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11 Types of Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

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Taking a shower can quickly become a monotonous part of your everyday routine. Step into the shower, switch it on, and clean yourself over and over again. But with so many different types of shower heads out there, it doesn’t need to be boring.

From bar-mounted LED shower heads to minimalist shower wall panels, there is something out there for everyone. So whether you want to spice up your daily routine, or you are just planning on re-decorating your entire bathroom, you won’t need to look far.

Below you will find our hand-crafted guide to the many fantastic shower head types out there and the benefits of each one. Finding a decent shower head can be a rinse, especially with our handy buyers guide to help you out!

Mounting Systems for Shower Heads

Bar mount

Traditional and effective – bar mount shower systems offer high levels of pressure alongside flexibility. Most commonly found in bath and shower duos, a bar-mounted shower will usually link directly to your bath’s faucet.

Bar-mounted showers are also extremely common in traditional enclosed shower spaces as they tend to be the easiest to install. There is a range of different designs out there, so finding one to compliment your bathroom’s décor shouldn’t be too much of a struggle.

Wall mount

Easily one of the most common types of shower mount available, the wall mount is perfect for anyone who loves to adjust their shower head mid-wash. Usually using a screw system or a suction cup, wall-mounted showers are suited for almost all shower designs.

Most wall-mounted showers are detachable, offering you a handheld shower head that can be extremely helpful. If you are the sort of person who can appreciate flexibility, be sure to keep this shower system in mind.

Ceiling mount

As the name might suggest, a ceiling-mounted shower head will be fastened above your shower, similar to a light fixture. They may offer less flexibility than other mounting systems, but they make up for this by usually being the most powerful shower system available.

A ceiling-mounted shower is best suited for people who are looking for the highest levels of water pressure and don’t mind the lack of a flexible hose. Ceiling mounts are also ideal for anyone with a minimalist style in their bathroom. As they tend to take up the least space, they can be great for Nordic or modern bathroom designs.

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11 Types of Shower Heads for your Next Project

1) Single-spray Shower Heads

Sometimes it’s hard to beat your traditional single-spray shower head. If you aren’t the sort of person to worry or want all the bells and whistles offered by more expensive alternatives, then it’s hard to beat a single spray head.

Many shower heads will offer a single spray pattern, which may not be suited for those looking for the flexibility provided by multiple spray patterns. However, this lack of functionality comes at a massively lower cost. You will almost always find that single spray heads are one of the cheapest options out there.

Anyone on a tight budget or those who don’t mind being restricted to a fixed shower head will rarely find much to dislike about single spray types. This is one of the most common types of shower heads.

2) Multi-spray/Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjusting your shower heads’ spray patterns during your shower is a perfect way to find the right shower mode that suits you. Finding the right balance of water pressure can be extremely difficult, which is why adjustable shower heads are perfect for fussy washers.

A high-pressure shower head can be too powerful for some, whereas a low-pressure shower head may be too weak. With multi-spray heads, you can find the spray pattern that suits your needs without the limitations of a single shower head type.

Most modern shower heads will feature some level of control, so if you want to alter spray patterns while in the shower, you won’t have to look far!

3) High-pressure Shower Heads

If you are looking for a deep clean, and premium feel shower, a high-pressure shower head may be just what you are looking for. They provide a full-body massage that can truly help you wind down after a hard day at work.

The only real downfall to high-pressure shower heads is they can quickly rack up your water and energy bill. But if you are the sort of person who can appreciate a deep cleanse, then a higher pressure shower head is more than worth the extra cost!

4) Handheld Shower Heads

Washing those hard-to-reach spots can sometimes be a struggle, but a handheld shower head will offer everything you need. Usually featuring a detachable design, handheld showerheads will allow you to take full control of your shower nozzle.

