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Kohler vs Delta Faucets: Which is Better?

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In the world of faucets, few brands are as universally recommended as Kohler and Delta. They both offer a fantastic range of high-quality taps suitable for both bathroom and kitchen use. But when it comes to Kohler vs Delta faucets, who truly comes out on top?

From their innovation in the plumbing industry to the general price of their products, we have compared some of the best Kohler and Delta taps out there.

Read on to see which brand we think is the all-time best, and why you should consider investing in a new faucet today!

About Kohler

First entering the plumbing scene in 1873, Kohler is one of the oldest faucet manufacturers that still exists today. Kohler offers a fantastic range of kitchen and bathroom products, from kitchen sinks to touch-free faucet designs.

Kohler is constantly innovating kitchen and bathroom faucets and their Response Touchless Technology is just one of their crowning achievements. This incredible feature offers a way to switch the faucet on without fiddling with valves and handles.

The Response Touchless tech works through a sensor found on the bottom of the faucet. When it detects movement, the tap switches on. After a couple of minutes of inactivity, the tap will switch itself off.

On top of their Touchless designs, Kohler taps also feature an incredibly impressive boost function. This helps rinse out tough stains or wash away dirt from your hands with ease by boosting the water flow and can even help you regulate your water bill.

With so many superb features, it is no wonder Kohler is one of the leading faucet brands in the world – not just in America!

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About Delta

The Delta Faucet Company is one of the biggest faucet brands in the world and has been since they arrived on the scene in 1954. They offer an impeccable range of bathroom and kitchen faucets across a spectrum of price brackets.

One of the biggest selling points of Delta faucets is their unique SpotShield technology. If you’re tired of fingerprints and grime building up quickly on your new faucets, then this is the best option for you. SpotShield tech helps your taps remain consistently shiny and free from grubby prints.

As well as their fantastic SpotShield designs, the Delta Faucet Company also offers a sub-brand designed with luxury in mind called Brizo.

A big focus of Brizo faucets is their eco-friendly design and general aesthetics. As they are a luxury brand, they can afford to spend slightly more on innovation and offer some of the best-looking faucets to complement any kitchen or bathroom décor.

When it comes to pricing, Delta is one of the best value-t0-function faucet brands on the market. Plumbers around the world are constantly recommending Delta taps for anyone who is on a strict budget.

Delta has quickly established itself as one of the best faucet brands available on the market, but can they compete with the pricier luxury brands out there?

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Kohler vs Delta Faucets: Head-To-Head Comparison

As we walk through each of these criteria, be sure to make your decision based on what matters most to you.

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Product Range 

Finding a faucet that matches your kitchen or bathroom décor can be a struggle, especially when you have a unique design in mind. This is why it’s important that any brand you are interested in offers a complete product range.

Thankfully, both Kohler and Delta offer a super range of bathroom and kitchen faucets, so you will easily be able to find one that suits your tastes.

Delta mainly focuses on budget-priced faucets that offer a range of functionality without breaking the bank. However, they also operate a luxury brand known as Brizo faucets. Brizo faucets can compete with the best and are a great alternative to cheaper Delta faucets if you have the cash to spare.

Brizo mainly offers eco-friendly and easy-to-maintain designs. In terms of aesthetics, they offer a selection of different styles. If you are looking for a unique design to compliment your décor then Brizo may be the right brand for you.

On the opposite side of the spectrum to Delta faucets, Kohler offers a range of incredible luxury styles. Kohler mainly focuses on premium and high-end faucets, which means that their product range is a little limited for anyone on a strict budget.

But, if you are lucky enough to have the money spare, Kohler does offer some of the best faucets on the market today. With their unique touchless design, you will struggle to find a premium brand quite like Kohler.

Overall, if it comes down to the breadth and depth of a brand’s product range, Delta may just take this one. As Delta also offers a luxury brand, Brizo, as well as their traditional budget faucets, they have something for everyone.

Winner: Delta


When purchasing a brand new product, you want to be assured that the quality is decent. No one wants to purchase a new faucet only to notice leaks a couple of days down the line.

Kohler is not only one of the best brands on the plumbing market in terms of functionality, but they also offer consistently high levels of quality. As their taps are designed for the premium market, you can expect the quality of materials and workmanship to be unparalleled.

Most taps included in the Kohler range will offer a perfect balance between quality and price. This means, if you are planning on purchasing a Kohler tap, then you can be certain that the design will last you a lifetime.

In terms of quality, Delta also offers an impressive selection of faucets. Plumbers around the world are constantly recommending Delta taps, and it’s not just for their design and functionality. Most Delta taps will offer high levels of durability and rust-resistant designs so you can shop with ease.

