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Moen Faucet Review + Our 8 Favorites

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This guide on the best Moen kitchen faucets is designed to give you a clear, concise look at the top products from the brand.

If I did my job right here, you’ll have zero dilemmas about which Moen unit is right for you in the next five to ten minutes.

I did take my sweet time with this guide, but I’m confident that it was worth it.


Because what you have in front of you is the single most comprehensive piece of content on Moen kitchen faucets out there.

This is what I did to put it all together:

  1. I compiled a vast list of the most popular Moen faucets as a starting point
  2. I analyzed all the user reviews and owner experiences I could find
  3. I compiled a database about the various quality aspects of the faucets
  4. I combined all the data and rated the faucets in eight quality aspects

If this sounds complicated…

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a plumber (or have any experience, for that matter) to use this guide.

All the complicated stuff is in the background and what you’ll see is a concise list of top-rated Moen faucets.

If You’re in a Hurry – My Top Picks at a Glance

If you’re looking to get a Moen faucet without making a significant dent in our budget, there’s one obvious choice – the Moen Conneaut.

It’s by far the highest-rate faucet in owner reviews (consistently over 97%) and probably the best bang for your buck.

And I’m not talking just about Moen here. It’s also at the very top in all the major performance categories, which is kind of surprising at that price point.

Bottom line – the performance of the Conneaut is right up there with the best, and the value is second to none.

Best Moen Kitchen Faucets – My Top 8 Picks

1. Best Overall - Moen 87801SRS Conneaut

Moen Conneaut Spot Resist Stainless One-Handle High Arc Kitchen Sink...
  • POWER CLEAN: Moen kitchen faucets have Power Clean spray...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The kitchen faucet with sprayer features...
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists...


Spout height / reach: 15.88 / 7.88 “

Installation: Deck

Finish: Spot Resist Stainless

Warranty: Lifetime limited

Weight: 5.84 lbs

Size/dimensions: 8 x 10.25 x 15.47 “

Warranty: Lifetime


*make a mental note about the features’ names because I’ll be referring to them in the reviews below

  • Automatic (MotionSense, hands-free)
  • Duralock quick connect system for easy installation
  • Power Clean – proprietary Moen booster system that gives you 50% more spray power at the same water pressure
  • Retractable flexible hose (features Moen’s famous Reflex system)
  • Spot resistant finish
  • ADA compliant (ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)
  • The spray head is two-function
  • Installation options: one or three-hole

What’s better about this Moen?

My top overall pick from Moen happens to be the top-rated faucet in the value for money category, too.

This is only the second time that’s happened in the storied history of this website.

What you typically see at the very top is a high-end product with a price to match.

That’s what makes the Conneaut unique – it sets out ambitiously, delivers on all key points, and does it at a lower price point than 95 % of faucets with similar performance.

When I say “performance,” I mean all of the following – materials, design, ease of use, flow control, long-term reliability, handle and spout design.

Conneaut is all that good stuff, delivered at a low price point.

Two thumbs up from me.

Second to none in user satisfaction (97%)

If I sound like a fanboy when talking about the Conneaut ( pronounced KON-ee-awt), that’s probably because I am.

And I’m not the only one.

It’s the only product on this whole site that’s consistently maintained an owner satisfaction rating of a whopping 97%. It happens once in a blue moon or not at all.

That’s where the Moen Conneaut has been since I first put this guide together.

And no, I haven’t received anything for free from Moen to sing praises; I’m just blown away by the value for money of the Conneaut.

Kudos to Moen for this one.


  • Superior flow and spray control
  • Boosted spray technology
  • The hose is easy to maneuver and use but locks securely in place when docked
  • Easy installation (Moen’s proprietary Duralock quick connect – no tools required)
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The few grievances I’ve seen about this Moen were all about on-arrival issues, things like a missing spout or a faulty shut-off. That’s nothing to write home about. And if you did, you’d have to mention the lifetime warranty.

