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Pfister vs Moen Faucets: Which is Better?

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Pfister and Moen are two of the biggest kitchen faucet companies globally, both offering high-quality and stylish products to help you receive water flow in your home or your business.

The two brands have their similarities and differences – which can make it even more difficult to choose between the two if you’re in the market for a new faucet.

In this article, we’ll examine and compare the two brands in-depth – so you can make an informed decision when replacing your plumbing or building a new home.

In a Pfister vs Moen faucets showdown, you can’t go wrong! At Plumber Spot, we’re huge fans of Moen faucets because they are such high quality and come with great warranties.

Both of these are American made faucet brands so you can trust that you’ll make a great choice either way.

About Pfister

Pfister is a favorite US brand that has operated for over a century. Since its inception in 1910, it has been producing bathroom and kitchen faucets, plumbing fixtures, shower systems, and other domestic water-related products. The company initially focused on garden faucets, before creating high-quality faucets for the whole home.

Founded by Emil Price, Joseph Corcoran and William Pfister, the company was known as Price Corcoran Pfister, before rebranding as Price Pfister. After 2010, it was simply known as Pfister. The brand was part of Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvements Group, until it was purchased by Stanley Black & Decker in 2012.

The company made significant innovations in the industry of kitchen faucet manufacturing. Its designers work in California, while the products are manufactured in factories in China and Korea, and then distributed all over the world.

About Moen

Moen is also an American company that produces faucets and other bathroom and kitchen products since 1937 with great success. It was founded by Alfred M. Moen, and is now one of the biggest premium faucet companies in the US. Today, Moen is part of Fortune Brands Home & Security company.

The company was created as a result of Moen’s vision of a single-handle faucet – a vision that took 10 years to realize. Since then, they have manufactured numerous innovative faucets, plumbing fixtures, extendable faucets, and many other technologies that make our life easier.

Today, most Moen faucets are single-handle with a water-controlling system.

Check out our 8 favorite Moen faucets if you end up going with them.

Pfister vs Moen Faucets: Head-To-Head

Product Range

Both Moen and Pfister offer an impressive range of kitchen and bathroom faucets products, sinks, showerheads, and other fixtures. Some of the most popular products in the market offered by the two brands include single and double-handle faucets, extendable faucets, and touchless faucets.

Single-handle faucets are increasingly preferable to double-handle ones. Pfister has also developed the ‘integrated faucet’; that is a single-handle faucet, streamlined and integrated into the faucet’s design.

Pfister was the first faucet company to receive EPA WaterSense certification for its touchless faucets and is a leader in green projects (with its separate volume and flow control system). What’s more, it offers ceramic disc in shower body sprays, functioning separately from the diverter valve that saves installation costs.

Moen’s most innovative faucet products include MotionSense, Power Clean, Power Boost, Reflex Pulldown Kitchen Faucets, Sport Resist Finish, M-Pact, and Hydro Roller Massage Combination Shower.

Moen offers a variety of faucet finishes, most commonly from stainless steel, chrome, ivory, and brushed bronze. These are easy to clean, and their sleek designs are great for elevating the style of your kitchen.

In regards to designs, Pfister mainly creates its products with a modern style. On the other hand, Moen offers a wider range of styles, from traditional and classic to more modern designs.

Winner: Moen


Both Moen and Pfister produce high-quality faucets and plumbing fixtures. The difference in quality is dependent on the model and price of individual products.

Moen offers a high-quality line of kitchen faucets that are durable, reliable, and sleek – and come pack with great features. They can work for many years if taken care of properly, so you’ll definitely get value for money when buying from them.

Pfister faucets are also of good quality, made with solid brass and proprietary ceramic cartridge. However, all-metal faucets are slowly fading from their catalogue; there are no all-metal single-handle faucets and only a few double-handle ones left.

Winner: Moen

Faucet Technology

Both brands have developed high technology products to meet the needs of modern society consumers. Specifically, faucets with touchless technology, using wave or voice control.

Moen developed a smart water network that connects people with water in their homes; the Flo by Moen smart home water security system protects your home from water leakage or damages day and night. In 2017, they introduced three touchless faucets, the U by Moen Smart Faucet with high technology.

You control these smart faucets with your voice, your phone, or by waving your hand in front of the sensor. What it does is check the temperature of the water, turn it on and off, and control the water flow. There is a manual option in case the power fails.

