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14 Different Types of Bathtub Faucets for your Bathroom

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We all want a great-looking bathroom, but choosing which bathtub faucet will work best in your space can be overwhelming. 

There are 14 different types of bathtub faucets for you to pick from.

It’s hard to know where to begin, especially if you’re going for both a modern and classic look.

Choosing the right tub faucet doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Here are some of the most popular types of bathtub faucets on the market today, along with some basic information about each one.

This article will help you narrow down your choices when selecting new fixtures for your bathroom remodel project.

14 Types of Bathtub Faucets

1. Wall-Mount Bathtub Faucets

A wall-mounted bathtub faucet is the most common and affordable option. It’s a space saver as it attaches directly to your walls, but some extra features will make life easier for you.

It attaches directly to your walls and can come with a diverter valve needed for a shower. Wall-mounted bathtub faucets also don’t take up any flooring in between tubs as stand-alone models do.

Wall-mount faucets also have many different styles and finishes available, so you can find something for any look you want.

2. Spout Only Bathtub Faucets

As the name implies, the spout-only bathtub faucet is, well, only the spout of a faucet!

You would choose this if replacing only your current spout portion and not giving them an entirely different look with new ones.

It can give you a surprising new experience by changing how water flows into tubs or showers. Just change out that old handle for something more modern-looking to match the latest design trends.

A spout-only bathtub faucet makes perfect sense for someone looking forward to updating their older bath faucet but wants to keep the faucet handles as they are.

3. Spout Only Bathtub Faucets with Diverter

If you have a shower installed in your bathtub, then get the spout-only faucets with diverters.

Depending on if you want to take a bath or a shower, you will be able to direct water through either the bathtub spout or the shower.

Installation of these bathtub faucets is simple and very similar to that of a standard spout-only tub faucet.

4. Deck Mount Bathtub Faucets

Deck-mounted bathtub faucets are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to position your tub wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Deck-mount bathtub faucets are placed on the tub’s edge. This option works well for baths that don’t have a shower, as you’ll have better access while soaking in the tub.

You’ll need to check your bathtub for adequate edge space for the spout and handles if you decide to go with a deck-mount bathtub faucet.

Their installation does not require any significant construction or plumbing skills and can be done by anyone who has the know-how. However, they do come at a higher price than other types of bathtub faucets.

5. Floor Mounted Faucets

Floor-mounted faucets are the type that will really stand out in your bathroom. They can be long and slim or have a large design with oversized handles for extra grip when washing yourself off after a day at work.

These types of fixtures also come equipped with chrome finishes which give them some much-needed class – not to mention it makes you feel like royalty taking cold water right from one’s ears onto their face during summer months.

Floor-mounted faucets can be installed on the wall or floor, depending on how they were designed. They usually include hot and cold water valves, and their price range is similar to wall-mounted faucets.

However, this type of bathtub faucet isn’t right for a “DYI amateur,” as drilling holes through your floorboards and laying pipes for a water source will be needed.

6. Waterfall Faucet

A waterfall faucet is an attractive and functional way to bring the beauty of water into your home. You can find them in both contemporary and classic styles, which means you’re sure to find one that matches any decorating style.

Waterfall faucets also give off this beautiful “waterfall” effect with wide spouts coming out from underneath.

Waterfall faucets come with modern electronics designed for easy use and classic styling like knobs on top or pull chains below.

Some models allow water flow adjustability, while others provide touchless operation using motion sensors.

7. Vintage Faucets

Vintage faucets are perfect for a traditionally inspired bathroom.

This type of faucet comes in different styles and finishes to match your chosen decor. To complete the antique appearance, it is generally supplied with a handheld shower sprayer.

A vintage faucet is an excellent choice for DIY bathroom remodeling since they are easy to install, so you can do it yourself with confidence.

8. Roman Bathtub Faucets

Roman bathtub faucets bring the luxury and beauty of a Roman bath to your bathroom.

This faucet type is a traditional style typically with an arched spout and is best suited for bathrooms with a modern interior design. They usually come with a pull-down spray head and sculpted curves, which add to their elegant looks.

With several finishes available such as chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and antique copper, these finishes can easily match your existing fixtures like sinks or toilets.

If you’re unsure what color will look best in there, just remember not to go overboard when choosing because excess moisture could cause rust stains over time.

9. Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Freestanding bathtub faucets are the most expensive type, but they also have a sleek design that can’t be matched by any other style.

