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How to Identify a Delta Shower Faucet Model

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As the leading innovator in the way we use faucets, Delta offers a comprehensive range of products. With hundreds of shower and bathroom faucets, the Delta Faucet Company has won many awards for its products and their unparalleled quality. Delta even provides hot water valves in their range.

As a consequence of this, it seems almost impossible to identify the model of your Delta faucet. This creates an issue, as it is essential to know the make and model of your shower faucet when repairing or replacing essential parts.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out everything you’ll need to know on how to identify a Delta shower faucet. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Where Can I Find my Delta Faucet Model Number?

Finding your Delta Faucet model number is the best place to start. You can enter it on the Delta website, find your model and the parts that match it.

Though this is not quite as simple as it might sound, it will be easier if you have a new shower faucet.

Finding the model number using the instruction manual

You won’t find your shower faucet model number on the product itself – this would be way too easy. You can find it on the packaging, but who keeps the packaging for a moment longer than necessary?

If you’ve kept the Delta instruction manual, then you’re in luck. You will find your model number directly below the product name on the front page.

Once you have found it, you can enter it on the website here.

Where can you find the model number on Delta’s website?

Don’t have the manual and packaging? No surprise there. Now it’s time to turn to the Delta website. Try using the Product Identifier Tool, where you can find your faucet by room, type, and description instead. If you’re having difficulty with this feature, call the Delta customer service number.

Unfortunately, if you have an older model, this won’t work for you. This feature is only for models that are five years old or younger. Does that not include you? Don’t worry; we’ve got the advice you’ll need down below.

How do I Identify my Delta Shower Faucet Model Without the Manual?

Identifying your Delta shower faucet is undoubtedly much more difficult without the instruction manual, but it can be done. If you have misplaced or discarded your manual or are searching for older models, it’s time to turn elsewhere.

If you take note of the individual parts of your product, down to the smallest details, you can use this later. Google and other search engines will help you to match your model based on these features.

Identify the faucet’s main features

You can distinguish the model of your faucet by zooming in on its features. Delta has a unique design for each model; therefore, you want to pay close attention to specific parts such as:

  • Handles – Delta has different types of shower heads, such as single round handles, lever handles, and double handle shower faucets.
  • Finish – you can also differentiate types of faucet finishes by looking at the finish of your faucet. Delta tends to use chrome and brushed metal.
  • Materials – your handle could either be plastic or metal, and this is another minor difference to take note of.

Remove the faucet handle

Another way you can identify your Delta shower faucet is by checking whether it has a scald guard.

You can check this by taking an Allen wrench, unscrewing the screw that secures the faucet handle, and removing the faucet handle. You can typically find this screw to the side of the handle or under the decorative cap on top of it. A scald guard would be found where the cartridge is.

This narrows the search down as not all Delta products have one.

Compare matching products online

After taking a closer look at the individual features of your faucet, you need to visit the Delta website and look for a matching product by using the filter tool.

Once you are on the main menu, hover over ‘Bathroom’ and select ‘Tub and Bath Faucets’ underneath the ‘Bathing’ section. This will then allow you to filter the products shown on the page based on different features.

Make all of the selections that apply to your model, such as finish, style, price, number of handles, and number of holes. Be as specific as you can with each section to maximize the chances of identifying the correct model. You can also narrow your results by selecting ‘Show Only Discontinued Products’ if you have an older model.

Once you have made all the applicable selections, you should only be left with the Delta Shower Faucets that exactly or closely match your product.

Take it to a hardware store

Still no luck?

There is always the option of taking your faucet to your local hardware or plumbing supply store. Many people might opt to do this either to check their accuracy in identifying their model or if other methods of finding the model numbers have been unsuccessful.

This is a popular choice as ensuring you have identified your model number correctly is imperative. Without this information, you can’t replace or repair your faucet with the correct parts.

Are All Delta Shower Valves the Same?

In other words, are Delta shower faucet valves interchangeable?

The short answer is yes. You can use the same shower faucet valve for a standalone shower or a bath and shower installation. This is not the case with other manufacturers, such as a Kohler unit.

If you need more help in identifying a delta shower faucet model, you may need to reach out to their customer service.

The valve itself does not determine the function; instead, the trim kit does this. This is an excellent benefit of using Delta shower faucets and makes them much more flexible than other companies.

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