Most handheld shower heads are found on bar mounting systems, but there are a couple of different options out there. Handheld shower heads are highly versatile

5) Dual Shower Heads

Perfectly combining the benefits of both rain shower heads and a handheld shower head, dual showers are one of the best options out there. A dual shower head will usually fit onto a bar-mounted system, giving you flexibility alongside a relaxing shower experience.

As water will be coming from two different sources, a dual shower head will tend to be more expensive than your regular handheld shower head. You may also need to invest in a hose and diverter mount if your shower doesn’t already offer this functionality.

If you don’t mind paying extra for two shower heads, then a dual shower head system has the potential to offer the best shower experience of your life.

6) Eco-friendly Shower Heads

Eco-friendly or low-flow shower heads are best suited to people who want to lower their carbon footprint and their energy bill. They might lack the power of some other shower head variants, but they make up for this by using far less energy.

A low-pressure shower head is usually fairly easy to install, so you won’t need to spend an arm and a leg hiring a specialist plumber. You may also find a combination of rain and low flow shower heads as they tend to complement each other perfectly. An eco-friendly shower head will quickly pay for itself!

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7) Filtered Shower Heads

Designed for areas where the local water source may have more chemicals than the average, filtered shower heads can ensure you get a full wash no matter where you live. If you are worried about impurities in the water ruining your shower experience, this is the one for you.

Filtered water is far better for your skin and hair and is a great way to ensure your body remains nourished. The filters will need to be changed every 6-8 months, but for such high-quality water, it practically pays for itself!

8) Rain / Waterfall Shower Heads

If you currently have a ceiling-mounted shower system, then this is the shower head for you. By imitating a rainstorm, a rain shower head can be extremely relaxing and slightly more affordable than many other types of shower heads. However, they can be pretty difficult to install, especially if you live in an apartment.

Their sleek but minimalist design means you can tuck them away out of sight. Before investing in a rain shower head, check that it can fit inside your bathroom and you have the facilities required for this specialist head to run!

If you are looking for a rain showerhead, go look at our full list of the best rain shower heads. They also work perfectly for doorless showers.

9) Massage Shower Heads

Why pay for a masseuse when your shower can handle aches and tight muscles for you? Massage shower heads are a great way to loosen any knotted muscles in your body and can be a worthy investment for anyone.

A massage shower head will usually cost a little more than your average shower head due to its specialist nature. But if you are looking for a way to wind down after work, you won’t find many alternatives quite as relaxing as these. This is definitely one of the more luxurious types of shower heads on this list.

10) Shower Panels

Sleek and extremely modern, shower panels are quickly becoming a popular choice in bathrooms. Lovers of minimalistic styles will get the most out of shower panels as they complement a minimalist bathroom extremely well.

Shower panels might lack the power of a wall-mounted system, but they make up for this in style. Another alternative to shower panels is a shower wall. A shower wall system can be expensive, but if you design around it, it can be one of the best-looking options out there.

11) LED Shower Heads

When you think of showers, you rarely think of light displays, however, LED shower heads offer a flashy and eye-catching aesthetic to any bathroom. LED lights can add ambiance to your shower and be used to compliment your pre-existing bathroom décor.

Another great benefit of LED shower heads is that they are found in a range of different shower types. So if you want to add LEDs to your shower wall panel, you can easily achieve this.

LEDs designed for showers can be pretty expensive, however. As they will need to be completely waterproof and small enough to fit within a shower head, they can cost you a fair amount. Lovers of ambiance and eye-catching designs will find the cost more than worth it.

Shower Head Buying Guide


As with almost every purchase, you will want to set yourself a budget, so you don’t spend more than you were planning. Before setting yourself a budget, try to determine what you want to include in your shower head and what features you could probably leave out.

Most additional features will add to the overall cost, so consider making a list of needed features and use this as a rough guideline. Setting yourself a budget is the best way to find a shower head that suits your needs and doesn’t cost a fortune!

Water Pressure

High water pressure is one of the best ways to wind down after a long day at work, but high-pressure shower heads aren’t for everyone. Most people will prefer a certain type of pressure in a shower, so this will come down to personal taste.

