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Kraus Vs Vigo Faucet: Which is Better?

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Kraus and Vigo are sink, faucet, and bathroom accessory providers that both provide extremely high quality products. But which plumbing fixtures brand is better for kitchen and bathroom faucets and why?

In this Kraus vs Vigo faucet comparison, we’ll review each brand and compare them on some of the major criteria points.

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Should You Choose Kraus or Vigo?

Kraus puts design at the forefront of everything they do and believes it is important to transform mundane, everyday spaces into somewhere special. They also strive to simultaneously raise industry standards of quality and believe that functionality should not be sacrificed for aesthetics.

Vigo also believes that form is as vital as the function of their products. They pride themselves on their stunning, high-quality products and have a mission to enhance living as a result of them. The customer experience is extremely important to them as well as instilling peace of mind in their buyers.

With similar values, Klaus and Vigo are highly-rated companies but… which is better to buy a faucet from?

Kraus Vs Vigo Faucets: Head-To-Head

Faucet Range

Both Kraus and Vigo boast an impressive range of bathroom and kitchen faucets. However, there can only be one winner.

Kraus offers over 150 kitchen and 116 bathroom faucets that can be filtered by whatever you can think of. With faucets that have a pull down spray head, filter faucets, and even sensor-activated faucets. You can filter by features that may seem trivial, such as faucet height and finish.

The comprehensive color and style range from Kraus is also impressive. Choose a kitchen faucet in matte black or oil-rubbed bronze, depending on the style of your home.

The range of Vigo kitchen faucets is also very impressive with 100+ faucets on offer, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for. Offering kitchen faucets with a pull down sprayer head and faucets with soap dispensers included, Vigo provides some unique options.

However, where Vigo lacks in range, Kraus makes up for it. With advanced features and all-you-will-ever-need faucet sets, Kraus shines through in this area.

Kraus gets bonus points for being one of our favorite faucet brands made in the USA.

Winner: Kraus

Build Quality

Kraus offers faucets made from a durable stainless steel material. Constructed with heavy-duty materials and an all-metal body, the premium components used to make these faucets are exceptional. Kraus trusts in its products’ durability so much that they are backed by a warranty.

Vigo provides faucets with solid brass construction and stainless steel. This along with the impressive cFiber© shell means that each bathroom and kitchen faucet is durable and resilient. Vigo faucets are hardwearing and made with superior materials.

Winner: Vigo


Kraus offers an extremely comprehensive, wide range of faucet finishes to customers. From a stainless steel finish to matte black and red. You can be confident in the finish of your new kitchen or bathroom faucet as it is wear-resistant and can endure tarnishing and corrosion.

All-Brite™ is a finish that’s easy to clean and fingerprint resistant. Expect it to always look as good as new with Kraus.

Although Vigo faucets do have a less varied range of faucet finishes, that doesn’t mean they’ve lost out yet. Finish Plated™ combats corrosion and makes sure that the finish is consistent and durable. Vigo also offers many faucets with a 7 layer plated finish too.

Winner: Kraus

Water Flow/Economy

Kraus faucets are economically friendly and combat water waste. The durable ceramic cartridge helps to prevent leaks and consequently, water waste, which leads to 10,000 gallons lost a year. The kitchen faucet aerators in the pot filler faucets add air to the water, meaning less water is used and the splash-free spout aids this too.

Vigo’s eco-friendly faucets all have a flow rate of 1.8 GPM which helps to conserve water. Eternal Seal™ saves water by preventing leaking and dripping from the faucet, achieved by a ceramic disc cartridge.

Winner: Kraus

Getting Replacement Parts

The warranties for products from both Vigo and Kraus will be discussed next but, how easy is it to replace the parts of your bathroom or kitchen faucet?

Replacing the cartridge on your Kraus brand faucet is straightforward and can be done any time up to 5 years after the purchase date. Any replacement parts for the head sprayer have a much smaller window of just 1 year after the original purchase.

Vigo faucet cartridge replacement is straightforward and, in most circumstances, covered by the lifetime limited warranty. The time frame covered for the replacement of a cartridge is also 5 years and the sprayer is 1 year.

Although the warranties of each brand are different, the replacement terms and conditions are extremely similar.