2. Best Touchless - Moen Arbor Motionsense


Height / reach: 15.5 / 7.87 “

Installation: Deck

Warranty: Lifetime limited

Weight: 7.09 lbs

Size/dimensions: 7.88 x 10.25 x 15.5 “


  • Available control options: Standard, Voice Control, 1 and 2-sensor
  • Power Clean technology
  • Retractable (Reflex system)
  • Installation – one or three holes
  • Available with or without a soap dispenser
  • Four finishes: Chrome, Matte Black, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Spot Resist Stainless

What’s better about Moen Arbor?

The Arbor is Moen’s staple faucet and probably one of the most popular faucets in America overall.

It’s a minimalistic design eye candy that looks deceptively delicate. It packs all the power of Moen’s innovative technologies into a likely-to-become stylistic icon.

The faucet market is dynamic, and models come and go – one of the few constants is the Arbor Motionsense.


  • Excellent flow control
  • High arc makes it easy to use
  • Boosted sprayer for extra power
  • Touchless activation
  • Long-term reliability
  • Stylish design
  • Lifetime warranty


  • I’ve seen reports of people getting faulty units – this is not a deal-breaker; it’s just extra time invested in replacing the faucet
  • The batteries could be more powerful. Based on what I’ve seen, getting the plugin adapter is well worth it

3. Best Pull Out - Brantford One-Handle

Moen Brantford Spot Resist Stainless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen...
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Designed to be installed through 1 or 3...


Height / reach of the spout: 12.94 / 9.97 “

Installation & type: Deck, pull out faucet

Finish: spot resist stainless

Holes for installation: 1 or 3

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight: 7.55 lbs

Size/dimensions: 11.13 x 10.25 x 12.94 “


  • The finish is Spot Resist Stainless
  • Retractable
  • Features Power Boost technology for the spray head
  • Easy installation (Duralock quick connect)
  • ADA compliant
  • Finishes: Chrome, oil rubbed bronze, stainless

What’s sets it apart?

According to my stats, the Brantford is pretty close (performance-wise) to the more popular Arbor.

The main difference is the Motion Sense and the design of the handle and spout.

There is a version of the Brantford that features Motionsense and two sensors, but it costs more – both compared to this version and the Arbor.

If motion activation is not a key factor for you, this Brantford ticks all the boxes.


  • Superb flow control
  • User-friendly for deep sinks
  • Boosted stream
  • Reliable with a low incidence of critical failures (in the top 2.8% in that quality category)
  • Stylish design


  • No motion activation
  • I’ve seen people reporting incomplete packages
  • The hose could be a peg longer (for my taste)

4. Best Budget Choice - Moen 87233SRS Adler One-Handle

Moen 87233SRS Adler One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with...
  • DURABILITY AND LONGEVITY: The Moen Dartmoor two-handle...
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION: The kitchen faucet with pull down...
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Stainless finish resists...


Type: high arc kitchen faucet

Height / reach: 14.6 / 7.55 “

Installation: Deck-mount

Material: Zinc

Weight: 5.29 lbs

Size/dimensions: 7.5 x 10.25 x 14.56 “

Lifetime limited warranty


  • Activation options: Standard, Voice Control, 1 and 2-sensor
  • Sprayer stream boosted up to 50% compared to a classic kitchen faucet
  • The braided flex pipe allows direct connection to the shut-off
  • Two-mode hose: aerated stream & powerful rinse
  • Spot resist stainless finish (also available in Chrome, Bronze, and Matte Black)
  • Duralock quick connect system
  • ADA compliant

What’s so good about it?

It comes as no surprise that Adler is one of the most popular Moen models. It packs the same innovative technologies that make Moen what they are but at a significantly lower price point.

The only dilemma I had about the Moen Adler is whether to award it the badge of “best budget pick” or “top value for money.”

Neither would be wrong.

