, Kohler is the brand for you.
  • High-quality- Kohler makes some very high-quality products.


  • Price– With the higher quality found in Kohler products comes a higher price tag.

Check out the best Kohler kitchen faucets!

2) Moen

Moen is an American faucet manufacturer specializing in single-handle designs that are suitable for bathroom and kitchen sinks as well as bathtubs. Alfred Moen, the founder of Moen, is responsible for creating the first single-handle faucet.

Moen has a range of different Sip beverage faucets that deliver cold-filtered water straight to your glass. With this revolutionary design, there’s no need to have a separate system to filter your water anymore.

The Moen brand has existed since 1937 and is synonymous with innovation, style, and quality. Here are the best Moen kitchen faucets!


  • Safety- Moen’s Sip beverage faucets provide safe drinking water conveniently from your kitchen sink.
  • Stylish- Moen faucets look great. They might perfectly match the look of your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Affordability- Moen faucets offer a very affordable range of products suited to everyone’s pocket.


  • Not very high-tech- With many brands focusing their attention on the use of sensors, Moen lags behind slightly.
  • Less water-saving- There aren’t as many water-saving features as with some of the other brands on the market.

If you can’t decide between Moen and Kohler, check out our comparison guide: Moen vs Kohler: Which is better?

3) Jaclo

Jaclo is undeniably one of the best faucet brands in the US. They produce simple, durable, and accurate products that have amazing water efficiency. They’ve been in the business since 1901, meaning they know how to deliver an exceptional product.

Although a Jaclo faucet may look quite straightforward from the outside, there is innovative technology beneath the surface. If you want water efficiency without any impact on water pressure, Jaclo products can deliver.

All of the products produced by Jaclo undergo rigorous testing with independent organizations. This ensures they are compliant with all of the safety standards associated with the US market.


  • Excellent water efficiency – Stop wasting water from dripping faucets.
  • Well-established brand – You know you’re buying from a company with a great lineage in creating kitchen faucets.
  • Innovative design – Jaclo harnesses all of the latest technology to ensure you have a superior quality kitchen faucet.
  • Unlimited warranty – Whereas most US-made faucets come with a limited warranty, Jaclo products come with an industry-beating warranty.


  • Minimalist design – The designs that Jaclo produce may not suit every decor.

4) Chicago Faucets

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Faucets are known for creating a great range of commercial-style faucets that are very durable and suitable for high-use environments.

The faucets created by Chicago are available in modern and classic styles. They have both touchless and manual options available too.


  • Built to last- Chicago Faucets are built to take everything that a commercial kitchen can throw at it.
  • Great water efficiency- These faucets are designed so that you don’t waste a drop of water that you don’t need to.


  • Limited design choice- This brand is more centered on function over design.

5) Brizo

Brizo is a high-end brand that specializes in sustainable products of superior quality. Not only is the range great for ensuring you greatly reduce the amount of water you waste, but they also look fantastic, too.

They create bridge faucets as well as pull-out and pull-down faucets that really make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen.


  • Eco-friendly – Brizo specializes in eco-friendly products, meaning you’ll be able to drastically reduce water wastage in your home.
  • Handmade – All Brizo faucets are handmade with great care and attention.


  • Hard-to-find – Being a very exclusive brand, you can’t buy Brizo products in many places.

6) Grohe

Another brand with a long heritage is Grohe. Established back in 1911 as a ferric hardware manufacturer, the company switched to making bathroom faucets when it was bought out by Fredrich Grohe. In 1962, the company bought the rights to produce Moen brand mixing faucets. From then on they were able to make faucets that mixed cold and hot water effortlessly.

You can buy Grohe faucets in a wide range of different styles. In fact, you’ll probably find that as a brand, they have one of the biggest selections of products in the whole industry.

Grohe faucets are generally made of solid metal, rather than plated plastic.

Check out our guide: Grohe vs Hansgrohe faucets.


  • Well-loved US brand – If you’re looking for a brand that is popular among its customers, Grohe is a great choice.
  • Easy to install – With no complicated installation instructions, Grohe faucets are very straightforward to fit.
  • High-quality materials – Grohe use only the best materials in their products.


  • Expensive – If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, this is probably not the brand for you.

7) Waterstone

Waterstone Faucets may be one of the newer kids on the block, but what they lack in pedigree, they certainly make up for in quality. Founded in 1999, Waterstone is known for its exquisite craftsmanship. They produce stainless-steel and brass faucets with a strong European influence.

This fast-growing brand has quickly become one of the leading kitchen faucet brands in the United States while making its mark on the overseas market also.