Pfister’s line of touchless products, the React faucets use motion sensors – allowing you to turn the water on and off by waving your hand in front of the sensor. The water automatically stops after 2-3 minutes, which helps with preserving water. Check out our full list of the best touchless kitchen faucets for more help!

Winner: Pfister


Pfister offers products at affordable prices. Their kitchen faucets range from $150 – $300. You can find a basic kitchen single-handle faucet at as low as $50.

Although Moen products are decently priced, they are a bit more expensive than Pfister’s. Their average prices range from $200 – $700, while their most expensive products cost as high as $1,500. Nevertheless, you can spend less than $100 on a basic double-handle Moen faucet, which is one of our favorite affordable kitchen faucets.

Winner: Pfister


Most Moen products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty – some have additional warranties as well. For example, all faucets have a Lifetime Limited Warranty, plus 5 Year Limited Warranty and 10 Year Multi-Family Faucet Limited Warranty. The limited lifetime warranty covers almost all parts of the faucet, except damages during the installation.

Different warranties will be applied depending on the model. For example, you receive a Lifetime Limited Warranty, Handshower and Slidebar, Showerheads and Handhelds, and Aromatherapy Showerhead Warranty with every showerhead product you purchase.

Pfister faucets also come with a lifetime limited warranty, known as PForever Warranty. It covers the function of the faucet and finishes and protects you from leakage.

In such cases, you need to prove homeownership to make warranty claims. Newer Pfister products may not come with a lifetime limited warranty, but they do have a 5-year limited warranty.

Winner: Moen

Customer Support

Both Moen and Pfister offer excellent customer support. Pfister offers an online troubleshooting service, where you can add the product model and get information on how to fix certain issues, as well as an FAQ list with all the possible questions customers may have about their faucets; you can also contact them directly if your question is not answered.

There is also the option to register your product to document your warranty and provide faster support in the future. A case lookup service is available for you to receive updates on your request for support, by providing your case number and email address.

A similar selection of FAQs can be found on Moen’s website, alongside informative videos to help you through every step of the process of installation – as well as care and cleaning instructions.

You can also register your products online to receive customer support, installation assistance, and exclusive savings on any future purchases.

Winner: Draw


Is Pfister a good brand for bathroom faucets?

Pfister has been one of the top bathroom faucet manufacturers in the US for decades. They produce highly effective and efficient faucets with beautiful designs and finishes, whilst employing innovative technology systems to meet the needs of their customers.

Their unique styles and patterns, from their vintage faucet collection to modern designs, will lend an air of elegance to your home – turning your faucet into a stylish centerpiece.

Should I buy Pfister or Moen kitchen faucets?

This depends on your preference and personal style. Both companies offer quality faucets with the newest technology and a wide variety of designs. Pfister is a more affordable choice for kitchen faucets and focuses on modern designs.

On the other hand, Moen kitchen faucets are more expensive, although, they are worth the cost. Their products are impressive and will make your kitchen stand out with their stylish faucets and easy-to-clean finishes.

Are Moen and Pfister premium faucet brands?

Both Moen and Pfister produce premium quality faucets for decades. They are two of the most popular faucet brands in the US and globally. Years of manufacturing and selling high-quality products, with minimal customer complaints, show that they are well-deserved in their reputation.

Are Moen faucets worth it?

Moen are frequently listed in the top brands of faucet manufacturing, owing to their constant high customer ratings. Moen faucets are of the highest quality in the market, offering simple usability and elegance while also being environmentally friendly. Their unique designs and sleek finishes are great if you’re looking for a splash of modernity in your home.

The products are more pricy than Pfister’s – though it is worth investing in them if you prioritize appearance as well as functionality, rather than money-saving.


You can find a quality kitchen faucet for your home, along with other products at both Pfister and Moen shops alike. The brand you choose depends on what your priorities are.

In a Pfister vs Moen faucet comparison, we recommend Pfister if you’re looking for a low budget option. The installation process is also faster and its valves are compatible with most valves.

If you want a classic or traditional design for your home faucets you may want to go with Moen, as they have a much wider range of designs. Pfister focuses more on modern faucets, though they do have a small range of traditionally designed faucets.

Whichever brand you decide to go with you are guaranteed high-quality products. Both offer innovative technology and practical solutions for domestic water flow – it really comes down to your budget and personal tastes.

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