To be honest, I’m not sure how Moen is making money on the Adler (knowing what I know about production cost).

There is a good chance that Adler is a foot-in-the-door product – a way for the brand to attract new customers by shaving off the margin.


  • All the Moen innovation at a low price
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Smooth hose operation
  • Strong spray
  • No water spots


  • Narrower stream than in most similar Moen units
  • Smaller sprayer compared to other models
  • I’ve seen a few reports of the securing nut loosening over time

5. Best Vintage Style - Moen S713WR Waterhill Two-Handle

Moen S713WR Waterhill Two-Handle Traditional Bridge Kitchen Faucet...
  • ANTIQUE-INSPIRED: Wrought Iron finish gives your space a...
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Two–handle lever handles make it easy...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Features Duralock quick connect system for...


Type: Two-handle traditional, medium arc

Height / reach of the spout: 11.47 / 9.38 “

Installation: Deck

Weight: 1.92 lbs

Size/dimensions: 9.38 x 14.63 x 11.47 “

Lifetime limited warranty


  • Antique-style two-handle design
  • Side spray
  • Finish: Iron
  • ADA compliant

What sets it apart?

It’s obvious what’s unique about the Waterhill – the design.

Antique-style faucets are a dime a dozen, but most of them either underperform or cost a small fortune.

Neither is true for the Waterhill. Granted, that might depend on your definition of a “small fortune.”

It’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but the owner’s experiences tell a story of money well spent.


  • Stylish, antique design
  • Unique iron finish (regular and wrought)
  • Robust built
  • Smooth, uniform flow


  • Reports of on-arrival leaks that resulted in replacements (one too many for this price)

6. Moen 87403 Bexley Chrome

Moen 87403 Bexley Chrome 2Handle Lever Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer
  • Included Components: Kitchen Tool Sets
  • Included Components: Kitchen Tool Sets
  • From the Brand: Moen


Type: high arc kitchen faucet,two-handle

Height / reach: 11.03 / 9.62 “

Installation: Deck

Warranty: Lifetime limited

Weight: 3.85 lbs

Size/dimensions: 17.13 x 10.25 x 2.88 “


  • Two handle design
  • Side spray hose

What makes this Moen better?

This is a cleanly designed, budget-friendly kitchen faucet with a reliable side-sprayer. That’s pretty much it. There’s nothing fancy about it, but what it promises to do, it does well.

That especially goes for the side spray – it delivers a uniform flow, it’s easy to use, and locks securely in place. You can’t ask for much more in this price range.


  • Simple, minimal design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Features a side spray system
  • Reliable – very low number of returns/replacements
  • Stylish design of the handles
  • Easy installation and use


  • Plastic parts (knobs and sprayer)

7. Moen 5923 One Handle

Moen Align Chrome One-Handle Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet...
  • BOOSTED STREAM: Moen's exclusive Power Boost technology...
  • RETRACTABLE: The pull down kitchen faucet is equipped with...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The kitchen faucet with sprayer comes...


Spout height / reach: 22.5 / 10 “

Installation: Deck

Limited lifetime warranty

Weight: 6 lbs

Size/dimensions: 10 x 2.06 x 21.75 “


  • Activation options: Standard or 1-sensor
  • Four finish options available (including spot resist stainless)
  • Retractable (reflex technology)
  • Power Clean
  • Duralock quick connect system
  • One-handle lever
  • Flexible spring-controlled pulldown hose

What’s better about the Moen kitchen faucet?

This is a robust faucet for anyone looking to get their ‘kitchen life’ easier. 

It pairs all the cutting-edge Moen technology with a solid spring.

Bottom line – this is a powerful appliance that can change your kitchen dynamics. If that sounds dramatic, just take one more look at it and glance over the dimensions.

It’s a beast. And a pretty one at that.