  • Handmade – Each of Waterstones products is made by hand meaning they have unrivaled attention to detail.
  • Luxury –This is a brand that is known for creating luxury products.


  • No bathroom faucets – Waterstone currently only produces kitchen, prep, and bar faucets.
  • Price – These are high-end faucets, and as such, attract a high-end price tag.

Faucet Buying Guide


One of the biggest considerations when buying kitchen faucets is functionality. You want a product that delivers water effortlessly.

Many of the great American faucet brands have products with built-in sensors, meaning you can use your faucet without touching it. This keeps your hands free to do other things while ensuring your faucet remains free from bacteria.


Of course, price should always be a consideration when it comes to choosing kitchen faucets. When deciding on a budget for your new faucet, think about which features are most important to you. Are you looking for something that is durable, long-lasting, with an unlimited warranty? Or would you prefer a product that is feature-laden with the latest tech?

Kitchen faucet prices range dramatically. You can easily pick up affordable faucets from some of the best faucet brands – though some desirable features, such as sensors and temperature indicators, will command a heftier price tag.

If price is an issue, check out our list of the best affordable kitchen faucets.

Plumbing features

There are so many innovative products on the market now, you can have a high-tech kitchen or a bathroom very easily.

Check out features such as touchless sensors and gooseneck designs that help you get the most out of your kitchen faucet.

Value for money

Kitchen faucets needn’t cost the earth. Choose a design that matches your budget and gives you good value for money. When factoring in the value of a product, think about how much use you’ll get out of it and how you’d expect its lifespan will be.


Many of the kitchen faucets made by American brands are available in both traditional and modern designs, with something to match every taste. Imagine what you’d like your sink to look like.


You’ll want your kitchen faucets to seamlessly match the aesthetic of the rest of your home, with that in mind you should pick a finish to suit. Decide whether you’d prefer to go for brass, gold, stainless steel, or chrome-plated faucets.

There are 12 different types of bathroom faucet finishes to pick from.

We’ve put together some fixture comparisons to help you decide what you like!


If you’re planning on fitting your kitchen faucets yourself, you’ll need to know that they’re going to be easy to install. Where the instructions are a little more complex, you might want to consider getting your kitchen faucet professionally installed.

You’ll need to factor this in before you buy, as it may impact how much you’ll be able to afford to spend.

Temperature settings

Do you want a separate hot and cold water faucet, or would you prefer a mixer? You could also opt for a single-handle design. When it comes to kitchen faucets, having control over your water temperature is essential.

Height and reach of spout

For practical purposes, you may need to consider the height and the reach of the spout. This is especially important if you’re using your kitchen faucet is going to be in constant use.

Water-saving features

The environmental impact of the bathroom of kitchen faucets you choose should be on the agenda. With water-efficiency features commonplace on faucets made in the USA, you can be sure you’ll not have to worry about leaks and drips filling up your kitchen sink or any excessive water bills.


Who is the most trusted manufacturer of kitchen faucets in the USA?

Overall, we found Jaclo to be the most trusted of all of the manufacturers of kitchen faucets that are made in the USA.

With a long history and unlimited warranty on their products, they’ve time and again proven that they are a brand to be trusted when it comes to plumbing products.

Are Amerian-made faucets the best type of faucet?

The standards found in USA factories are world-beating. Not only that, but the cutting-edge technology employed in the design and manufacture of USA-made bathroom and kitchen faucets is second-to-none.

How long can I expect a faucet to last with regular usage?

The length of time a faucet will last with regular usage will depend largely on the brand that you buy. For example, Chicago Faucets produce a great range that is possibly the most durable on the market. Jaclo is so confident with the quality of their products that they even offer an unlimited warranty on all of their designs.

Do most US-made faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty?

Generally speaking, most bathroom and kitchen faucets made in the USA do come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Even better than that, Jaclo products actually come with an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Are American-made faucets more expensive faucets?

If you’re looking for a high-quality faucet that is built to last, then you’ll need to be prepared to pay more.

Prices do vary depending on the brand, we found Jaclo and Moen to be exceptional value for money, whereas, if you want something that is carefully handmade like Waterstone’s kitchen faucets, you should expect to pay a higher price tag.


The humble kitchen faucet is one of the fixtures that you’ll interact with the most in your kitchen, so choosing the right type shouldn’t be left to chance.

Any of these American made faucets will be a great choice for your bathroom or kitchen. We highly recommend Moen or Kohler since those are two of the most reputable faucet brands made in the USA!

If you need more options or want to check out other countries like Germany, look at our full list of the best faucet brands.

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