Winner: Both


The Limited Lifetime Warranty on faucets by Kraus guarantees repair or replacement on finish or workmanship faults. This warranty remains intact as long as you remain in the same residence as when the new kitchen faucet was fitted. The Kerox ceramic cartridge is also a part of this warranty for 5 years.

The Vigo faucet lifetime warranty guarantees repair or replacement on hardware and glass forever. Repair of the cartridge is covered under the warranty for 5 years after first purchasing your Vigo brand faucet.

Winner: Vigo


Of course, pricing depends on different materials, features, and functions. However, it is possible to compare two similar products from both of these brands.

A simple, one-handle, matte black, pull down kitchen faucet from Kraus stands at $190 on Amazon. An extremely similar model from Vigo can be found for $180 which is only a reduction of $10.

However, the Kraus KPF faucet has a spot-free finish which means it will suffer from fewer finger spots and make for easy cleaning. It also offers two spray modes on the spray head, to control the water pressure and make it more appropriate for your current task.

Winner: Vigo

Pros & Cons



  • Wide variety of faucets – the large range allows for you to choose any style you may like, while also getting what you want from the faucet.
  • Premium materials – solid brass body and stainless steel finish not only look good but also mean your faucet is durable and trustworthy.
  • Available in faucet sets – faucet sets allow you to buy two or three of the same style faucet. Some of these sets offered side sprayers and water filters.
  • Sensor activated – some of the faucets from Kraus were hands-free and were turned on and off with a wave of the hand.


  • Slightly pricier – depending on how you look at it, Kraus’ products are much pricier on average.
  • Warranty isn’t for life – unlike the Vigo warranty, hardware and glass on your faucet are not covered forever.



  • Soap dispenser – most of Vigo’s faucet models had a soap dispenser included which is helpful.
  • Warranty for life – the warranty on the faucets guarantees to repair or replace parts based on faults with hardware and glass… forever.
  • Eco-friendly – 1.8 GPM flow rate helps to tackle climate change and prevent water waste.


  • Fewer features – a lot of the technological models from Kraus such as Touch and Sensor cannot be matched at Vigo.
  • Fewer finish options – caters to fewer people and styles as there is limited color and finish options.
  • Not enough unique designs – many of the styles found at Vigo could be found at Kraus too, as well as many more.


Does Vigo or Kraus make shower faucets?

Vigo does make a range of shower panels and faucets. They offer a variety to choose from in black and silver finishes. They also have options with detachable shower heads too.

While Kraus produces a stunning range of bathroom faucets, there are currently no shower faucets in the product range.

Where are Vigo and Kraus from?

Vigo is headquartered in New York and has distribution centers in New Jersey and California. The products are made in China. The company was founded in 2009.

Kraus was founded a little earlier, in 2007, and also has its headquarters in New York. Although the company uses German engineering techniques, the products are made in India and China.

Are Kraus and Vigo sustainable brands?

Any good kitchen faucet review should cover the sustainability of the brands involved.

Many Vigo products are designed to reduce water flow, and all are CALGREEN compliant. Many of Kraus’ products are also designed with the environment in mind. For example, double sinks can help you rinse and wash dishes by hand more effectively, without running a lot of water which will be wasted. They also have low-flow faucets to save water.

Both brands have long warranties, so you can replace any faulty parts easily and ensure water isn’t being wasted due to a faulty faucet.

How much does a Vigo or Kraus faucet cost?

Bathroom and kitchen faucets from both brands vary considerably in price depending on the type, with a pull-down kitchen faucet generally being more expensive.

Kraus faucets range from around $80-$400, depending on the style. Vigo faucets are mainly in the $200-300 range. Just like other faucets, all mounting hardware, deck plates, and both the spout and handles are included in the price.

Conclusion: Kraus vs Vigo Final Decision

Overall, both brands are excellent providers of kitchen and bathrooms faucets. However, based on the factors deemed to be important by many people when shopping for faucets, there is a clear winner.

In comparing Kraus vs Vigo faucets, we give the edge to Kraus.

Kraus kitchen faucets offer everything from simple and stylish kitchen faucets to side sprayer faucet sets. Catering to every need and completing the brand mission of putting function and form at the forefront, makes it a well-deserved win.

With some of Kraus’ options, you quite literally don’t need to lift a finger. And who wouldn’t want that?

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