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Grohe Vs Hansgrohe Faucets: Which is Better?

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Are you looking for great faucets for your home? It’s not easy to choose the best kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and more often than not, you may not know exactly what you are looking for. It’s imperative to find products that are without manufacturing faults and are with you for the long haul.

But where should you look? To put it into simple terms, German brands are some of the best on the market.

When it comes to a bathroom or kitchen faucet, you should consider two brands-Grohe and Hansgrohe. They probably sound similar, and that’s because both businesses stem from the same family. However, Grohe and Hansgrohe are not the same, and they each come with their own price tags.

Grohe is a high-quality brand known for its innovation in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, while Hansgrohe is known for extravagant design and excellent manufacturing. Instead of immediately getting into the specifics of each brand’s product line, let’s do a proper Grohe vs Hansgrohe analysis.

We believe Grohe is the best if you are looking for modern designs and contemporary solutions. However, if you are looking for luxury and extravagance, Hansgrohe leads the way.

Here is how we arrived at that verdict.

Grohe: Faucets with Smart Technology

The brand stemmed from the Hansgrohe brand and is now a luxury brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures- including the very best faucets. In 1936 Friedrich Grohe broke away from his father, Hansgrohe’s company, to form his own product line. In 1948, the company was named after him as Grohe.

The company’s headquarters is in Dusseldorf, Germany, and it has over 6,000 employees now. They do have some American made faucets as well.

The brand positions itself as an innovative, modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures brand with a specific emphasis on being the best bathroom fixtures brand.

The company, started by Friedrich Grohe, provides shower systems, shower panels, shower rods, and ergonomic designs in washbasins, sanitary faucets, shower units, and plumbing fixtures, among other things.

Between the two brands, Grohe is known for its classic design and digital products such as the one-tap faucet, electronic mixers, and Smart Control Showers, etc. It has a very vast product range that is technologically advanced and provides extra convenience.

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Hansgrohe: Leading the Way in Modern Designs

Hansgrohe goes way back as it was initiated in 1901 by Hans Grohe, the head of the Grohe family. With essential innovations in bathroom and shower fixtures, he is responsible for transitioning from bathtubs to showers as an affordable alternative.

His innovative journey began with the hand shower and then continued with developing wall panels that made way for the modern shower we now use- a very forward-thinking change back in 1953. The brand has moved on to introducing water-saving products and new technology.

The brand has also introduced the luxury brand Axor for exclusive high-end bathroom collections. Axor has been developed in collaboration with designers such as Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola.

Well known for their hand shower, the company is also very popular for excellent, trendy faucets, including the kitchen faucet. Hansgrohe’s high quality makes it one of the top rated faucet brands in our opinion.

In the Hansgrohe Grohe debate, Hansgrohe probably takes the trophy for modern designs, which can sometimes be more on the extravagant side and product variety. If that is your cup of tea, Hansgrohe is the best choice to make.

However, there are also several areas where both brands compete neck to neck. Let’s dive deeper into the Grohe vs Hansgrohe conversation.

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The Main Differences Between Grohe and Hansgrohe Faucets

Fierce competition between the two German brands began when they both began producing the kitchen faucet and the bathroom faucet. Overall, both brands offer premium quality and have modern designs with great innovative features.

Product Range

If you look at the product range, you will see products that are very similar to one another. However, Hansgrohe mainly focuses on water-saving technology and products that make the consumer experience more enjoyable and safe.

They provide CoolContact technology, EcoSmart technology, and the extra entertaining RainTunes technology in bathroom faucets, especially those in the shower. There are other innovative products such as the CoolSmart tap and others!

Grohe’s range of products mainly focuses on digital technology and smart solutions, so consumers have more fun with their water-running fixtures, and they also particularly emphasize sustainability.

Their Blue technology filters for Grohe kitchen faucets give you sparkling water for a clean water drinking experience.

They also offer sense technology that ensures water is not leaking where it shouldn’t be, and there is no such thing as a burst pipe. This faucet also helps achieve sustainability while measuring water consumption.

SpeedClean faucets also require minimal cleaning and maintenance for longer use, or you can opt for touch and touchless models that you can operate with a tap of the foot for a cleaner, more hygienic experience. Need temperature control? TurboStat models can help you maintain the temperature you want throughout your wash.


Grohe offers a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts and a five-year warranty on faucets and valves (terms and conditions apply). Hansgrohe and Axor offer limited warranties that go up to five years, while they also offer additional manufacturer’s warranties.

Therefore, if you are looking for a better warranty policy on finishes and mechanical parts, ergonomic designs, classic finishes, and digital technology, Grohe may be your go-to brand.

However, if you are environmentally conscious and are looking for more luxurious finishes with water-saving technology, look no further than Hansgrohe.

Grohe vs Hansgrohe Faucets Comparison

Let’s discuss each aspect of both companies in detail to make an informed decision.

Product Range

The product range for both Grohe and Hansgrohe includes shower fixtures, faucets for the kitchen and bathroom, other bathroom fixtures, and accessories. Their product range is similar, but Grohe offers a bathroom and kitchen faucet range that has a single-handle gooseneck, single-handle traditional, commercial kitchen, and wall-mount faucets.

