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How to Spray Paint a Kitchen Faucet: Easy Step by Steps

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Refreshing a bathroom or kitchen can totally transform how the room looks and feels, but it can be expensive.

One way to stay on budget is by making the most of any fixtures or fittings you already have. However, if you are completely changing the color scheme or changing light fixtures, you might find that your faucets look entirely out of place.

This can be a real shame, especially if they were expensive and you still like them. But don’t worry, there is good news. A great way to keep them and tie them in with the room’s color scheme is by painting them.

But can you spray paint kitchen faucet handles and taps, or do you need to get out a brush? The good news is you can spray paint a kitchen faucet, and today we’re going to show you how.

Spray painting kitchen or bath fixtures is relatively straightforward when you have the necessary equipment.

Spray-painted faucets can completely change their style and will help them to fit in with the rest of your decor and look absolutely beautiful.

This handy guide will be able to help whether you want to spray paint bathroom fixtures, a kitchen faucet, or most other metal surfaces that don’t suit your aesthetic.

Tools and Equipment Needed For Spray Painting Faucets

It is always good to be prepared and better to have things you don’t need than needing things you don’t have. With that in mind, here is an exhaustive guide for the tools and equipment you may need to spray paint a bathroom or kitchen faucet.

  • Degreasing dish soap
  • Bucket (5-gallon)
  • Cleaning rags made of cotton
  • Protective glasses or goggles
  • Dust face mask
  • Sandpaper
  • Liquid metal filling product
  • Rubber gloves
  • Disposable spatula
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paintbrushes
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Rust-inhibiting paint primer for metals
  • Automotive metal primer
  • Spray paint for metal
  • Automotive enamel
  • Knife
  • Waste bags
  • Screwdriver
  • Steel wool
  • Plastic drop cloth

The following steps will guide you through how you can paint your faucets without damaging them or the surrounding area.

Before starting, you will have to select whether you are looking for metallic spray paint, bronze spray paint, or whether you are looking for something completely different.

When you have decided and have all your equipment in place, you will be able to follow these steps for a perfect spray-painted faucet.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Spray Paint a Kitchen Faucet

Now that you have decided on the color you want your faucets to be and have all the necessary tools and equipment, you will be ready to start the project. Here’s how to spray paint a kitchen faucet.

Step 1

The first step you will have to take is thoroughly cleaning the faucet, taps, and other visible elements. Using your degreasing liquid dish soap mixed in warm water, a cloth, and a toothbrush, you can start to rub and scrub them until they are clean.

After you have finished cleaning the parts of the faucet, make sure you rinse them well, then use a different towel or rag to dry them completely.

Step 2

Now that your faucet is clean, you will have to scour the chrome using medium to heavy grit sandpaper. 100 to 150 grit should work for you.

It is essential that you wear your safety goggles and respirator mask when doing this to protect you from the chrome dust that will become airborne. You might also want to put down a dust sheet at this point to protect the room you are working in. Ideally, it should be well ventilated.

Scouring the chrome will help the spray paint attach itself to the surface and should help reduce the risk of flaking. When you have finished, if you feel that the grooves are too noticeable, using finer grit sandpaper to smooth it out will help.

Step 3

You will now be able to wipe any dust away using a clean rag. This will allow you to check for any rust spots or cracks and ensure the entire area has been dulled.

If you find any spots that you missed, use your finer grit sandpaper to sand over this once more.

Step 4

The chrome faucet fixture should feel quite rough at this stage. Using an ultra-fine grit of around 320, begin sanding it in a circular motion.

Regularly wiping the dust away and feeling your progress should let you know if you are working away the deeper, rough grooves created by your previous sanding.

Step 5

Sand your fixture until smooth, you will be able to clean it off and check for any cracks, holes, or imperfections. You will be able to use liquid metal filler to smooth these blemishes out.

Metal filler will usually come with instructions and advise wearing latex gloves. Ensuring the chrome is clean, dust-free, and completely dry, you will be able to squeeze the filler into areas that need it.

You can then use your finger or a spatula to smooth these out before allowing time for it to dry. After it has dried, use your ultra-fine sandpaper to smooth it out completely.

Step 6

Now that you have completely sanded your faucet and fixtures, you will have to clean using water and a rag thoroughly. After cleaning, replacing your water, and using a new rage to give it one last clean will help to ensure you have got rid of all the dust.

It would be best if you then dried it using fresh rags before checking there were no issues, dirt, or dust marks left.

Step 7

You will now be ready to prep the area for when you use your spray paint. Covering surfaces that are you do not want paint on with painter’s tape and using a plastic dust sheet secured in place by masking tape will help protect areas like your sink that you don’t want to get painted.

You can also lay old newspaper across your floors to catch any paint that may drip. Always make sure you cover the area you are working, particularly behind the area that is to be sprayed.

Step 8

You should now apply your spray primer. It is best to choose an automotive metal primer for kitchen and bathroom fixtures as this will better handle water contact.

You should regularly shake your spray primer and spray in sweeping motions across the faucet and beyond the edges. Spray from around one foot away.

You should then allow sufficient time for the primer to dry completely.

Step 9

After you allow the automobile primer to dry, you will be able to spray paint your faucet with your color of choice.

Spray from roughly one foot away in steady sweeping motions to either side. Try not to spray too liberally, or you may get drips.

Some of the most popular color choices for bathroom fixtures or a kitchen faucet include black, white, and bronze spray paint can also look great.

Step 10

You should apply light coats, and you should always allow the spray paint to dry before applying a second coat.

Always check the instructions on your spray paint for advice on how long you should leave to dry. This can differ depending on temperature.

It is essential to mention that you should also be in a well-ventilated area when painting. You should also wear your protective goggles and a respirator mask.

Step 11

The final step after you are happy with how your painting has turned out will be to remove the painter’s tape and masking tape.

Use a blade to score the paint-facing edge before slowly removing the tape. You should dispose of all rubbish that has paint on it before lifting your plastic dust sheet or newspapers to ensure you don’t accidentally transfer paint onto furniture or floors.

How To Maintain a Painted Faucet

Painted faucets that are used regularly should last for around two or three years as long as you properly maintain them.

You should avoid scrubbing painted faucets with things like steel wool, but you can still clean them using a damp cloth.

Keep an eye out for any chips or paint coming off. If any spots need to be touched up, paint them using a q-tip. Keep sharp objects away from the painted areas, too, as even a tiny nick can develop into a problem.

Final Thoughts

Now you know you can spray paint a kitchen faucet, you can use our guide above to match your color scheme with light fixtures and other room features.

Painting metal can also be a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to update your home. Upcycling furniture, fixtures, and fittings save throwing away perfectly good items that can find their way into landfills when there is nothing wrong with them.

Spray-painted surfaces will be virtually indistinguishable from other fixtures, and as long as you do the prep work before you start painting, this inexpensive update to your home decor can be relatively easy.

By following our handy tips, you will be able to ensure your house looks great and is in good working order. You will also learn how to save money which is always a good thing.

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