This type of bathtub faucets are made to appear like they’re installed on the wall, but their base is not attached to anything. They’re ideal for people who want to give their bathroom a vintage or modern feel without compromising on functionality.

Freestanding bathtub faucets come complete with hot and cold water valves and mixers; this means users will not need another fixture near them at all times.

10. Single-Hole Faucets

Single-hole bathtub faucets are useful when replacing your old accessories to match one style throughout the bathroom.

These are designed for single-handle sinks and typically include a pop-up drain.

They can be found in brushed nickel or stainless steel, and they’re very common because of their price range—making it easy for anyone’s budget.

11. Three-Hole Bath Faucets

There are many different types of bathtub faucets to choose from, but the most common is 3-hole faucets. It typically comes with a separate emergency shut-off valve because it’s required by national plumbing codes.

You can get either pull-out spray or stationary spouts, depending on your taste and style preferences.

Three-hole faucets have three parts: two handles that regulate hot & cold water (plus give you better temperature accuracy) and one spout.

12. Widespread Three-Piece Faucets

Wide Spread Three-Piece Faucets are the perfect solution for those who want their bathroom fixtures to be functional and stylish.

Similar to three-hole faucets, they come with three pieces, usually two handles and a spout. The only difference is they are connected and spread far by the plate that allows you to control the temperature or volume of water at your convenience.

You can find a three-piece faucet for any style at an affordable price as more than ten varieties are available.

The fixtures provide more space between the fixtures which allows you to add additional features such as shower spray or soap dispensing.

Need help? How to replace a two handle bathtub faucet

13. Minispread Faucets

Minispread bath faucets are a scaled-down version of the widespread faucets with a streamlined and compact hardware appearance.

Like widespread faucets, they have three knobs for hot, warm, and cold water with a long arching spout.

The primary difference between the two is that these spray heads attach to your sink and are not detachable.

This type of bathtub faucet is perfect for small bathroom projects. They come in many different styles and colors, making them easy to match with any decor style—all depending upon your taste and wallet size.

Their installation cost is low compared to other taps because it’s already installed onto the base of your sink or bathtub.

14. Vessel Filler Faucets

Vessel filler bathtub faucets are a popular and versatile design that can add elegance to your bathroom.

These sleek fixtures have an artistic flair, making them perfect for high-end homes or modern bathrooms with bold patterns in the tile flooring. 

It’s easy enough to install for just about anyone who has some DIY skills can do it. This type of sink comes at an affordable cost, considering how much visual value you’ll get out of it.

5 Different Types of Bathtub Faucet Finishes

We’ve got a whole guide on different bathroom finishes, but here are the 5 most popular for bathtubs.

1. Brass

Brass bathtub faucets are aesthetically pleasing because of their gold-like appearance, but the metal is much stronger than that.

They can be found in brushed or polished finishes, and they’re very durable overall—making them perfect for low-maintenance bathrooms.

2. Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel has yellow or whitish hues and comes at a similar price range to chrome.

They may not be as sturdy as chrome, but they’re low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant, making them a great choice for those who want to save money on repairs. Have a look at our guide on how to clean brushed nickel faucets.

3. Chrome

Chrome fixtures are one of the most common types of bathtub faucets as they’re affordable and stylish. With cool blue tones, chrome complements both modern and traditional designs.

They come with a special finish that’s durable, corrosion-resistant, and reflective, making them easy to clean and attractive.

Chrome is very shiny but not as strong as some other metals on the market.

Can’t decide? Read our comparison guide to get more help: Brushed Nickel vs Chrome Faucets Finish: Which is Right for You?

4. Zinc

Zinc is a popular choice for faucet material, both in durability and cost. For homeowners on a budget or those who don’t want to replace their faucets often, zinc may be the perfect material.

It’s not as durable and doesn’t have the shine of brass but has its benefits, being resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, making it more affordable than other options.

5. Plastic

Plastic bathtub faucets are the least expensive fixtures to choose from, but they come in a wide range of styles and colors to match any bathroom.

Metal is a more popular option than plastic because it’s more durable and looks better in most designs. However, plastic faucets have one significant advantage—they’re perfect for small bathrooms.


Choosing the right bathtub faucet for your bathroom is a big decision. There are many different types of bathtub faucets to choose from, so it’s important to know what each individual type offers before making that purchase.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to give you some insight on what to look for when choosing a bathtub faucet.

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