  • Powerful boosted stream
  • Reliable motion activation
  • User-friendly for most kitchen sink types
  • Ease operation of the hose
  • Great for pre-rinsing
  • The tension of the spring is just right (this is where most sub-par spring faucets fail)
  • Robust design


  • The resistance of the side-to-side movement was too smooth for some users

8. Moen S665BLS Modern Wall Mount

Moen S665BLS Modern Wall Mount Swing Arm Folding Pot Filler Kitchen...
  • SOPHISTICATED: Black Stainless makes a subtle and striking...
  • SPOT RESISTANT: Spot Resist Black Stainless finish resists...
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: wall mount installation frees up extra...


Height / reach of the spout: 1 / 24 “

Installation: wall-mounted

Limited lifetime warranty

Weight: 3.47 lbs

Size/dimensions: 24.38 x 2.5 x 8.63 “


  • Unique modern design
  • Extra-long reach
  • Five finishes available (spot-resist stainless steel, matte black, Brushed Gold, Black Stainless)

What’s better about it?

Great design is not an exception with Moen, but this ‘swing arm’ looks like it belongs on the cover of an interior design magazine.

It’s not cheap, but if you have the kitchen to match this design, it probably means you can afford it.

This faucet is likely to be the focal point of your kitchen.


  • Sleek, striking design
  • Dual pivot joints for extra-long reach
  • User-friendly
  • Easy, smooth operation


  • I’ve seen a few reports of faulty pivot joints

What to look for in a good Moen kitchen faucet

In the rest of the guide, I’ll try to “dissect” a Moen faucet so that you can precisely pinpoint which features or quality aspects are your critical factors.

Innovative technologies of the best Moen kitchen faucets

Motion Sense

The automatic Moen faucets feature a hands-free technology that Moen calls ‘Motion Sense’.

Motion Sense comes with huge benefits and a few drawbacks. The good news is that, with Moen, most of the CONs are not deal-breakers.

In my time installing this faucet type, I’ve heard one main complaint – the sensors malfunctioning. You’ll hardly ever see that with Moen.

According to my evidence, Moen belongs to the top 3 brands in that quality aspect – it stands shoulder to shoulder with Delta and Hansgrohe and even competes with the most expensive brands, like Fontana.

The bottom line is – if you’re looking for a reliable automatic faucet, Moen is just the brand to deliver it.

Duralock Quick Connect System

When Duralock Quick Connect hit the market, it raised some eyebrows in the plumbing community.

It made us wonder what’s next from Moen and how it would affect our work.


Because it’s designed to be installed without any tools. Snap, click, and you’re done. It’s unbelievably simple, intuitive, and leaves no room for error.

Reflex System

Pulldown faucets have gone a long way since their clumsy beginnings. Moens Reflex system played a significant role here, and it is my favorite movement system.

It’s as smooth, effortless, and flexible as pulldown faucets come.

If we’re talking convenience and ease of use, it’s second to none.

Power Clean

I can admit this much – I was always a huge skeptic about a faucet helping with pressure/power. When asked about it, I’d shrug off the idea and start talking booster pumps.

The physics of it all didn’t add up.

Until I saw the Moen Arbor and its Power Clean system. It filled that pitcher like it’s nobody’s business.

The bottom line – the system works as well as Moen says it does – I took the time to measure the increase in power, and the best Moen kitchen faucets really do deliver up to 50% more power in the spray.

To be honest, I’m yet to fully grasp the science behind boosted spray technology, but that’s just me.

Power Boost

Power Boost is yet another cutting-edge technology from Moen. Just like the Power Clean above, it gives your kitchen faucet significantly more power at the press of a button.

Superior Spray Head Design

Moen is well-known for making some of the most stylish, reliable, and practical spray heads on the market.

What’s better about a Moen spray head?

The balance between spray power, splash, and pressure is just right.

What it means for you

The two technologies above belong to the top 5 kitchen faucet innovations in the last 20 years.

Increasing power by getting a new faucet used to be an industry myth – a way for shady handymen to take naive customers for a ride. 

