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Pfister Vs Delta Faucets: Which is Best?

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Choosing the best bathroom or kitchen faucet for your home can be a difficult decision to make. How do you balance aesthetics with practicality; features with durability?

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and need.

However, it’s a good idea to be able to make as informed a decision as possible, and with that in mind, here at Plumberspot.com, we’ve pieced together a comparison of two of the best faucet manufacturers available, Pfister vs Delta faucets.

On the surface, the former is prized for its wide range of faucets and rapid faucet installation process while the latter prioritizes durability and innovation above all else.

So, let us break down precisely who these brands are and what they have to offer for those seeking a bathroom or kitchen faucet.

About Pfister

Part of the Spectrum Brands group, Pfister is a manufacturer of good-quality plumbing fixtures.

Its range of products includes bathroom and kitchen faucets as well as shower systems, and the company takes inspiration from current interior design, architectural, and living trends.

More specifically, Pfister is known for its broad range of products, fast and easy installation, and excellent cost efficiency. Pfister is an American Made faucet, which is definitely a pro in our eyes.

About Delta

Delta produces bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets, bath and shower fixtures, and a host of other plumbing appliances.

A self-proclaimed “leading innovator” of water use, Delta specializes in ergonomic faucet design-tech, including VoiceIQ™ Technology which provides users with voice operation.

Away from innovation, Delta is also noted for the durability of its products and its high-end designs. Here’s a roundup of the best Delta faucets on the market.

Pfister vs Delta Faucets: How do they Compare to Each Other?

Product range

Product range is key when choosing a faucet company to furnish your home. Luckily for us, both Pfister and Delta understand this importance and have each built a varied range of products. Pfister has done this particularly well, offering high-arch, tea-pot neck, double-tap, and European faucet styles in their collection.

Thanks to the immense Pfister line of products, it’s always easy to find something that matches your interior design. This is helped further by the fact that the brand has a number of finishes available – from sleek gold to brushed nickel.

Delta is no slouch in this department either. Admittedly, their range is a little more compact than Pfister’s, but you can expect every single product to be stylish and attractive. In addition, Delta’s products are known to be packed with industry-leading technology, which can greatly improve their functionality.

For some people, Delta’s slimmed-down range may be preferable. Although it’s great to have loads of choice, sometimes the number of Pfister faucets on offer can be overwhelming.

Winner: Pfister


Quality is a key factor when considering plumbing fixtures. In order to be durable, a faucet must be built to a high standard. Faucets susceptible to degradation are more likely to incur leaks and limescale and will need replacing faster.

Across the industry, Delta is a brand that is highly respected for its quality. In fact, Delta products are renowned for their durable build quality, and users can expect a minimum of 10-15 years of use from their faucets. In many cases, the lifespan will extend much further.

Pfister has also built a reputation for good quality. Despite offering a very wide range of products, their quality control has never suffered. When you buy Pfister faucets, quality and durability should never be a concern you have to deal with.

Winner: Draw

Faucet technology

One wouldn’t immediately associate a sink faucet with technology, however, both Delta and Pfister faucets have integrated innovative designs across their product ranges. Delta is particularly well known for this, but Pfister has also come up with a range of cool ideas.

Pfister’s kitchen faucets are an example of this. Their built-in spray functions are specifically designed to aid with dish cleaning, whilst integrated water filters ensure safe drinking water at all times. The brand also makes a point of introducing as many water-saving methods as possible, making their faucets very eco-friendly.

We don’t have enough space here to talk about all of Delta’s technological innovations, but let’s take a look at some of the most impressive. The brand’s “Touch2O” technology is one of the most useful faucet developments of recent years, allowing the user to operate the water flow by touching anywhere on the tap.

But that’s not all – some Delta faucets can be controlled via your voice, removing the need for touch altogether! Be sure to look for faucets with the “VoiceIQ” label if this is of interest to you. A further useful Delta feature is “TempSense”, which uses LEDs to conveniently display the temperature of the output.

Winner: Delta


Price is a major factor for the majority of buyers and as such is a crucial part of our list. Most people will be searching for the best bang for their buck, so it’s essential to consider the compare the costs of Pfister and Delta faucets directly.

In our opinion, Pfister faucets offer some of the best value for money on the market. They provide much more technology than you’d expect and can be relied upon to be built to a very high standard. For their price, Pfister faucets are incredibly compelling products.

Delta products are generally more expensive than Pfister alternatives. However, you do get a few benefits for the extra dough. Delta faucets are typically more feature-packed and have a longer recommended use time.

In reality, you have to think about what you value the most and whether the extra expense of Delta faucets is worth it.

Winner: Pfister


Despite the durability of both brands’ products, things still can go wrong. To avoid any complications, it’s best to ensure your sink faucet is coming with a comprehensive warranty. This will protect you against any rare manufacturer faults.

Thankfully, Pfister and Delta both add structured warranties to their products. Pfister’s “Pforever Warranty” guarantees lifetime coverage for original homeowners for the duration of their residency. A limited lifetime warranty is also offered by Delta.

For commercial properties, Pfister provides a 10-year mechanical warranty and a 5-year finish warranty. Delta’s commercial guarantee provides 10-year coverage on multi-family residential applications and 5 years on all other applications.

Winner: Draw

Customer Support

Customer support is crucial should you experience problems with your product. Although this is extremely unlikely with the high-quality products from these two brands, it’s always nice to know there’s someone to talk to. You don’t want to be stuck with leaking problems with no idea what to do.

Pfister and Delta receive regular praise from customers with regards to their customer support. Both brands also provide a variety of services for the faucets. For example, Delta will service and provide replacement parts, free of charge.

Winner: Delta


Is Delta or Pfister more popular?

Delta and Pfister are both incredibly popular bathroom and kitchen faucet manufacturers. However, they occupy separate niches and so neither is more popular than the other.

Do both Delta and Pfister Faucets come with a warranty?

Both companies offer lifetime warranties for the original buyer for as long as they remain in the property.

For commercial enterprises, both offer 10-year mechanical and 5-year finish/other warranties.

Are there any differences between bathroom faucets and kitchen faucets?

As a general rule, the bathroom faucet (or lavatory faucet) tends to have a smaller design and come with fewer features.

How do I decide whether a Pfister faucet or a Delta faucet is the best?

You must decide what fits your functional, aesthetical and financial needs best. If you covet technological features such as voice control and temperature indication, Delta is best.

However, if you require a reliable, more affordable option, Pfister may be more appropriate.

Pfister vs Delta Faucets: Who is the winner?

To conclude, Pfister and Delta are both good-quality faucet brands and each has its own virtue.

If you are operating on a budget, purchasing a Pfister faucet is probably a better investment. However, if you have a larger budget and covet technological innovation, Delta is certainly the brand for you.

In a Pfister vs Delta faucets showdown, we personally prefer Delta. They are incredibly high quality and will last forever.

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