Although both brands offer consistently impressive faucets, Kohler wins when it comes to general quality. This is one of the benefits of buying one of the kitchen faucets made in the USA. When purchasing a Kohler tap, you will typically pay more than if you are buying a Delta option, and the quality shows.

Winner: Kohler

Faucet Technology 

Although you may not expect it, the plumbing world is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to spice up your kitchen and bathroom. One of the biggest ways this is happening is through faucet designs.

A big reason Kohler is so renowned across the globe is thanks to their innovative Response Touchless technology. Instead of messing around with stiff handles, most Kohler taps will allow you to simply pass your hand under the faucet and the water will switch on.

On some Kohler designs, you can also find their unique boost function. This impressive addition will offer extra power by boosting the water flow which is perfect for tough stains. You can also expect a range of spray patterns from the faucet wand.

Delta is also no slouch when it comes to bringing innovation to the world of faucets. Their SpotShield technology ensures you don’t leave fingerprints and smudges on your tap. This saves you the effort of needing to constantly scrub down your taps – especially if you have children!

Overall, for true innovation Kohler is perhaps one of the best faucet brands out there. If you are looking to add a futuristic feel to your kitchen or bathroom, then Kohler is the brand for you.

Winner: Kohler


The price of a faucet is usually one of the largest considerations you will make when choosing which one is suited to your needs. Both Delta and Kohler offer a range of faucets across a spectrum of prices.

You can find a range of economical or premium options from both brands, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that aligns with your budget. However, for small-budget builds, Delta might just be the winners.

One of the main focuses of Kohler faucets is their touchless technology. Although this is an excellent addition to your plumbing package, it does mean you will usually have to pay more for a Kohler faucet than a Delta product.

If you have the money spare, splashing out on a Kohler faucet may be worth it thanks to the innovations Kohler provides. However, in terms of overall pricing, especially for anyone on a budget, Delta offers the best-priced options between the two brands.

Winner: Delta 


Ensuring you don’t need to spend a fortune if your faucet breaks or starts being at fault is a great way to future-proof your kitchen and bathroom. There is a range of warranty types available, including options that allow you to get a replacement for free.

Delta offers a fantastic lifelong warranty option, as long as the original owner of the faucet still owns the property it was installed in. This warranty covers defects in the materials used and general workmanship problems.

In terms of commercial properties, Delta also offers two different warranty periods depending on the type of property the faucet is installed in. Multi-family residential applications will have access to a 10-year warranty. Whereas, other commercial properties such as hotels and schools will have access to a 5-year warranty.

Kohler also offers a warranty with all of their faucet products, however, it will only cover your purchase for a year. The one-year limited warranty will cover any issues regarding workmanship and general defects in the materials used in their Kohler kitchen faucets.

Overall, Delta offers better warranty options, especially if you are installing one in a property you own. If you are wanting the best security for your faucet, then Delta offers better warranty options.

Winner: Delta

Customer Support 

Although often overlooked, customer support can be an important aspect of any purchase. You don’t want to install your new faucet only to run into issues and have no one to call.

Both Kohler and Delta offer highly rated and easy-to-access customer support helplines. Simply give them a call and you will be directed through to the service you need. So whether this is a purchase inquiry or warranty related you can expect a similar experience with both brands.

Winner: Tied


Are Kohler faucets worth it?

If you can afford the asking price of some of the top Kohler faucets on the market, then they are more than worth it. Thanks to Kohler’s innovative Touchless tech and boost function they offer some of the best faucets on the market today!

What’s the difference between kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets?

There are very few differences between a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet. The most notable one is that a typical bathroom faucet with be smaller than a kitchen option. Most bathroom taps will also link to a water storage tank in your loft so it won’t be as fresh as the water from the kitchen.

What brand of faucets do plumbers recommend?

When it comes to value for money, most plumbers will recommend a Delta or Grohe faucet. Both brands offer impressive budget options that are suited for bathrooms and kitchens of all sizes. They are also highly compatible with most existing plumbing fixtures.

For luxury, your typical plumber may recommend a Kohler or Moen faucet. As they offer a range of premium features, Kohler and Moen are highly recommend when money isn’t an issue.

Delta vs Kohler Faucets: Who is the Winner?

Choosing a winner between these two juggernaut brands has been incredibly difficult. Delta has constantly offered affordable and durable options suited for budget builds.

Kohler is constantly innovating the faucet market with their touchless designs.

In a Kohler vs Delta faucets showdown, we believe Delta faucets are the best option for most people.

Their fantastic faucet range is perfectly priced and they even offer a luxury Brizo brand for anyone looking for eco-friendly pull-down faucets.

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