For one, I was a big skeptic and always thought that the only real way to boost power is to get a booster pump.

Then 2016 came, Moen introduced Power boost, and my jaw dropped. Today, I’m a believer.

The boosted stream makes a world of difference and has quickly become the Moen standard. Today, you’ll find it even in the lower price ranges of Moen faucets.

For you, the user, it means less time and effort cleaning, faster pre-rinses, and quicker fills of those bulky pans, pots, and pitchers.

Other Considerations

Finishes of a Moen kitchen faucet

It’s fair to say that Moen is a ‘fancy’ brand, and design is one of their strongest selling points.

To put it differently – their faucets look awesome.

Spot resist stainless finish – my favorite

This is the finish that I recommend when asked for an opinion. Chrome or classic stainless steel might dazzle you with the shine, but the spot-resist is the way to go when buying a timeless kitchen faucet like Moen.

No fingerprints, no stains.

For a touch of style, you might go with something like Oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, matte black, black stainless steel.


What brand of faucets do plumbers recommend?

That depends on how you ask the question – if you don’t want to make any compromises and are prepared to dig into your wallet, your plumber will likely recommend Moen, Delta, or Grohe.

If you’re trying to save money, most plumbers will go with American Standard.

Who makes the highest quality kitchen faucets?

This is my list of the top 10 highest quality kitchen faucet brands (in alphabetical order):

1. American Standard
2. Delta
3. Grohe
4. Kohler
5. Kraus
6. Moen
7. Peerless
8. Pfister
9. Rohl
10. Vigo

What is the best Moen kitchen faucet?

The Conneaut is hands-down the best Moen kitchen faucet, at least in value-for-money terms.

The Moen’s Portfolio

Let’s take a moment here and look at the wide range of faucets Moen makes.

Types based on mounting

Depending on shape and installation, every Moen kitchen faucet will fall into me of the following seven types:

  1. High arc (gooseneck)
  2. Low arc
  3. Pull down
  4. Pull out
  5. Single mount
  6. Deck mount
  7. Wall mount

Most of the kitchen faucets we looked at belong to the pull-out and the pull-down kitchen faucet group.

Moen collections

The brand is famous for being equally successful in a range of niches – from traditional to transitional and modern.

Below are the Moen collections from each of those styles.

Traditional collections

  • Caprillo
  • Banbury
  • Lindley
  • Whitmore
  • Woodmere

Transitional collections

  • Bridgestone
  • Benson
  • Hensley
  • Renzo

Modern Moen faucet collections

  • Align
  • The 90 Degree
  • Method
  • Sleek
  • Modern Pot Filler

About Moen, the company

The Moen name dates back to 1937 when the founder, Al Moen, burned his hands on a two-handle faucet.

Little did Al know that the painful experience will have a major silver lining and change the landscape of a whole industry.

It took him more than a decade to perfect the single-handle faucet. When he finally did it in 1950, it caused a tectonic shift in the industry.

As they say, the rest is history.

Here’s a brief overview of the milestones:

  • 1979 – Moen introduces the washer-free cartridge
  • 1982 – Al Moen retires, and the company brings “LifeShine” finish to the market – the first-ever to be backed by a lifetime warranty
  • 1998 – Moen creates Pure Touch, a combination of filtration and pull-out faucet systems
  • 2012 – Moen revolutionizes the touch-free controls with their motion sensor
  • 2014 – Moen celebrates 75th anniversary
  • Today – Moen dominates the competitive faucet market

Takeaways and Updates

I stay on top of the kitchen faucet marketplace developments at all times and update all my guides regularly.

However, while most of the other guides require bi-monthly updates to stay relevant, the Moen guide does just fine with quarterly updates.

Moen knows what’s working, and there aren’t many new arrivals or quality changes to speak of.

When it does happen, you can rest assured I’ll be all over it. If you still haven’t found the faucet you are looking for, check out our best kitchen faucets reviews.

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