One thing to take into consideration, however, is that high-pressure shower heads will tend to require more electricity than low-flow types. If you don’t mind paying a little extra for a more powerful head, then you will have nothing to worry about.

Easy to Clean?

Cleaning your shower regularly is essential, especially if you want to avoid blocked nozzles and mold. Most affordable showers will be pretty simple to clean; large ones, however, can quickly become clogged up if not looked after properly.

It’s rare to see a significant price change depending on how easy a shower head is to clean, but it’s best to always be on the safe side. Try to read a couple of reviews to see precisely how easy it is to clean, especially if you struggle to keep on top of a regular cleaning schedule.


Whether it’s adjusting the water pressure mid-wash or finding the ideal water temperature for your deep cleanses, there are various control systems found on shower heads. In terms of temperature, most shower heads will either rely on the faucet temperature controls or will feature a nifty temperature dial you can adjust.

Water pressure, on the other hand, is most commonly adjusted by twisting the shower head itself. There are other control systems such as button-based showers and dials for water pressure.

The more control a shower head provides, then the higher its price will usually be. This can be frustrating, especially if you love the flexibility of adjustable shower heads. However, some cheap options offer high levels of control, so be sure to be on the lookout for those.


Depending on what you value in a shower head, the way it looks can play a reasonably significant role in which one is right for you. This is especially true if you have a specific design you are aiming for within your bathroom.

There are many different types of shower heads out there, from fake-wood aesthetics to sleek futuristic designs – some even have LED lights built-in. Finding the right design or look will come down completely to personal taste and rarely factors into the shower head’s price.


Ensuring your shower head is the right size for your installed shower is extremely important. Some showers are designed for smaller pipes and vice versa, so be sure to check what sizes are compatible before splashing out.

Most shower head sizes will roughly be the same size, but if you are after a bespoke head, then you may need to pay a slightly higher price.

The size can also have a slight impact on the power of your shower. A larger shower head will usually offer less pressure than your regular shower head, which can either be a negative or pro, depending on your tastes. Be sure to consider the size when setting yourself a budget.


What type of shower head is best?

This depends completely on what you are personally looking for. If you can appreciate a deep-cleanse, then a high-pressure shower head is probably the best. Whereas if you are after a shower head that lowers your carbon footprint, be sure to check out eco-friendly or rainfall shower heads.

There isn’t just one shower head that is the overall best as there are so many types that offer unique benefits. Try to compare various styles to find the one that you would consider the best shower head!

Is a round or square shower head better for low water pressure?

Whether your chosen shower head is round or square will rarely have an impact on the water pressure you can expect. However, most low water pressure types, such as ceiling showers or wall panels, will tend to feature an angular or square design.

This is usually because a square shower will complement the modern aesthetic that most mounted showers will aim for. If you are after low water pressure, be sure to check out eco-friendly showers or adjustable designs, as they will tend to offer the best selection of low-flow spray patterns.

Do all shower heads fit the same?

Almost all shower heads in the US use a very similar connection type, but there is a range of sizes and designs to watch out for. For example, a ceiling-based shower head won’t connect to a wall mounting system.

Always double-check what you have available in your bathroom before making a purchase. You don’t want to spend a fortune getting a plumber to install a brand new shower system for a single shower head!

Can I soften water with a shower head?

A shower head itself will rarely be able to soften hard water. If you use a filtered shower head with a water softener, however, you will be able to get a soft shower experience. Be wary of heads advertising that they can soften your water as, without a softener of some form, shower heads will rarely be able to achieve this!

Final Thoughts

With so much choice available, it can be daunting to know what existing shower head is right for you. Each type has its unique benefits and drawbacks, and we hope we have helped you discover which one is best suited to your needs.

So when you next plan on overhauling your shower, be sure to keep our handy buyers guide in mind!

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