Hansgrohe has the single-handle pull-down faucet, single-handle pull-out faucet, 2-spray, high-arc, pot filler, and more!

Winner: Grohe


The style of Grohe products is classic and sleek. If you have a modern home and want a modern, ergonomic design in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, this is the best choice.

If you have a more opulent, luxurious taste, you may want to choose Hansgrohe. If you are even more on the high-end side, Axor by Hansgrohe is your best bet. Hansgrohe aims to design visually appealing kitchens and bathrooms that enhance the sensory experience in every way.

Both brands offer outstanding style, and it really depends on the consumer’s personal taste.

Winner: Hansgrohe


When you are opting for a faucet finish, you need to choose an excellent material that looks good and durable. A solid metal body is highly recommended with ceramic discs making it easy to install and use. Never go for cheap materials.

When comparing Grohe vs Hansgrohe faucets, both offer a varying range of finishes.

Grohe offers five finishes: brushed nickel, brushed cool sunrise, hard graphite, polished nickel, and starlight chrome.

Hansgrohe also offers finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and polished nickel. They have also introduced their colorful range for color finishes giving them an edge in finish creativity.

Winner: Hansgrohe


We believe that technology is the most crucial aspect of these brands. While Hansgrohe is also offering cutting-edge solutions focused on sustainability, water-saving, and enhancing the consumer experience, we believe Grohe takes the cake in this aspect.

Grohe offers Blue Technology for a clean, sparkling water drinking experience, one-tap faucets, and their ThermoStat mixers are amazing as they can get to the temperature you want in under 3 seconds. They also offer backflow protection.

Their emphasis is on home automation technology, which in our opinion, puts them in first place.

Hansgrohe also has great RainTunes technology that makes the shower experience a lot of fun with water, visual effects, fragrance, and of course, music! They also offer water-saving and a damage-free product range to prevent breakdowns and property damage.

Some technology is similar in both brands, such as their SpeedClean and QuickClean faucets that require minimal maintenance. Both brands also offer fixtures with suspended plumbing and other modern requirements.

Winner: Grohe


Grohe has a unique design philosophy with three elements that can immediately help a consumer identify their products. The products always include a ring that highlights the functional area, faucets with a seven-degree angle that is said to improve the user experience, and a lozenge that refers to sensual minimalism.

Grohe’s design philosophy is more contemporary and hip (in plainer terms).

Hansgrohe also focuses its design on optimal customer benefit and a very modern finish. Their design philosophy is not minimalistic but focuses more on indulgence and beauty- as mentioned above, and their designs are sometimes extravagant.

If you talk about the Axor range, the designs are exceptional, and Grohe does not have anything that compares with Axor.

Winner: Hansgrohe


Last but not least, it all comes down to price. Which of the brands can you afford? Honestly, both brands are premium quality and have similar prices in most of their ranges. While they have high-end products, some are also in the more affordable, middle range.

Both brands offer durability, value for money, and a great product range. However, Hansgrohe’s Axor brand is high-end and has a price tag that goes with that, and Grohe does not have products in this ultra-premium range.

Winner: Hansgrohe


Is Hans-grohe different from Grohe?

Hansgrohe is different from Grohe, though both brands stem from the same family. Hansgrohe was the original company established in 1901, and in 1936, Friedrich Grohe broke away from the family business to form his brand.

They both offer an extensive collection of fixtures and have a vast product range. Grohe is more targeted towards home automation solutions, while Hansgrohe focuses on modern, water-saving tech, and Grohe is more contemporary, and Hansgrohe is more original.

Is Grohe more expensive than Hansgrohe?

There is no simple answer to this as both are luxury brands and have a high price. They have products in different price ranges and are very competitive in their product ranges, and Hansgrohe Axor is more expensive than Grohe.

Is Hans-grohe a good faucet brand?

Hansgrohe is one of the leading faucet brands globally and specifically in Germany. You will find all kinds of options in their product range that suit all types of homes. They also offer a warranty to guarantee durability.

Hansgrohe is an excellent choice for a faucet brand.

The Verdict

When it comes to Grohe vs Hansgrohe faucets, the debate is real and rather difficult because both brands have an excellent reputation for design, technology, style, and durability. Having said that, there are also distinct differences in what both brands offer.

It comes down to consumer preferences and what the consumer is particularly looking for. For consumers that are looking for minimalistic, classic designs with top-of-the-line technology that enhances convenience and makes water use more enjoyable and safe, Grohe is the winner.

The brand’s Blue technology offers crystal clear drinking water in kitchen faucets and really impressed us.

If you like more modern, upscale designs with water-saving technology, or you want a fun-filled experience with the RainTunes tech, Hansgrohe is your brand. Plus, Hansgrohe products may have a wider variety in finishes and designs.

If you have a very lavish home and can spend those extra bucks, Axor by Hansgrohe will be the best choice, and you can’t find something like that in Grohe.

Grohe products would likely suit most contemporary homes, while Hansgrohe is best for those with distinct tastes.

Both brands are excellent in quality and design, so the verdict is up to the buyer! Just remember to choose a faucet that goes well with the rest of your home and serves your purpose.

Winner: Hansgrohe

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